Class Notes: 1/25/2009

2Tim 1:13-14 The mandate for belivers to hold and protect sound doctrine

The mandate of the PPOG for the church age believer that we are presently examining is found in 2Tim 1:13; where we have the mandate to retain the "standard of sound words" or doctrine and in verse 14 we have the mandate to " Protect” that doctrine.

In verse 13 the word translated "retain" in the NASB, "hold fast" in the KJV and "keep" in the NIV is the second person singular present active imperative of the Greek word "echo" that means to " keep on having" the present tense signifies action in progress or in a state of persistence, the active voice shows that the believer performs the action of the verb and the imperative mood is a command.

So we have the mandate for the believer and especially the communicator of Bible Doctrine to hold on to and to guard "the pattern of sound words" that have been taught by Paul.

Given the mandate to hold to and protect this "pattern of sound doctrine" it is useful for us to note some principles concerning this doctrine that we are to hold on to and protect.

2Tim 2:3; tells us that believers must learn to endure against the attacks made on sound doctrine.

Prov 23:23; tells us that there is a price to pay for receiving Bible doctrine.

In the days of TLJC's unglorified humanity the people wanted signs and miracles rather than doctrine and TLJC rebuked them for that attitude. Matt 12:38-42;

Notice that He said something greater is here, not someone (though He is indeed greater). However, He was referring to the wisdom that accrues from the Bible Doctrine that he was teaching. He said this same thing regarding the temple in Matt 12:6;

John 17:17; tells us that Doctrine is the only source of experiential sanctification or the spiritual life. It does not come through human works, or achievement.

Psa 56:4,10; tell us that it is the word of God that is praised.

This is because the word of God is God. John 1:1; John 1:14; Rev 19:13;

Prov 13:13 tells us that Rejection of Bible doctrine produces poverty. See NET note 45

Prov 16:20: tells us that acceptance of it produces reward.

TLJC tells us in Matt 13:19-22; that satan and his kosmic system will bring distractions and adversity on believers who receive doctrine.

Bible doctrine is the basis for the divine evaluation and judgment, evaluation for the believer at the Bema Seat, and judgment for the unbeliever at the Great White Throne. John 12:48;

Love for TLJC is based upon the believer guarding Bible doctrine in their life. John 14:23; John 14:24; In these passages, the word translated "keep" is the Greek word "tereo" that means to guard, to attend to carefully or take care of.

TLJC tells us that the believer's reception of the communication of Bible doctrine is what cleans up the believer's life. John 15:3; Paul says the same thing in. Eph 5:26 ;

It is through the communication of Bible doctrine that disciples increase in number. Acts 6:7; in stature Acts 20:32; and in faith. Rom 10:17 ;

Bible doctrine is the weapon that the believer uses in the spiritual life. Eph 6:17 ; Heb 4:12 ;

Only fools despise Bible doctrine. Prov 1:7;. Prov 1:22; Prov 10:14; Prov 15:14;

Prov 2:10; tells us that Bible doctrine is that which is pleasant to the soul.

Prov 24:4; describes it as a source of precious and pleasant riches.

Prov 24:5; shows that it is a source of increased power.

Eccles 7:12; describes it as a protection like money but it is better in that it also preserves life.

Prov 19:8; says that those who get it love themselves those who keep it will find good.

Isa 5:13; and Hosea 4:6 tell us that rejection of Bible doctrine produces destruction.

Hosea 6:6; and Rom 10:2-3; tell us that God desires doctrine in the soul, not human works even if they are performed zealously and with good intentions.

The believer's love for God is based on the intake of Bible doctrine. Phil 1:9;

The importance of knowledge of Bible doctrine cannot be emphasized enough, because without it, a person cannot please God. Heb 11:6;

If the believer desires to please God, they must make daily decisions to take in sound doctrine and to retain and protect that doctrine 2Tim 1:13-14;

Ignorance of Doctrine Produces Flawed Application Rom 7:19;

We see from this passage that when Paul desired to perform divine good that he discovers the principle of evil residing in him.

This is because that although his desire to perform divine good is sincere, his concept of divine good was flawed by a pattern of legalism from the arrogance of the OSN rather than a pattern of grace orientation from the PPOG.

Ignorance of God's plan, policy, and purpose causes untaught believer even though they have good intentions and are sincere to make things up just like the Jews did. Mark 7:8;Col 2:20-23; Titus 1:13-14;

This is demonstrated by churches that spend more time defending their denomination's unique theological statement rather then examining the Scripture to determine its message.

Although denominations are traditional there is no authorization for them in scripture.

The pattern for the local assembly in scripture is autonomy and with the angelic conflict in view autonomy provides a sphere of protection for believers from the kosmos in the same way that volition, marriage, family and nations provide protection from the kosmos.

Denominations may scoff at independent churches because they assert that such churches do not have the oversight of a hierarchy to supervise their pastors and their messages but it is in this oversight that the problems occur from the influence of the kosmos.

When they make this assertion they fail to recognize that TLJC, the Head of the Church, is capable of bringing pastor's into line.

We must never forget that each pastor will answer to TLJC for what he teaches. James 3:1; and that each believer is individually responsible for what they choose to believe as well. 1Thes 5:21; 1John 4:1-3;

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