Class Notes: 9/26/2010

Everything that is produced apart from reciprocal love is nothing

We have seen that the basis for virtue love is God's love. This makes our love a response to his love. This is called reciprocal love.

Reciprocal love expresses the mutual love relationship between God and the Church Age believer the ministry of God the Holy Spirit whereby the believer responds to the perfect love of God.

The believer responds to God's love by producing virtue love through the execution of the unique spiritual life of the Church Age. Therefore, reciprocity results in salvation through faith alone in Christ alone and the advance in the unique spiritual life of the church age. The response of the believer to all the blessings of God for salvation, for time, and for eternity is reciprocal love for God.

Reciprocity includes the eternal love of God for the Church Age believer. Reciprocity means a mutual giving and receiving. This was initiated in eternity past, when God knew all about us and made perfect provision for us. Eph 1:3-4;

The believer's function under reciprocal love is a matter of understanding the doctrine of reciprocal love for God. Reciprocity starts with God's love for the believer in eternity past, when God's love provided blessings, advantages, privileges and happiness superior to anything mankind has to offer.

The potential for reciprocal love for God from the Church Age believer is accomplished through the spiritual life of the Church Age. Reciprocal love for God is the execution of the greatest spiritual life in all of human history.

This is why believers are left on the earth after salvation and why so many unique provisions have been made available to the Church Age believers.

Reciprocity began in eternity past before any creature existed. This was a part of antecedent grace. God knew everything about us and loved us in eternity past.

God's love for us never diminishes and by executing the spiritual life we have the opportunity to reciprocate through personal love for Him and impersonal love for all mankind.

With reciprocal love we can solve any problem and have a happiness that goes beyond all we could ask or imagine.

The attainment of reciprocal love takes time, we must first attain a personal sense of destiny and it's cognitive self confidence at the beginning of the adult spiritual life.

Then we move on to cognitive independence with it's personal love for God and impersonal love for all mankind.

Many believers are not able to persist in the plan, because they become distracted. The greatest distraction to personal love for God is other people.

As we have seen in 1Cor 13:2-3; without virtue-love we are nothing, we gain nothing,
This means that in the final analysis, no matter what we do or accomplish on this planet in time, our life is meaningless without reciprocal love for God.

The first stage of reciprocity is personal love for God and impersonal love for mankind.
The second stage of reciprocity is sharing the happiness of God.
The third stage of reciprocity is occupation with Christ.

When believers begin to understand what God has done for them reciprocal love for God becomes the greatest motivator in life. The fulfillment of reciprocal love for God includes grace benefits that never existed before the church age. This includes the indwelling of the Trinity, the filling of the Holy Spirit and the universal priesthood of believers.

The challenge of reciprocity is the believer's' witness for Christ in the rebuttal phase of Satan's appeal trial that occurs coterminously with the church age.

Reciprocity results in salvation through faith in Christ and the forty plus things given at salvation, the greater benefits as the believer advances in the spiritual life after salvation plus the blessings of the eternal state.

Reciprocity is the aggressive function of the soul in vigorous pursuit of cognition, metabolization, and application of Bible doctrine. This prioritization of Bible doctrine is enduring devotion. 1John 5:2-3; Net note 7

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