Class Notes: 5/26/2010

Function in Arrogance and function in the Royal Law are mutually exclusive

We are presently doing a brief study of how the resurrection, ascension and session of our Lord impacted the spiritual life of believers in the Church Age.

When we stopped last time we were discussing the Royal Law that required the ministry of God the Holy Spirit that was fulfilled by TLJC and then extended into the church age.

In the dispensation of Israel believers had the faith-rest drill, but they did not have the filling of the Holy Spirit, nor did they have the doctrine related to the prototype spiritual life.

Only a few OT believers had what is referred to as the enduement of the Holy Spirit because there was no filling of the Holy Spirit until the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ when God became man in Hypostatic Union.

This system that Jesus used was subsequently extended into the universal filling of the Spirit in the Church Age on Pentecost after his ascension and session. Acts 2:4;

The royal law in the Old Testament is therefore a matter of trusting the righteousness, the justice, and the love of God. It is a matter of having faith in a promise or a doctrinal rationale and trusting that God will do what he says he will do in his time.

The complete fulfillment of this royal law could not occur until the dispensation of the hypostatic union and the person of TLJC because it required the enabling ministry of God the Holy Spirit.

With this enablement impersonal love meets a sin with a divine solution because the integrity of the subject is greater than the obnoxiousness of the object.

This is true love. This is the love that God uses when he says that He loves the world in John 3:16; This love has no partiality or sentimentality and those who don't understand it often perceive it to be unfeeling and insensitive because it is based in the integrity of the subject rather than sentimentality toward the object.

Very few people are loved or treated the way they want to be loved or treated.

Because believers are not loved or treated the way they want to be loved or treated they may become frustrated, loaded down with reaction, bitterness, self-pity, grudges, spite, and malice.

This motivates some to take matters into their own hands and seek revenge. It also leads to the function of the arrogance skills of self-justification, self-deception, and self-absorption that result in denial and projection.

Unrealistic expectation plus ignorance of the doctrine of true love destroys the focus of the unique spiritual life and replaces it with continuous distraction from a life of perpetual carnality.

Perpetual carnality means no acknowledgement of sin and divine discipline in increasing cycles of intensity, Phil 3:18-19.

When we put a person on a pedestal, we surrender our happiness to that person. If we give our love to another and that person disappoints us and we become disillusioned, we are in danger of losing our spiritual life.

In the spiritual life wealth is measured in terms of the Bible doctrine that is available for application in the believer's soul.

Reaction to someone we love is like being in a minefield, where any one of the three arrogance skills can fragment our spiritual life.

Reaction always includes self-justification. Whether we are right or wrong, we think we are right when we react.

Reaction sometimes includes self-deception. Those functioning in self-deception always think they are right even when they are wrong.

Reaction also includes self-absorption that causes us to make ourselves the issue resulting in the complete failure of the spiritual life.

With unrealistic expectation, role model arrogance and iconoclastic arrogance the spiritual life is completely destroyed. Reaction that comes from unrealistic expectation makes one vulnerable to disillusion and disenchantment.

Reaction related to role model arrogance makes one vulnerable to the feet of clay syndrome. When anyone fails to conform to the role model that has been set up for them, that person is condemned, rejected, maligned, slandered, and ostracized.

People with role model arrogance have a standard for the role model that they have created and a different standard for themselves.

Role model arrogance occurs when an individual excuses himself for his own sins and failures, but turns around in hypocrisy and condemns the person who he has set up as a role model for identical sins and failures. Rom 2:1;

A reaction related to iconoclastic arrogance makes one vulnerable to the power and approbation lust that is similar to what happened to Satan when sin was found in him in the garden of God. Ezek 28:15;

It is a reaction from a locked in belief that the accuser is completely right, but the accuser is so self deceived that even if they are completely wrong, they do not believe it because they have deceived themselves.

In Satan's case he was accusing God of being unfair to his creatures and then attempted to make the case that the creatures would be better off without God. This is the basis of the invisible war and why mankind was created.

Iconoclastic arrogance always seeks to blame the object of their retaliation for everything that is going wrong in their life, and then attempts to destroy the icon that they themselves have created.

When this occurs a sin has been met with a sin and that results in the destruction of the spiritual life. The royal law resolves these iconoclastic sins.

Reaction turns personal love into hatred, admiration into malice. Malice is the lust to destroy someone who has failed to meet an expectation that was placed on them. Disillusion from unrealistic expectation becomes malice and antagonism becomes a lust for retaliation, but a sin committed against us cannot be resolved by revenge or holding a grudge.

When believers react from unrealistic expectation, role model arrogance, the feet of clay syndrome, and iconoclastic arrogance their rate of forgetting Bible doctrine exceeds their rate of learning Bible doctrine, so that the seven compartments of the stream of consciousness become covered with scar tissue and the person becomes implacable. This is what happened to the Exodus generation of Israel. Heb 3:7-11;

This condition can only be resolved with the application of confession alone to God alone per 1John 1:9; and a reorientation to the Grace policy of God. Rom 14:4;

When role model arrogance functions in the local assembly it manufactures hypocrisy in the pastor and legalism in the congregation.

Role model arrogance ignores the basic doctrine that all believers continue to have an OSN and as a result continue to commit personal sins to the degree that they are ignorant of or fail to apply doctrine that results in their succumbing to the compulsive function of the lust pattern of their OSN.

In role model arrogance and the feet of clay syndrome, it is wrong to impose impossible personal standards on others. We have to remember that 1 John 1:8; and 1 John 1:10; clearly state that after salvation all believers continue to possess an OSN and as a result continue to commit personal sin.

When role model arrogance exists in the local assembly both pastors and congregations are distracted from the cognition of the mystery doctrine of the Church Age and the execution of PPOG for the Church.

Iconoclastic arrogance is divorced from reality in human relationships. Iconoclastic arrogance is subjective pre-occupation with other people that is rooted in subjective pre-occupation with self and results in the creation of unrealistic role models for others.

The arrogance of idolizing and rejecting one's very own icon is transference arrogance where one transfers the blame for their own failure to an innocent person. This is a direct violation of the royal law.

The feet of clay syndrome is the arrogant irrationality of rearranging the doctrine of sin to be compatible with one's own self-righteous arrogance and self- centered attitude.

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