Class Notes: 12/30/2007

How the Believer is Pleasing to God Col 1:10 Heb 11:6

Continuing in our study of prayer as part of the PPOG for the spiritual life of the believer we are continuing in our study of Paul and Timothy's prayer for the believer's spiritual growth in Col 1:9-12;

9- Because of this, since the day we heard (Epaphras' report) we have not stopped praying for you asking specifically that you would be completely filled up with the knowledge of God the Father's intent in the sphere of wisdom and spiritual understanding.
10- to the end that you would conduct yourselves with conduct becoming the Lord to please Him completely (Conduct that imitates the pattern established by the Lord in his presentation and conduct that is empowered by the Lord in the age of his re-presentation) while being prolific by divinely good activities and growing in
the knowledge of God,

Paul's prayer for their being filled with the knowledge of his will and all spiritual wisdom and understanding was for them be able to walk and persevere in the Christian way of life in their regenerate identity (the "new" man) as a members of the new spiritual species who are the Royal Family of God members of the church and the body of TLJC.

Paul's prayer was for them to "keep on plugging” in their spiritual advance by means of Bible Doctrine and the power of God the Holy Spirit for the purpose of pleasing him in all respects.

We see in Heb 11:6a; that for the believer to be pleasing to God, the believer must first be conducting their lives by means of faith (recall of resident Bible Doctrine) without which it is impossible to please God.

The verse then goes on to discuss the believer's responsibility.

In Heb 11:6b, we have the verb of obligation the Greek word "dei", translated “must,” means compulsion of duty, or necessity growing out of a given situation.
“And without doctrine resident in the soul it is impossible to please Him, for he
who is occupied with the God MUST believe…” The word for “believe” is the Greek word " pisteusai", which means to believe, to be convinced of something so much that the believer becomes dogmatic about it and so confident in it they conduct their life based on it.
Recall of Bible Doctrine becomes the basis for all the decisions that the believer makes in life.
In this passage, "pisteusai" translated "believe" is in the constantive aorist tense, which gathers all that is believed into a single entity. the idea being presented is that the believer “must be completely convinced.” regarding the integrity of God.
Initially, as believers expose themselves to a little doctrine and it becomes resident in their soul then, God the Holy Spirit works with that residual doctrine to convince the believer of the importance of persevering and advancing in doctrine. John 16:4,13; Phil 2:13;
The accumulation of doctrine in the believer’s frame of reference convinces them that they that they must go on with doctrine, which results in the believer being motivated to receive even more doctrine, which when accumulated ultimately enables the positive believer to face their testing with the power of the omnipotence of God through their application of divinely provided resources and problem solving devices.
Heb 11:6; cont.. “And without doctrine resident in the soul impossible to please Him, for he who is occupied with the God must be convinced by resident doctrine that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him.”
The phrase “He is,” is the present active indicative form of the Greek verb "eimi", which means “He keeps on being,” referring to essence of God, His integrity, and the fact that God exists eternally and has a perfect plan.
The second word translated “He is,” in the passage is the present middle indicative form of "ginetai", which means "to become".
So the passage could read “And without doctrine resident in the soul impossible to please Him, for he who is occupied with the God must be convinced by God the Holy Spirit with that resident doctrine that He is, and that He becomes a rewarder of those who seek Him.”
The fact that God is a rewarder is a potential which depends upon the believer’s attitude toward doctrine.
Doctrine is the basis for divine blessing in the believer's life. God becomes a rewarder, not of all believers, but of those who seek Him diligently through doctrine resident in their soul's stream of consciousness.
During the DUHC in all cases the immediate blessing that TLJC could bring to those around him corresponded to the doctrine resident in their souls. Matt 9:29; Mark 6:1-6; Matt 15:22-28;
Believers who are pleasing to God have doctrine resident in the soul, because they have been consistently making decisions to “seek Him.” through their study of the Word of God which is his thinking.
This means that Bible doctrine becomes an “obsession” in life. It means to seek out, to search for, to continually habitually seek.
Seeking Him is persevering day in and day out, with doctrine.
So the entire corrected translation of Heb 11:6; could read: “And without doctrine [resident in the soul] impossible to please Him, for he who is occupied with the God must be convinced by [resident doctrine] that He is, and that He becomes a rewarder of those who seek Him.”
Believers please God by their perception, metabolization, and application of Bible doctrine, by fulfilling the mandate to work hard at studying His Word, 2Ti 2:15-16; so that they will not be ashamed
Which results in their being able to fulfill the mandate found in 1Pe 3:15;
Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, are heirs of many wonderful blessings from God which have been put on deposit for them in association with TLJC from eternity past Eph 1:3;, yet if they do not know these things, they will never experience them while they are living in time in unglorified bodies.
God is pleased when believers receive capacity from Bible Doctrine which enables them to recognize and experience these blessings in this life because it enables them to re-present TLJC.
God is pleased with believers who Receive, Retain and Recall Bible Doctrine and as a result become the maximum beneficiaries of his grace.
Doctrine--> Integrity--> Uprightness->> Honor (in time) ----> Glory (in eternity)

The Bible also describes those who cannot please God.
Romans 8:8 describes those believers who cannot please God.... as those who are in the" flesh" which is translated from the Greek word "Sarx" referring to the OSN which every person except the humanity TLJC receives as part of their cell structure at birth from their father because of Adam's original sin,
Being "in the flesh" refers to the status of having the soul under the control of the OSN rather then the Holy 'Spirit and as a result there is no possibility for the Reception, Retention or Recall of Bible Doctrine.
No Divine resources are available when the believer's soul is under the control of the OSN because in that state, the believer is either quenching 1Thes 5:19; or grieving the Holy Spirit Eph 4:30;. Which results in the power of God the Holy Spirit being inoperable in that believer.
Grieving the Holy Spirit is failure to acknowledge sin which results in self fragmentation from sins in the soul and trends toward legalism or antinomianism. This includes the early stages of Christian degeneracy. However, no matter how low a believer sinks into sin, there is always the choice to simply acknowledge the sin and recover through the learning of Bible Doctrine. 1John 1:9; Phil 3:13-14;
Quenching the Spirit is when the believer enters into the final stages of Christian degeneracy which includes, blackout of the soul, scar tissue of the soul, and the total collapse of the believer's ability to recall Bible Doctrine. It results in perpetual living in antagonism toward God and His Word. This believer is under the influence of evil and produces only human good and is locked into moral or immoral degeneracy. Eph 4:16-19;
Rom 8:7; states that the believer who's thinking is focused on the desires of the OSN is in the cosmic systems which results in hostility toward God and makes them functional as an enemy of God through broken fellowship even though they are his children and going to heaven because they are eternally secure in their relationship with God through their union with TLJC by faith alone in TLJC alone. 2Tim 2:13;

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