Class Notes: 12/23/2009

The Titles of TLJC reveal the Doctrines of Christmas

John 1:14 - And the Word (undiminished deity) became flesh (true humanity), and dwelt among us (the Incarnation), and we (James, Peter, and John) beheld His glory (the visual manifestation of the Uniform of Glory), glory as of the only begotten from the Father, full of grace and truth (Bible Doctrine).

In our previous lessons we reviewed the doctrines that relate to TLJC in his first advent or incarnation via the virgin birth.

Christmas is about how God so loved the world that he gave his uniquely born son. It is about how God became human in order to solve the problem of man's of separation from God.

Christmas is about what God did to resolve man's problem and how he did it while maintaining his perfect integrity that is composed of his perfect righteousness, his perfect justice and his perfect love.

We started with a discussion of the virgin birth that was necessary for there to be no transmission of the OSN and then took up the doctrine of the hypostatic union that explains the mechanics of how undiminished deity and true humanity reside in the person of TLJC and then discussed the doctrine of the kenosis that defines the protocol for the deity and humanity of TLJC in hypostatic union.

In the context of that discussion we are now looking at the names and titles for Jesus Christ in view of the doctrines we have discussed and see how the names and titles reveal the doctrines.

Both the Old and New Testaments provide us with names and titles for TLJC and it is from these we are given a clearer awareness of Jesus' person. His deity, His humanity, the hypostatic union and His mission as the Savior of mankind.

Christmas is about the person of TLJC. It is about knowing him personally as he is revealed in the word of God.

When we finished we were discussing the titles for TLJC that are found in Isa 9:6; and we ended with the title "Wonderful Counselor" We saw that the Hebrew word translated "Wonderful" has the same root as the word translated "Miracles"

So the name "Wonderful, Counselor" indicates that the child born, who is also a Son given, is a miracle. His nature and existence can only be explained as a supernatural intervention by God, and not by the natural processes that God has set in motion in the material universe.

The word translated "Counselor" in the title "Wonderful Counselor" comes from the Hebrew word "yaas" that means "to advise" "to counsel," "to purpose," or "to plan."

This title therefore refers to the miracle that God performed to provide the one who would fulfill the plan and purpose of God from eternity past.

The next title found in Isa 9:6; is "Mighty God". Psalm 89:8 describes God as being mighty. One of the attributes of God is omnipotence. In Psalm 50:1, "Mighty One" is a title of "God the LORD." This same title is applied to the Messiah in Isaiah 9:6;

In Psalm 50:1 it is clearly a reference that belongs to God and applies to him exclusively. This is also emphasized in Isaiah 42:8; where God says, "I am the LORD that is My name; and My glory I will not give to another, nor My praise to carved images." so to call the Messiah the "Mighty God"

This statement in Isa 9:6; clearly identifies the miracle child, who is also a Son, as God Himself.

Jesus' claim to be one with the God of the OT is in accord with the scripture's teaching concerning the Messiah, the Christ. Any first-century rabbi familiar with the OT Scriptures should have understood Isaiah's prophecy and it's significance.

The next title found in Isa 9:6; is "Everlasting Father" This does not mean Christ is the Father, because they are two distinct Persons within the Trinity. It does mean that Christ is co-equal and co-eternal with the Father. The designation infers both His pre-existence and eternality.

He is the Father of eternity. He is "Father" in the sense of his being the Author of eternal life. Jesus Christ is the One who has provided eternal life, He is the author of eternal life and He is the origin of eternal life 1John 5:11-12.

Before all time, before the world was created, the coming Messiah eternally existed, and He is source of all that now is.

This title uncompromisingly affirms the undiminished deity of the Child-Son who was to be born that we celebrate at Christmas. The deity of the Messiah, the Christ sent by God, is so clearly taught that only those who choose to be ignorant of it can deny it.

The last title found in Isa 9:6; is "the Prince of Peace" that means the Prince of reconciliation. 2Cor 5:16-19; Because of this, He is our peace, Eph 2:14,15.

All problems in history are the result of man's separation from God. Before there was ever a problem in human history, before there was any conflict or war, God had a solution.

Every problem we face in time, God saw beforehand. Because He saw and because He cares, He came up with a plan. In the plan He provided every solution and wrapped them all in a package called the Son of God, the Lord of Glory, the Prince of Peace, the Lord Jesus Christ.

He sent Him to this world not to immediately remove our problems but rather to provide us with the resources to overcome our problems and as a result Glorify him.

We receive the solutions when we believe in the TLJC as our Savior; John 3:16; and then make his thinking our thinking by continuing in his word. John 8:31-32;

The next title for Jesus that we will look at is found in Luke 2:7; where it states that Jesus was Mary's firstborn son but he is also referred as "the firstborn"

In Heb 1:6; The Greek words translated "the firstborn" are "ton prototokon"

In the Greek language, this construction is 'monadic" and therefore refers to the unique firstborn.

First Born refers to the eldest son's exclusive right of inheritance.

The First born in Israel were the kings and the priests, and received a double portion of the inheritance.

The blessing the firstborn received included leadership of the family and a right to the assets of the family. In the case of Isaac and Jacob, these assets were the covenants of God that passed to them from Abraham and through them to their descendants.

This principle applies uniquely to TLJC. In his humanity, TLJC is the absolute ruler over all of humanity Col 1:15-17; He is the head of the corner 1Peter 2:5-7.

He is ruler over the regenerate of Israel in eternity as the Son of David and at the same time He is the head of the Church.

He is the Great High Priest Hebrews 4:14; and church age believers in union with Christ are believer priests 1Peter 2:5-9.

His double portion includes his being The Son of God along with all believers who in union with Christ are sons of God and His being savior in his 1st advent and ruler at his 2nd Advent.

Jesus is "the firstborn" through whom all blessings are made available to mankind.

As the "firstborn among many brethren" Rom 8:29d;, Jesus is the One through whom we are blessed.

As the "firstborn over all creation" Col 1:15;, He is in control of the universe.

And he is the "firstborn from the dead" Col 1:18; Rev 1:5, 1Cor 15:20,23;

We see in Heb 1:2a; that Jesus does not simply receive a double portion but he is also designated by God as "The Heir of all things" and that through faith alone in TLJC as the Son of God, we become God's spiritual children and heirs to all of His eternal promises Gal. 4:7; Rom. 4:13;

As "the firstborn" Jesus is King.

As a descendant of David (Matt 1; Luke 3:23; Jesus was qualified to take the throne of Israel. As we have seen, this was a primary qualification of the promised Messiah.

In the Gospels where Jesus presents himself to Israel as their Messiah, the title of "King" is often used.

Pilate even insisted that a sign be posted above Jesus as He hung on the cross to proclaim Him "KING OF THE JEWS" as described in (Matt 27:37; Mark 15:26; Luke 23:38; John 19:19). Of course he meant it for evil, but God meant it for good.

He is also the " King of kings and Lord of lords " 1Tim 6:15;; Rev 17:14; Rev 19:16;

This title applies to him in the context of the church and describes his relationship to the king priests of his royal family.1Pet 2:9; Rev 2:26;

As "the firstborn" is also a priest and not just any priest, he is the royal high priest.

The Book of Hebrews emphasizes the fact that TLJC is a "merciful and faithful" High Priest.

It also makes it clear that for Jesus to do this, he had to be human. Heb 2:14-18; Heb 5:1a;

Jesus Christ was born a royal priest in the pattern of Melchizedek, who was a king priest during the period of the patriarchal priesthood. Christ is a royal priest, since He is in the royal line of David. Heb 5:6; quoting Psa 110:4;

As the royal high priest, Jesus Christ is the minister of spiritual things, Heb 5:1b.

This priesthood began when he offered Himself as a sacrifice for sin as our royal high priest, Heb 9:26-28;Heb 10:10,14.

Christ makes intersession for believers as their royal high priest, Heb 7:25.

God the Father imputed our sins to Christ and judged them, 1Pet 2:24; and he will not judge them again.

The law of double jeopardy is the basis of our Lord's defense because all personal sins were already judged. Rom 8:1;

Once the case has been thrown out of court, the sin becomes a family matter and the Father disciplines us for the sin. Heb 12:6;

We plead our case to the Father the same way as Christ does by simply naming the sin to God and citing Christ's work on our behalf. 1John 1:9;

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