Class Notes: 11/14/2010

The believer's reciprocal love starts with the filling of the spirit that occurs at rebound once the believer sins after salvation

In our study we have seen that the basis for all true love is God's love. This makes our love a response to his love. This response is called reciprocal love.

Reciprocal love expresses the mutual love relationship between God and the Church Age believer under the ministry of God the Holy Spirit whereby the believer responds to the perfect love of God with Bible Doctrine.

Last time we were discussing God's grace recovery procedure for believers when they fail. They are to simply name their sins to God; the result is forgiveness of sins, the exit from the cosmic system, the recovery of the filling of the Spirit, and the resumption of the spiritual life.

Since our sins were judged on the cross, they cannot be judged again. This means that we cannot be judged for our sins, but we can be judged for the wrongdoing that occurred as a result of our exit from the spiritual life and entry into the cosmic system when we committed personal sins.

This wrongdoing is described in Eph 4:30; as grieving the Holy Spirit, where we are commanded to "Stop grieving the Holy Spirit of God by Whom you were sealed to the day of redemption."

We are not punished for our sins, but we are punished for grieving and quenching the Holy Spirit. Those who refuse to acknowledge their known sins continue to grieve the Holy Spirit and come under divine discipline by the supreme court of heaven.

Wrongdoing is grieving the Holy Spirit. Grieving the Holy Spirit is rejection of God's provision for post-salvation sins that results in the perpetuation of OSN control of the soul.

Wrongdoing is also described in 1Thes 5:19; as squelching, quenching, suppressing, stifling the Holy Spirit, where we are given the command to "Stop suppressing the Holy Spirit."

Paul is warning against a deliberate suppression of the Holy Spirit by not using the only recovery solution that God has provided.

We suppress the Holy Spirit by persisting in the wrongdoing of human good and evil that comes from functioning under the OSN control of the soul. This function under OSN control of the soul a direct attack on reciprocal love for God.

Rejection of God's recovery solution is the rejection of the mentorship of God the Holy Spirit and his power.

This means that the, rejection of rebound as a problem solving device is the rejection of reciprocal love for God. The person who does not simply acknowledge any known sin to God alone does not and cannot love God regardless of what they may allege.

In the context of 1John 1:6-10; there are five third class conditions of "if"

1) The believer under the OSN control of the soul has no Christian fellowship even though they may falsely allege that they do, 1John 1:6.

2) The spiritual believer has true fellowship with God, 1John 1:7.

3) The denial of the sin nature by the believer who is under OSN control of the soul is characterized by the arrogance skills of self-justification and self- deception, 1John 1:8.

4) The recovery procedure for believers under OSN control of the soul, 1John 1:9.

5) The denial of personal sins by the believer under OSN control of the soul is characterized by adding self-absorption to the arrogance skills, 1John 1:10.

The principle of advance in the spiritual life is found in Phil 3:13-14; "Brethren, I do not evaluate myself to have attained; but one thing I do: forgetting those things which are behind ( sins and failures) and pressing forward toward those things which are ahead, I keep advancing toward the objective for the decorations of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus."

The phrase "I do not evaluate myself to have attained" means that when he wrote this Paul had not completed his advance to the high ground in the spiritual life. He makes this evaluation from the doctrine in his soul.

This doctrine was his mirror into the soul that enabled him to do his own self- evaluation. According to his evaluation, personal love for God, impersonal love for all mankind, sharing the happiness of God, and occupation with Christ were not yet matured in his life. In verse 14 Paul states that he was motivated to continue his advance.

Believers acquire motivation to advance through reciprocal love for God. From eternity past, God has always had divine love for each one of us. His love is therefore a demonstration of his love for us and is designed to motivate us.

God demonstrates His love to us and then commends it to us.

We advance to spiritual maturity under two concepts: the doctrine that we learn day by day, and at the same time, the response to the love of God in eternity past.

We are motivated by the incredible love that God had for us in eternity past.

Both must advance together. If one fails to advance, the other will too. Doctrinal teaching and motivation from the love of God must advance together because they are symbiotic.

Rom 5:8; tells us that "God demonstrates His own love toward us in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died as a substitute for us."

We are therefore motivated by this demonstration of God's love. God's love toward us is a demonstration of His love and grace. It describes His integrity. We respond to this demonstration of His integrity by responding with reciprocal love.

This reciprocal love for God advances us to the greatest life possible, the unique spiritual life of the Church Age.

God's love is the unilateral demonstration of His grace and integrity. Our function in his plan under the filling ministry of God the Holy Spirit motivates us for spiritual advance.

Spiritual momentum does not stop with the counterattack of rebound. Spiritual momentum must keep moving to the high ground of spiritual maturity.

David is the classic example of a believer using rebound after his sin with Uriah and Bathsheba, Psa 32:5; "I acknowledged my sin to You, and my iniquity I did not hide. I said I will acknowledge my transgression to the Lord, and You forgave the iniquity of my sin."

The failure to rebound means the following:
No rebound means no filling of the Spirit and therefore no spirituality.
No rebound means no spiritual life or no life under the power of the Holy Spirit.
No rebound means sin nature control of our soul.
No rebound means false doctrine in the soul, which means garbage in the subconscious
No rebound means three arrogance skills take over the believer's life.
No rebound means the human good and evil of Christian degeneracy.

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