Class Notes: 9/6/2009

TLJC established the pattern for the church age believer's spiritual walk

In our present study we are examining the precedence for the spiritual life of the church age believer and we are making the case that the precedence was established by TLJC in his unglorified humanity during his life on this earth at the beginning of the hypostatic union.

We saw that Precedence is defined as: (1) an earlier occurrence of something similar; (2) something done or said that may serve as an example or rule to authorize or justify a subsequent act of the same or an analogous kind (4) the convention established by such a precedent or by long practice or (5) a person or thing that serves as a model.

This is because church age believers are a new spiritual species in union with TLJC. Gal 3: 26-29; and because of this any advantages or disadvantages from first birth are not a factor in the believer's relationship with God.

In our last class we started a brief discussion on the walk of the believer and we saw that the mechanics of physical walking are a metaphor for the Christian way of life.

Just as we can only take one step at a time when we walk, believers are to live one day at a time. Matt 6:34; Phil 4:6-7;

The mechanics of walking are related to the intensified stage of the angelic conflict in the sense that in walking there is a moment when you are off balance for just an instant. Then you recover balance by putting your foot forward. By recovering balance you don't fall down and you continue to advance.

The believer is off balance living in the devil's world during the intensified stage of the angelic conflict but is stabilized by the constant and consistent intake and use of Bible doctrine. Col 3:8-12;

When believers fail to persistently function in the PMA of Bible Doctrine, because of the instability of life in the devil's world they fall but they can instantly recover using the grace procedure provided in 1John 1:9; and TLJC stands them right back up per Rom 14:4b; Prov 24:16;

Last time we concluded with the principle that walking is related to the execution of the protocol plan of God. As described in Eph 2:10, "For we are His creation, having been created in Christ Jesus for good of intrinsic value achievements, which God has prepared in advance that we should be walking by means of them."

At salvation believers became His creation, as members of the new spiritual species.

The divine good production is the execution of the protocol plan of God that results in the believer becoming a mature believer and an invisible hero.

Believers are to walk by means of the things prepared for them by God in eternity past; this includes provisions such as the problem solving devices.

Col 1:9-10; "For this reason, we also, from the day we heard, do not stop praying for you. In fact, asking that you may be filled with the knowledge (metabolized doctrine) of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding that you may walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, for the purpose of pleasing Him in all things, bearing fruit in every good of intrinsic value achievement; in fact, constantly growing spiritually by means of metabolized doctrine from God." This is the point at where the believer fulfills the walking mandates.

Walking is used for a mandate to advance to the objective of spiritual maturity. 1Thes 4:1, "Finally then, brethren, we request and exhort you in the Lord Jesus, that, as you have received instruction from us as to how you ought to walk and please God (just as you are actually walking), that you may advance still more to the objective."

Walking has two meanings in the New Testament.

It refers to the use of divine power to advance in the Christian life.

It also is used to refer to use of the human energy related to the old sin nature that results in retrogression or reversionism.

These two categories of walking address Church Age believers in their advance or in their retreat.

To advance in the spiritual walk and be a winner, there must be residence, function, and momentum inside God's power system. To retreat in the spiritual life and be a loser, there must be residence, function, and retrogression in satan's cosmic system.

Living in the divine power system is the source of spiritual energy or the use of divine power to execute the protocol plan of God, as mentioned in Eph 2:10; with the phrase "divine good works" or "good of intrinsic value achievements," referring to the use of divine power and the momentum of the spiritual life.

There are several Greek words used for walking in the New Testament.

The Greek word "peripateo" means to walk or to walk around. It is used for literal walking such as in Mt 4:18.

But Paul uses it to refer to the power system that people are functioning in.

He uses it for the function of the protocol plan of God in the Church Age in such passages as Rom 6:4; Gal 5:16; Eph 5:2.

He also uses it to describe the believer living under the control of the OSN as in 1Cor 3:3 and Phil 3:18.

And he uses it for the lifestyle of the unbeliever in Eph 2:2; and Col 3:7.

The Greek word "stoicheo" is also translated "walk".

It means to march in step, to march in rank, to walk in agreement with, to function in a system, to follow a leader from the ranks. It is used in the New Testament primarily for functioning in a system and advancing in that system to spiritual maturity.

It is used for living under the omnipotence of God in Gal 5:25; and for the pattern of salvation by faith in Christ walking or following by means of faith perception in Rom 4:12.

It is used for following the rule or standard of protocol for the new spiritual species in Gal 6:16; and Phil 3:16; where it is translated living in the NASB.

Members of the royal family are executing a powerful plan when they obey the mandates of the Spiritual life. This is stated in John 14:15;

The objective of this plan is to re-present TLJC by demonstrating our Lord's thinking. 1Cor 2:16b; 1John 4:17;

Another word that is translated "walk" especially in the KJV is the Greek word "poreuomai". It means to go from one place to another, to proceed, to travel, to conduct oneself in a certain manner, to live, or to walk.

It is used for national degeneration in Acts 14:16.KJV. Translated "go" in the NASB

It is used for the life pattern of the unbeliever under the control of the OSN in 1Pet 4:3;KJV Jude 16,18; 2Pet 2:10;

The Greek word "anastrepho" originally meant in the Attic Greek to upset, to overrun, or to associate. Its figurative meaning was to behave or to function in terms of human conduct; also used for the practice of principles.

It is used for the conduct of the unbeliever in Eph 2:3. where it is translated "lived" in the NASB

It is used for motivation for Christian integrity in Heb 13:18. It is translated "conduct" in the NASB

It is used for the function of the OSN in Eph 4:22. It is translated "manner of life" in the NASB

It is used for life and conduct in the divine power system in 2Pet 3:11.

Our Lord walked in the prototype PPOG; we are to walk in the operational type PPOG. as described in Gal 6:16; "And those who will walk (stoicheo, march) by this rule, peace and mercy be upon them, and upon the Israel of God."

Notice that there is a standard that believers are to walk by, believers are not to just walk in any way that they want to. There is only one way to walk as described by the Greek word "stoicheo", that is to march according to the Word of God.

This means to march in step, march in rank, to walk in agreement with, to function in a system, and to follow a leader from the ranks.

This actually refers to the unity that should exist in the body of Christ. There is no union stronger or purer than spiritual fellowship in Christ Gal 5:25 "If we live by the Spirit, let us also walk (stoicheo) by the Spirit."

So this word for "walk" tells us that believers are to march in step with the Spirit. To march in rank with the Spirit, in agreement with the Spirit, to function in a system with the Spirit and to follow our leader by the Spirit.

Stoicheo is also used for salvation by faith in Christ, referring to walking by faith in Rom 4:12.KJV translated "follow in the NASB (Abraham is the example of faith Gen 15:6;)

This also points to the fact that there is only one accurate way to salvation. Acts 4:12; Acts 16:31;

The word "stoicheo" also means to march under a command with other people marching with you. To perform maneuvers under command. The emphasis here is on discipline and persevering. No one ever advances apart from the discipline of Bible teaching.

Another word that is translated walk is the Greek word "orthopoedo" that means to walk straight or in a proper way.

It is also used for legalism and resultant hypocrisy in Gal 2:14;KJV (translated "straightforward" in the NASB) in other words, they were not walking straight or according to the proper pattern.

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