Class Notes: 8/1/2010

The virtue for impersonal love comes from capacity that comes from humility

Rom 13:8;

In our study of the doctrine of love we have seen that the mandate for love can only be executed by believers who have capacity from Bible Doctrine.

Our Lord said in Luke 6:35; "Love your enemy." This can only be referring to impersonal love. When you can love an enemy impersonally, you're prepared to be successful in any area of life.

Impersonal love is the function of spiritual autonomy. This means it is unconditional. It means you drop all prejudices regarding others' race, culture, I.Q., or background. One of the great functions of impersonal love is tolerance for differences in others.

Believers in spiritual self-esteem, drop all previously held standards of superiority or inferiority regarding others because their identity or Spiritual Self Esteem is established in Christ.

In spiritual autonomy, because of impersonal love, the believer has great tolerance, no prejudice, no arrogance, no possessiveness, no meddling in other's business, no attempts to smother, mother, or control those who are around them.

When faced with hostility or antagonism they are courteous and objective.

While personal love for people can be a distraction one's relationship with God, impersonal love for all mankind is a manifestation of the believer's personal love for God the Father, and occupation with the person of Jesus Christ as the highest motivation in life.

With impersonal love, one's relationship with self is stabilized and poised.

Personal love without impersonal love as a stabilizer becomes disconcerted and upset when relationships such as romance or friendship do not meet expectations.

The self-induced trauma that comes from this can result in disorientation in every area of life, including one's relationship with God and with others.

An application of this is that if you are truly professional, you do not need to reveal your personality. You are so focused on doing your job as to the Lord that what others see is virtue. Virtue is far greater than personality.

One does not have to have a good personality to do their job as unto the Lord. Focusing on personality or trying to improve it is unnecessary, because one's personality is not even an issue in life. Personality only becomes an issue in the subjectivity of degeneracy and human solutions.

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