Class Notes: 11/29/2009

Brief study of the categories of death in the Bible part 3

In our continuing study of the mandates of the PPOG for believers we are presently looking at the imperative moods found in Rom 6:11-13.

In verse 12 we have the third person singular present active imperative of the Greek word "Basileuo" that is translated "reign" in the NASB.

"Basileuo" along with the negative particle "me" that is translated "not " is a mandate for believers not to permit the OSN to rule over their body of death so that they listen to or submit to it's desires.

Because the status of the believer who is functioning under OSN control of the soul is referred to as a form of "death" along with the command in verse 11 where believers are commanded to consider themselves "dead" to the OSN we have started a brief discussion of the various categories of death that are found in the Bible.

Last time we were discussing "carnal" or cosmic" death where the believer who is functioning under the control of the OSN produces what God considers to be "dead works" because they are produced in the wrong power system.

Dead works includes the function of crusader arrogance that is combined with objective of establishing cosmic panaceas such as egalitarianism or "peace on the earth" in the devil's world without TLJC.

Dead works also includes all forms of Christian activism whereby the believer attempts to clean up the devil's world.

Dead works refers to all of the production, all Christian service, and all good works that believers perform when they are functioning inside Satan's cosmic system.

Anything related to the cosmic system is outside of the plan of God, including any production performed there. 1Cor 13:1-3.

The believer in moral degeneracy functioning under "carnal death" can perform hundreds of good deeds in their "Christian service", all of which are categorized as dead works and they will be burned at the evaluation seat of Christ, 1Cor 3:12-15.

All Christian production will be evaluated at the evaluation seat of Christ, Rom 14:10c; 2Cor 5:10; where TLJC himself will make a determination regarding the believer's works while they were on this planet.

The next category of death that the Bible describes is the physical death of the human race.

Physical death is defined as separation of the soul from the body so that the person no longer lives on planet earth. The soul is never terminated, it goes on forever.

After death, the soul of the believer resides in an interim body until the exit resurrection or Rapture of the church when it returns with TLJC from the third heaven to the second heaven to receive a resurrection body.

After death, the soul of the unbeliever leaves the body and goes to the torments compartment of Hades and remains there until after the millennium is completed at the end of time. Rev 20:13;

The unbeliever is then resurrected, brought before the Great White Throne, judged, and cast into the lake of fire forever. Rev 20:15;

Death is always God's victory. God gives this victory to all believers through our Lord Jesus Christ. 1Cor 15:56-57;

Physical death cannot separate the believer from God, Rom 8:38-39. Nothing can separate believers from the love of God.

The time, manner and place of one's physical death is a matter of the sovereign decision of God and is based on His perfect knowledge of all the facts, Ps 68:19-20.

It is blasphemous to question His decision regarding the time, manner and place of one's death.

God can and does prolong or shorten physical life, Psa 102:19-20, 23-24; Psa 118:18; Prov 14:27.

God also delivers the believer from death, Job 5:20; Psa 33:19; Psa 56:13; Psa 116:8;

The believer who advances to spiritual maturity departs the planet through physical death under dying grace, Psa 23:4.

Psa 116:15-16;"Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His godly ones."

Dying grace does not necessarily include freedom from pain, but pain is negated as a factor during the dying phase of life under the provision of dying grace.

The Resurrection of the believer is victory over death. Whatever the failures or successes the believer had in their dying phase is superseded in the resurrection therefore; it is victory for all believers, 1Cor 15:54-57. This victory is for believers only.

The physical death of the believer includes the following:

For the believer, physical Death means being face to face with the Lord, 2 Cor 5:8; this implies an interim body

The word translated "with" in the NASB is the Greek word "pros" that means "face to face. If one is to be "face to face" with someone one has to have a face and a face is part of the body so one has to have a body.

For the believer, physical Death means the end of all pain, Rev 21:4. There is no mourning, crying, or pain in the interim body.

Physical Death means an eternal inheritance, 1Pet 1:4;

Physical Death means a new home, John 14:1-6.

Physical Death means realization of life in eternity, John 11:25, John 10:28, John 20:31; 1John 5:11-12;

Physical Death means waiting for the resurrection and a resurrection body in an interim body, John 11:25; 1Thes 4:13-18; Job 19:25-26; Phil 3:21; 1Cor 15:51-57;

For believers whose momentum carries them to spiritual maturity, physical death is going to be profitable forever. Phil 1:20-21, "For me living Christ, dying profit."

The believer living in the cosmic system dies physically under the maximum divine discipline of the sin unto death, 1John 5:16; Rev 3:16. but then is immediately absent from the body and face to face with the Lord.

The only preparation for the believer's physical death is for the believer to live the spiritual life.

The time, manner, and place of death is God's decision and is related to the whether believers execute the spiritual life or not.

God's decision regarding the time, manner and place of one's death is always based on the perfect integrity and love of God.

Every believer's death is always God's victory because of the believer's union with TLJC, 1Cor 15:55-57.

Living is Christ and dying is profit for the believer who has a personal sense of destiny, Phil 1:21.

In life we are guarded by the power of God, 1Pet 1:5. This is the wall of fire that God provides for the protection of believers.

In all matters of life and death, God's timing is perfect, because God is perfect.

For believers who understand God's plan dying is one of the most wonderful parts of life but believers who don't understand God's plan, fear death and it causes them great stress until they exit the planet and find themselves face to face with TLJC.

In dying, God's decision glorifies God and at the same time brings the greatest blessing in life to the dying believer. For the believer who has harmonious rapport with God because they are living in the PPOG dying is far better than any blessing they could have than if they were to continue in their mortal bodies on this planet in the devil's world.

The next category of death that is described in scripture is the Second Death, Rev 2:11.
The second death is for unbelievers only. It is the final judgment of those who reject Christ as Savior.

It is eternal separation from God and final judgment in the lake of fire forever. It is part of the second resurrection.

It occurs at the end of the Gog revolution at the end of the Millennium and is the final judgment of all unbelievers, Heb 9:27; Rev 20:12-15

All unbelievers are judged according to their good deeds that from God's point of view are unrighteousness because they were performed from the position of spiritual death.

Unbelievers are not judged for their personal sins since these were already judged in the person of TLJC on the cross.

The unbeliever is therefore cast into the lake of fire not because of their personal sins but only because they rejected TLJC as their savior. John 3:36;

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