Class Notes: 1/9/2011

God addresses each category of mankind perfectly through His Policy of Grace

In our study of the doctrine of the integrity of God when we left off we were discussing the principle that the righteousness of God is the point of responsibility toward all the sins of the entire human race.

God's justice is completely satisfied with what God's righteousness did so the believer is eternally secure in their salvation because they are protected by the power of God's righteousness, his justice, and his immutability. 1Pet 1:3-5; John 10:27-30; Mal 3:6; James 1:17;

Since the fall of mankind, the justice of God is the point of contact of mankind with God resulting in condemnation for the unbeliever, spiritual blessing for the spiritual believer, and divine discipline for the believer who persists in OSN control of the soul all conveyed from the perfect righteousness of God through the love of God.

Contact is the place where two things interface or meet. In this case, the two things are the justice of God making contact or meeting members of the human race, both unbelievers and believers.

Contact with the unbeliever is our Lord's substitutionary atonement whereby the spiritually dead individual can enter into association with God through faith alone in Christ alone.

Spiritual death is the state of total depravity, total separation from God, and total helplessness and inability to do anything about it.

But God did something through his justice by judging our sins in Christ on the Cross making possible for faith alone in Christ alone to be the point of contact for the unbeliever.

What the righteousness of God condemns, the justice of God judged on the Cross so that the love of God is free to provide a solution that is expressed by the grace of God.

In the point of contact, God gave the believer at the moment of salvation at least thirty-nine irrevocable absolutes plus the filling of the Spirit as the one revocable absolute that is revoked when we sin.

What the righteousness of God approves, the justice of God blesses through the love of God at the moment of salvation.

The justice of God administers family discipline in the Royal Family to the believer who refuses to use God's provision. Since the discipline of believers is a family matter the point of reference for the believer's discipline is God's love. Heb 12:6;

God's love is also the point of reference for the unique spiritual life of the dispensation of the Church so the source of both divine discipline and divine blessing is God's love.

Reference means to direct attention to something important or something of personal interest. Reference means recourse for the purpose of information. Reference means to endorse a person or a course of action.

The point of reference from the love of God for the believer includes all of these ideas. The point of reference from the love of God directs attention to the post salvation spiritual life of the Church Age believer that is both important and of personal interest to God.

The point of reference from the love of God provides the Bible Doctrine of the New Testament that is the thinking of the unglorified humanity of TLJC as something of personal interest.

The point of reference from the love of God means availability and access to the infallible word of God and accurate Bible teaching for the purpose of conveying information about the unique spiritual life of the Church Age and building up the body of Christ to the point of maturity. Eph 4:11-13;

The point of reference endorses a course of action related to virtue-love and the PMA of Bible doctrine. The point of reference is the love of God as the one who sponsors the greatest life that ever existed.

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