Class Notes: 1/30/2011

All Capacity comes from orientation to the infallable Word of God

In our study of the doctrine of the integrity of God when we left off we were discussing the capacity that God provides for mankind. Capacity for freedom, capacity for happiness, capacity for eternal life capacity for the spiritual life and capacity for perfect life with God forever.

Capacity is defined as the ability to receive and to retain. Capacity is the amount that can be contained. Mental capacity is the power for receiving knowledge. Capacity is used for the potential to do something. Capacity implies both aptitude and capability.

Capacity righteousness is the key to true happiness in life. God does not bless us beyond our capacity for blessing. True happiness in life has to do with perfect soul environment.

True happiness is that perfect environment of the stream of consciousness that comes from a life of integrity and honor and justice that are all a part of capacity righteousness. Capacity righteousness is the God-given capability for divine blessing and the doctrinal aptitude to appreciate blessing from God and parlay it into perfect soul happiness.

Even unbelievers can find some capacity for happiness through their function under the integrity provided by their orientation to the legitimate authority of divine establishment. Ecclesiastes 9:9-10;

For the believer, capacity righteousness relates to the three spiritual skills of the protocol plan of God. The three spiritual skills are the filling of the Holy Spirit, the metabolization of Bible doctrine, and the execution of the protocol plan of God through the use of the ten problem solving devices.

Just as a physical birth demands a physical life, a spiritual birth John 3:6; demands a spiritual life. Therefore, during our postsalvation experience we have the option to accept or reject the spiritual life that is revealed in Bible doctrine. Our positive volition to Bible doctrine results in our having capacity for our spiritual life.

Capacity is the power to receive the knowledge of Bible doctrine. The first two spiritual skills are the basis for the reception and retention of the knowledge of Bible doctrine. The filling of the Holy Spirit takes human I.Q. and turns it into spiritual I.Q. This creates equality all church age believers for the PMA of Bible Doctrine.

When the teaching of doctrine is added to the filling of the Spirit and the believer accepts the doctrine that is taught as true, capacity righteousness is created.

The ten problem solving devices that are the basis for developing capacity righteousness for happiness are extrapolated from this metabolized doctrine that is circulating in the believer's stream of consciousness.

Once the believer is established in the doctrine, God permits this capacity to be tested through adverse circumstances. Adverse circumstances do not actually cause unhappiness. Unhappiness is caused by the lack of the proper information regarding the purpose of the adversity and how to deal with it properly. Phil 1:29; James 1:2-3;

This is why adversity is what circumstances do to you and stress is what you do to yourself. Stress comes from the lack of sufficient accurate information in your thinking about adversity.

Every believer has the right and privacy to make the decisions that will produce in his or her soul the capacity righteousness that results in sharing the perfect happiness of God.

Capacity righteousness is never a system of legalism. It is never a system of human self-righteousness related to activism or social engineering or the production of human good, dead works, or evil.

This means that human self-righteousness must never be confused with capacity righteousness because human self-righteousness is based in arrogance and results in the function of the arrogance skills of self- justification, self-deception, and self-absorption.

Capacity is the qualification from the function of the spiritual skills to enjoy the blessings that God has given. This capacity is related to three categories of capacity righteousness that God gives to every believer at salvation. Two of these are given to the believer unconditionally at the moment of salvation as part of the direct divine initiative of God's' grace blessing to every believer.

This direct divine initiative of grace depends on God alone and is given totally apart from any merit. Believers can do nothing to lose it, because they did nothing to receive it.

These unconditional conveyances are imputed righteousness where at the moment of salvation, God the Father imputed to every believer His very own righteousness, and the positional righteousness that comes from positional sanctification when God the Holy Spirit entered the believer into union with the person of Christ resulting in the believer sharing of the righteousness of Christ.

This gives every church age believer a double portion of righteousness and eternal life because of their union with TLJC, the unique first born. Rom 8:29; Col 1:18;

At the same time there is a capacity righteousness that creates the potential for the post salvation spiritual life that is based on the utilization of the spiritual skills. This is an experiential righteousness that is developed from the execution of the PPOG whereby the believer's application of the Word of God to their experience while in unglorified sin infused bodies in the devil's world in time glorifies God.

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