Class Notes: 5/5/2009

The Church Age Believer's spiritual life is empowered by TLJC in Session at the Right Hand of the Father

The Easter Season started with the vernal equinox on March 20 that was followed by the new moon on March 26, and for the past month or so we have been studying the Jewish Calendar and Holy Days that are Regulated by the Moon and Stars that are used to determine the time of our Lord's crucifixion, burial, and his resurrection that we celebrate on Resurrection Sunday.

We have seen that the Jewish Feasts that relate to the events of the First Advent of TLJC are:

Passover (Pesach): Nisan 14, This year was on Wednesday (April 8, 2009) (the crucifixion of TLJC)

Unleavened Bread: Nisan 15. This year was on Thursday (April 9, 2009)

First Fruits: Nisan 18. This year was on Sunday (April 12, 2009) (the celebration of the resurrection of TLJC)

Pentecost (Shabuoth): Sivan 6, This year on Sunday (May 31, 2009) (The Holy Spirit was sent, beginning the Church age)

As we have noted, there was no Jewish Feast associated with the ascension that occurred 10 days before Pentecost this year will be on Friday May 22

Continuing from where we left off in our study last time regarding the results of the fulfillment of these days in the person and work of TLJC in his crucifixion, resurrection, ascension and session that results in Divine Power being provided to church age believers from his position at the right hand of the Father.

The Session enables believers to develop spiritual self-esteem from occupation with TLJC

Heb 12:2-3, "Let us fix our eyes (or concentrate) on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith (our doctrine), who for the joy set before Him, endured the cross, disregarding the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. For consider Him who has endured such hostility by sinners against Himself, so that you do not grow weary in your souls and give up."

The ascension ended Christ's humiliation and self-limitation in unglorified humanity under the protocol of the kenosis; Phil 2:5-11.

Even during Christ's appearances in His post-resurrection ministry He limited the manifestation of His glory. But through the ascension, in his glorified human body, he assumed all of His former glory and authority.

It ended His public earthly ministry of words and works John 17:4-11.

The ascension concluded His prophetic ministry and the miracles accomplished by His presence on earth in a human body.

His prophetic ministry and miracles would continue for a while, but only through the lives and ministry of the apostles under the ministry of God the Holy Spirit as the New Testament was being written.

It ended His work of propitiation and redemption. Heb 1:3; Heb 10:12

The ascension declared His work on the cross was finished. It demonstrated that there was nothing more that could be done for sins of fallen mankind and that He and He alone had accomplished that redemption. Heb 9:11-12. John 19:30;

It ended the Old Testament Covenant and declares the New Covenant that is now effect to be better. Heb. 8:7-13; Heb 9:11-15; Heb 9:23-Heb 10:1;

The ascension declared that the old Mosaic Covenant was rescinded, because it was only a temporary covenant until Messiah Savior could come. Gal 3:24; Rom 10:4;

It Affirmed Christ as the God-Man John 6:62;.

In John 6:48; TLJC describes himself as the Bread of Life.

Because of His unique identity, He is able to give eternal life. This is true because He is not mere man, but the unique God-Man, the only one who came down from heaven inorder to provide a way of salvation for all mankind. Acts 4:10;

Like the resurrection, his ascension proved His divine origin and that He had been sent of God to solve man's problem. 1Cor 15:22;

The ascension also affirmed Christ as a Prophet.

In John 3:2; Nicodemus refers to TLJC as "a teacher come from God". A teacher is a communicator of truth and in their discussion, Christ showed Nicodemus why He above all other teachers is able to God's truth.

In John 3:13; our Lord shows Nicodemus that He has the right and ability to explain and reveal this truth because He is the true prophet, the one who came from heaven and who, following His finished work on the cross, would return and that would be proof that He had truly come from God.

Peter shows that he understood this in his statement in Acts 3:19-26;

As the great prophet and revealer of truth, He would continue this ministry through the apostles via the ministry of God the Holy Spirit John 16:7; John 16:12f;

The ascension affirmed Christ as Priest, his return to the Father would demonstrate that He had successfully offered the one and only sacrifice that effectively deals with man's sin and provides justification or righteousness with God in his role as our great and righteous High Priest. Heb 8:1-2; Heb 9:11-12; John 16:10;

In John 13:1-3; the ascension is mentioned because it is on the basis of His work as Priest in the presence of the Father that he would continue His ministry as our High Priest.

On the basis of His confidence in the ascension, He performed the washing of the feet of the disciples that symbolized His continuing ministry of cleansing us as our advocate in heaven at God's right hand John 13:4f; 1John 2:1-2;

All sins were judged in our Lord's body on the cross so that they could be forgiven when an unbeliever believes for salvation Eph 1:7; or when a believer acknowledges them after salvation. 1John 1:9;

The ascension affirmed Christ as King. When he answered the question regarding who he was, he made reference to His ascended and exalted position at God's right hand, only now it is in connection with His second coming from that ascended and exalted position as King of kings and Lord of Lords. Matt 26:64;

The ascension declared the Lord Jesus, the God-Man Savior, as high and lifted up. This included his Glorification John 17:5; Acts 7:55; Rev 1:12-16;

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