Class Notes: 5/16/2010

True Spirituality is characterized by Humility not Legalism

We are presently doing a brief study of the implication of the resurrection, ascension and session of our Lord on the spiritual life of believers in the Church Age.

When we stopped last time we were discussing humility because the Christian way of life is described as being characterized by grace and humility.

When the Christian way of life is described, it is not described in terms of arrogance, but in the language of grace and humility, as in James 4:6; "He gives greater grace, and this is why the Scripture says, `God makes war against the arrogant (believer), but He gives grace to the humble.'"

There is no substitute for humility. True humility is very hard to find and is often much too subtle for many to understand.

Self-effacement is not humility it is a subtle form of passive arrogance. Some confuse humility with humiliation. Most people will never reach humility because they have an innate desire to reject, resist, or put down any kind of authority that they have to deal with.

One's humility is demonstrated by one's response to legitimate authority, whether it is fair or unfair, without regard to weather there is personality conflict.

One of the few reasons why the successive Jewish client nations lasted for 1500 years is found in the book of Numbers. On of the major reasons why generation after generation managed to survive and continue was because they practiced universal military training.

This took up the slack for the failure of parents to teach and inculcate principles of respect for authority, good manners, and discipline. A nation without universal military training in any given generation has a large percentage of its young men who are totally devoid of any sense of responsibility resulting in the breakdown of society.

Children can develop arrogance at a very early age, so that they resist Bible doctrine and become very rude. Negative volition arrogance makes post-salvation renovation of the thinking impossible.

It does not matter that the parents are positive to the word of God. The children become so preoccupied with themselves, so self absorbed that they will resist and suffer through many disasters in life before they even begin to appreciate doctrine.

Catering to young people with gimmicks is not the solution, because the gimmicks simply patronize their arrogance making it even worse.

1Tim 6:3-4; develops the concept regarding to why certain generations of believers fail to advance in God's plan for their life.

v3 "If anyone teaches a different (false) doctrine and does not concur with sound doctrine, even the doctrine pertaining to godliness (the spiritual life),

v4 he has received arrogance, understanding nothing. Furthermore, he has a morbid obsession about controversies and verbal conflicts from which originate jealousy, discord, evil speculations."

False doctrine often takes its precedence from the Mosaic Law. The context of 1Timothy is referring to the misuse and abuse of the Mosaic Law because Christians were being seduced into using the Mosaic Law as the basis for the Christian way of life.

Paul goes on to develop this idea of following false doctrine and not concurring with sound doctrine, He defines "Godliness" that is translated from the Greek noun "Eusebia" and refers to the spiritual life of the Church Age in 1Tim 1:6-11;

People generally start by receiving arrogance passively and from that they move into aggressive arrogance.

Having a morbid obsession about controversy is the arrogance of competing with others resulting in the attempt to put down anyone who is a challenge.

Some people cannot let any statement with which they disagree pass; they must challenge it. There is no tolerance at all.

Arrogance is the strongest motivator in life outside of the protocol plan of God. The protocol plan of God is the only antidote for arrogance.

Jealousy is the first manifestation of arrogance. Discord is the social manifestation of arrogance.

An evil speculation is any speculation about the Christian way of life that is not truth. It is evil because the person holding to that principle is evil because they are arrogant, and because they desire to superimpose something that is not true on others.

Evil speculations include the antithetical systems of legalism and emotionalism. There is no one more arrogant than the believer who thinks they have discovered the secret to the Christian way of life and then try to force it on everyone.

Because of believer's ignorance, throughout the Church Age there has been the prevalence of using the Mosaic Law for the Christian way of life.

The Mosaic Law has become the center of attention for explaining the Christian way of life, and self- determined morality has become the order of the day instead of the virtue that actually does comprise the true spiritual life.

Morality is often combined with arrogance related to so-called Sabbath observance, tithing, and other so called Christian practices. These things are not part of the Christian way of life.

The protocol plan of God for the Church Age derives its precedence from the power that was deployed by TLJC while he was on this earth in unglorified humanity at the beginning of the Hypostatic Union, not from the Old Testament and not from the Mosaic Law.

The dispensation of the Hypostatic Union separates Israel and the Church forever, and it separates the ritual plan of God for Israel from protocol plan of God for the Church.

This means that the Theocentric dispensations of the Old Testament provide nothing for the Spiritual life of Christians today.

The Hypostatic Union establishes the pattern for the deployment of Divine power in the Church Age. Nothing is taken from Israel.

The Mosaic Law provides the basis for the establishment laws for any client nation to God in human history per Rom 13:1-10 ;

The amplification of the Mosaic Law for the millennial rule of Jesus Christ is taught in the Sermon on the Mount. So the Mosaic Law has a present influence and a future purpose.

But the Mosaic Law was not, is not, and never will be a way of salvation, Rom 3:20-28;

v 28, "Therefore, we conclude that man is not saved by the Law but by faith in Jesus Christ."

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