Class Notes: 11/1/2009

Rom 6:11 Believers are "alive to God in Christ Jesus" when they choose to live the unique spiritual life of the church age

In our continuing study of the mandates of the PPOG for believers we are presently looking at the imperative moods found in Rom 6:11-13. Where we have the second person plural present middle imperative of "logizomai" that is translated "consider",

Last time we completed the first part of the mandate where the believer is to consider themselves dead to the OSN and started on the second part of the mandate where believers are commanded to consider themselves "alive to God in Christ Jesus".

The believer's life "in Christ" is specifically related to the three stages of spiritual adulthood. When the believer reaches spiritual self-esteem, and continues on into spiritual autonomy in spiritual maturity, God the Holy Spirit, in His capacity of filling (Eph 5:18) and walking (Gal 5:16), enables the believer to glorify Christ in their life.

The description of spiritual self-esteem is mentioned in Gal 4:19; refers to "Christ being formed in your bodies.", the description of spiritual autonomy is found in Eph 3:17, where Christ is said to "dwell or be at home in your hearts through faith.", and the description of spiritual maturity is mentioned in Phil 1:20, as "Christ being exalted or glorified in the believer's body."

The indwelling of TLJC is related to the concept of the new spiritual species described in 2Cor 5:17, and establishes the new priorities and motivation for that new life.

This new life in Christ is related to the indwelling of Christ, as taught in Rom 8:10. "In fact, if Christ is in you (and He is); on the one hand, the body is dead because of the sin nature, but on the other hand, the Spirit is alive because of (imputed) righteousness."

As we have seen, the OSN continues to reside in the believer's physical body after salvation and from that location seeks to control the soul through temptation.

In opposition to the OSN and providing the basis for the believer's new spiritual life "in Christ" are the indwelling of God's perfect righteousness, the indwelling of Christ and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

Since all three persons of the Trinity indwell the body of the believer, each is involved in enabling the believer to live the spiritual life.

God the Father's work is described in Eph 4:6; "One God, even the Father of all the(entire royal family of God), who is over all (sovereignty of God the Father) and through all (omnipresence of God the Father) and in all." The final phrase "in all," refers to the indwelling of the Father.

God the Father functions as the planner, and is sovereign over all, and even though He is omnipresent He also indwells the body of all Church Age believers.

God the Son's work is described in, John 14:20, John 17:22-23, 26; Rom 8:10; 2Cor 13:5; Gal 2:20; Col 1:27; and 1John 3:24.

God the Holy Spirits work is described in, Rom 8:11; 1Cor 3:16; 1Cor 6:19-20; and 2Cor 6:16.

Never before in human history has there been such a spiritual phenomenon, because never before in human history have all three members of the Trinity indwelt the body of every believer.

The indwelling of the Trinity indicates that more is required of the royal family of God because more has been given to the royal family of God.

The strategic victory of our Lord on the cross defeated Satan and when Jesus ascended and was seated on the right hand of the Father, He was given His third royal patent, without a royal family to accompany it so the Age of Israel was halted for the insertion of the Church Age, so that a royal family could be called out for him.

The Church, the royal family of God, is given unique spiritual privileges that have never existed before and will never exist again.

God the Father's indwelling is related to the glorification of Himself through the execution of the protocol plan for the Church Age, Eph 1:3,6,12.

Eph 1:3-14 teaches us that all believers are sustained by the grace of God the Father, given motivation from Christ, and empowered by the Spirit for the purpose of glorifying God.

The indwelling of God the Father is assurance and guarantee of His personal ministry to every Church Age believer from eternity past.

He is the grantor of our escrow blessings for time and eternity. He deposited these in Christ in eternity past and He indwells us to assure us of the existence of what He did for us in eternity past.

He is the designer of the believer's very own operational spiritual life and He indwells believers to assure them that everything necessary to fulfill His plan has been provided by grace.

He is the mastermind and organizer of the protocol plan for the Church Age. He indwells us to encourage us to fulfill His mandates, and to execute His plan in both the living and the dying phases of life

Eph 3:19-20 tells us that this life that surpasses knowledge and is what is described as " the epignosis life".

This life begins on the day of the believer's salvation by Grace through Faith alone in TLJC alone and continues as the believer advances into spiritual maturity.

The life beyond what the believer "can ask or imagine" continues from the day the believer reaches spiritual maturity through their death or the Exit Resurrection of the Church and on into eternity.

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