Class Notes: 7/8/2009

Church age believers are the recipients of the maximum grace from God

We are continuing in our study where we are discussing the relationship between the Jewish Feasts and the events of the First Advent of TLJC that launched the church age.

We have seen that the Jewish Feasts that relate to the events of the First Advent of TLJC are Passover, Unleavened Bread: First Fruits and Pentecost, the day that the Holy Spirit was sent to indwell and fill believers universally providing the power for unique spiritual life for believers in the church age.

We have seen that the model and precedence for this unique spiritual life was established by TLJC during his life on this earth in unglorified humanity at the beginning of the hypostatic union. Heb 10:5; Heb 12:2a;

At Pentecost God launched the church age and we are presently discussing the impact that the events of Pentecost had in redefining the believer's relationship with God.

Last time we ended with scriptures that show that believers will be evaluated after the exit resurrection to determine the quality of their spiritual production while on this earth. 1Cor 3:15;

Believers who suffer loss of reward do not lose their salvation; the loss is related to their failure to execute the protocol plan of God through spiritual growth in grace after salvation.

Just as at physical birth children are born in a state of ignorance about life, at the point of spiritual birth or being "born again", new believers are born in a state of total ignorance about God and His plan for them in their spiritual life.

Just as we have to learn a language in order to think and to orient to our natural life after first birth, we have to do the same thing to advance spiritually after our salvation at second birth.

No believer can execute the PPOG through the function of emotion, good works, self-sacrifice, a "spiritual personality", or any function of natural human power, talent, or ability.

In the PPOG, cognitive self-confidence from the PMA of Bible doctrine is parlayed into spiritual self-esteem at the beginning of spiritual adulthood.

The emotions are not the tools for the cognition of Bible doctrine nor are they the basis for the Christian way of life. Believers must learn to distinguish between doctrinal perception and emotional experience.

Believers must learn that to function in the chrisitan life they must be resident in the PPOG through the filling of the spirit. If they do not, experientially, they remain ensnared in the Kosmic system as Kosmic believers.

Kosmic believers are tactical losers and have no spiritual self-esteem because of their failure to function under the mentorship of God the Holy Spirit in persistent and consistent PMA of Bible Doctrine after their salvation.

When there is no metabolized doctrine in the soul and as a result no cognitive self-confidence the believer's thinking consists only of a maze of human viewpoint that they think is "the Christian way of life".

Kosmic believers often think they are pleasing God with their human viewpoint when, in reality, they are AWOL from the PPOG and not functional in the spiritual life at all.

Church Age believers cannot think, apply doctrine, or solve problems through the thinking of other believers. When a believer depends on counseling or guidance from others because they do not have correct and accurate teaching regarding the protocol plan of God, and are without doctrinal resources in their own soul they automatically become tactical losers and go through life unable to solve their problems in the way that God has specified.

Negative volition toward Bible doctrine results in scar tissue of the soul.

Fear, worry, and anxiety are manifestations of subjective arrogance. Negative volition toward Bible doctrine results in those things which produce fear in the life.

The more you surrender to fear, the more things you fear. To the extent that you surrender to fear, you increase the power of fear in your life. The more things that acquire the power of fear in your life, the greater your capacity for being a loser when you have greater assets than have ever existed before in history.

When arrogance is added to fear the believer becomes a complete failure and functions in bitterness and implacability and total subjectivity.

The greatest failures in life are believers who fail to understand and to execute the protocol plan of God.

In the church age, more has been given to the individual believer to fulfill God's purpose, plan, and will than at any time in human history.

Arrogance produces irrationality, self-deception, loss of personal identity, and unrealistic expectations, so that the believer becomes psychotic or neurotic.

The believer who has wrong priorities in life becomes a loser and as a result spends their time in their life on the earth in time in self-induced misery and under warning, intensive and dying discipline.

But God has designed the PPOG so that there is no excuse for any believer to be a loser.

Arrogance, fear, worry, anxiety, irrationality of emotionalism and the contradictions that come from it are not a part of the protocol plan of God and are only characteristic of believers who are failing to appropriate the grace of God. God provides unique equality in the Protocol Plan of God.

There are two areas of unique equality related to election and predestination.

In election, God states His will for believers. In predestination, God provides the means for his will to be executed.

Election is the expression of the sovereignty of God for the believer's life in time. Under election believers have equal privilege as a royal priest by which they represent themselves privately before God.

This provides every believer with equal opportunity from logistical grace support and blessing.

Predestination is the provision of the sovereignty of God for believers to execute God's plan.

Equal privilege under predestination is the provided by the baptism of the Holy Spirit at salvation placing believers in union with Jesus Christ.

Equal opportunity is the result of residence inside God's power system that is provided to every believer.

All church age believers have equal privilege and equal opportunity. This equality never exists for believers in any other dispensation.

It is because of this equality that there is no excuse for any believer failing to execute the protocol plan of God.

While there is equality before God for every church age believer while on this earth in time, the freedom, and the equal privilege and opportunity provided by God for believers to execute his plan results in great inequality among Church Age believers in the eternal state.

This is because some believers are positive and as a result they advance in God's plan for their lives, and some believers, though saved, are negative and do not advance.

God provides every believer with a portfolio of invisible assets customized specifically to create maximum opportunity for them in their specific situation in time.

One believer's advance does not take away from any other believer's opportunity to advance.

God is perfect, His plan is perfect. Since we are imperfect and therefore are incapable of executing a perfect plan, it is necessary for God to provide us with all of the assets necessary to execute His perfect plan.

God provided for each one of us our very own unique portfolio of invisible assets billions of years ago in eternity past, Eph 1:3-6.

There are three categories in every believer's portfolio.

Primary assets include escrow blessings and the assets of election and predestination.

Secondary assets include volitional assets, production assets, the assets of undeserved suffering for blessing, and invisible impact.

Personnel assets include the believer's spiritual gift that is imputed to every one at salvation.

Every Church Age Believer also has two royal commissions from God

As royal priests, believers represent themselves before God in the universal priesthood. Believers in other dispensations had a specialized priesthood.

The universal priesthood of the believer is found in 1Pet 2:5,9; Rev 1:6; Rev 5:10;

The priesthood is the basis for the privacy for every believer to live their own life as unto the Lord. It is the basis for effective prayer and it is related to the PMA of Bible doctrine.

It is the basis for the believer's function in spiritual adulthood that starts when the believer attains spiritual self-esteem, and reaches its peak when the believer reaches spiritual maturity.

Everything that is truly important in life is related to the fact that as a priest you represent yourself before God.

Not only is every believer a priest and represents themselves and others before God, but every believer is also a royal priest because TLJC is a priest in a line of royalty rather than in the Levitical line of the dispensation of Israel. Heb 5:8-10;

Believers are also appointed as royal ambassadors, representing TLJC to a lost and dying world, 2Cor 5:20; Eph 6:10, Philemon 1:9.

An ambassador does not self appointed; God the Father appointed believers in eternity past. It is a part of their election to "the riches of His glory."

Ambassadors are not self supporting; believers are supported by logistical grace. This is one of the reasons why even those who lose rewards at their evaluation before TLJC still receive fantastic blessings from God.

An ambassador has his policy and instructions in written form; believers have the Scriptures as their instructions. This specifically refers to the mystery doctrine of the Church Age.

An ambassador does not belong to the country in where they serve; believers belong to God and have a message from outside of this world. John 17:14-16;

An ambassador does not live in a foreign country for his own personal interest; we are to be more concerned about the interests of our Lord than our own interests. Col 3:1-2;

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