Class Notes: 2/2/2011

Righteousness is capacity and is the target of grace from the Holiness of God

In our study of the doctrine of the integrity of God when we left off we were discussing the conveyances that occur at the point of salvation by grace through faith alone in TLJC alone.

The unconditional conveyances of the imputed righteousness of God the Father and of TLJC and the capacity righteousness that creates the potential for the third conveyance that is the post salvation spiritual life that is based on the utilization of the spiritual skills.

This third conveyance is for the potential of experiential righteousness that is developed from the execution of the PPOG whereby the believer's application of the Word of God to their experience while in unglorified sin infused bodies in the devil's world in time glorifies God.

At the moment of the exit resurrection there is an additional capacity righteousness given to the believer that provides the perfect capacity for living in the presence of God forever in perfect happiness, 2Pet 3:13, "But on the basis of His promise we are looking forward with confidence to a new heavens and a new earth in which perfect righteousness lives."

This means that there are two categories of capacity righteousness available to the believer. Direct capacity righteousness that is given by the sovereignty of God to every believer totally apart from human volition, totally apart from any merit or any kind or human activity, and indirect capacity righteousness that requires the believer's consistent positive volition toward the spiritual skills. This is God's grace gift of divine power for the execution of the protocol plan of God for the church.

All of the mandates given by God to the believer during the Church Age can only be executed through the divine power of God the Holy Spirit and the divine power that comes from the PMA of the infallible Word of God.

The filling of the Holy Spirit and metabolized doctrine in the stream of consciousness are the two power options of the spiritual life. The combination of these two power options results in the formation of and the deployment of the problem solving devices as the third spiritual skill.

If the believer is to advance there must be a consistent function within the system and this must be reinforced through the whole realm of doctrine being transferred from the written pages of the Word of God into the believer's soul through the mentorship of God the Holy Spirit. God has provided the communication gift of pastor-teacher for this purpose. Eph 4:11-13;

Capacity righteousness is available in time through the divine initiative of antecedent grace. At the moment of faith alone in TLJC alone we are given two categories of capacity righteousness that set us apart to God as a part of positional sanctification.

We have seen that the first category righteousness at salvation is the imputed righteousness of God the Father that provides three divine blessings:

We are justified, Rom 5:1; "Therefore, being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ." We become targets of God's personal love, 1John 4:10-11; and we become targets for logistical grace blessings from God, 2Cor 9:8;

God imputes His righteousness to us so that God may provide blessing to us without the compromise of His perfect divine essence and so that we may have the capacity to enjoy those blessings. God blesses us based on his integrity and who and what He is, not who and what we are or what we do. All believers, weather they advance and become winners or fail to advance and become losers, are given the same logistical grace support.

If you are going to live with God forever, you must have the righteousness of God. Every believer, at the moment of salvation, receives the imputation of God the Father's very own perfect righteousness.

Logistical grace support comes through the imputed righteousness of God the Father. Protection for the believer comes through positional righteousness that comes from the believer's union with Christ. Our wall of fire protection comes from the righteousness of Christ because TLJC controls history. Col 1:17 Heb 1:3;

Possession of God the Father's imputed righteousness is the basis for both grace blessing and the life support necessary for equal opportunity to fulfill the protocol plan of God for the Church.

We do not do anything for blessing and support from God, just as we did not do anything for our salvation. Col 2:6;

As we have seen, divine righteousness is one half of God's integrity or holiness. The other half is divine justice. The righteousness and justice of God work in tandem.

The righteousness of God is the principle of divine holiness. The justice of God is the function of divine holiness. Justice does the giving. Righteousness receives, because it is the capacity for everything that comes down the grace pipeline from the justice of God to the imputed righteousness of God.

This is what sets up the grace pipeline between the justice and righteousness of God and the believer's imputed righteousness of God that creates the capacity for provision directly from God on a daily basis. Lam 3:21-26;

The justice of God the Father administers what the righteousness of God the Father demands. This is how God avoids compromising His integrity. All capacity for blessing is related to the imputed righteousness of God, not human righteousness. God is fair so He never blesses us beyond our capacity. The only reason we are alive is because of logistical grace.

The justice of God administers divine support and blessing to every believer because all believers possess the perfect righteousness of the Father.

What the righteousness of God demands, the justice of God blesses. Capacity is always measured in terms of righteousness. Without capacity there is no blessing in life. What the righteousness of God condemns, the justice of God punishes.

The basis for logistical grace support and blessing to every believer is this capacity righteousness that is only obtained by faith.

Rom 3:20;"Not by the works of the Law, because by the works of the Law no flesh will be justified in His sight; for through the Law is the knowledge of sin.

v21 But now, apart from the Law, the righteousness of God has been manifested, being communicated by the Law and the Prophets (the Old Testament Scriptures)

v22 even the righteousness of God through faith in Jesus Christ for all those who believe.

Rom 3:26; for the demonstration of His righteousness at the present time that He might be just (in giving us His righteousness) and the justifier of the one who has faith in Jesus.

v27 Where then is boasting (the function of the arrogance skills)? They are excluded. By what kind of principle? Of works? No, but by the principle of faith."

Justification results in logistical grace blessing from God because God has found a way to bless us without compromise of His integrity.

In addition to the imputation of the righteousness of God the father, church age believers receive the positional righteousness of God the Son. 2Cor 5:21. NET note 40

This is positional righteousness of God the Son. Because of our union with Christ we share the righteousness of Christ. "He (God the Father) made Him (God the Son) who did not know sin to be sin as a substitute for us that in him we might become the righteousness of God " NET

The positional righteousness of God the Son provides a special category of divine blessing. In union with Christ we share the blessing of divine protection in the devil's world. This is divine protection for the purpose of fulfilling our personal sense of destiny. We are kept alive by logistical grace support so we can attain our personal sense of destiny.

This personal sense of destiny is attained by using power of the filling of the Spirit and power of metabolization of doctrine to execute the PPOG. God keeps us alive and protects us with a wall of fire so we may use our equal privilege and equal opportunity for this advance.

The two categories of capacity righteousness given at salvation are direct divine initiatives of grace. They belong to all believers weather they choose to take advantage of it and receive the conveyance of super grace blessing or fail to take advantage of it and fail to receive the conveyance of super grace blessing.

After salvation believers have the option of getting with the plan of God and growing in grace or not doing so. This is a potential for every believer to glorify God by fulfilling their very own unique spiritual life with their very own personal sense of destiny.

This option to grow in grace is an indirect divine initiative of grace. This grace is given to the believer who uses the spiritual skills. The believer's volition and God's sovereignty are both involved. The believer's response to this grace is called humility and is characterized by authority, doctrinal and grace orientation.

This is the grace that Paul refers to in 1Cor 15:10; Peter refers it in 2Pet 3:18;

In response to the divine initiative of both direct and indirect grace, the believer must establish values and make daily decisions for rebound, and the PMA of doctrine through the ten problem solving devices.

This category of capacity is classified as spiritual righteousness or experiential righteousness. It is called spiritual righteousness because it is capacity righteousness produced through the three spiritual skills: the filling of the Spirit, metabolized doctrine circulating in the stream of consciousness, and the function of ten problem solving devices on the FLOT line of the soul.

It is called experiential righteousness because it is the result of a continuous process related to the way we function and live in the spiritual life after salvation.

The spiritual life is fulfilled by our function in the three spiritual skills. God does not bless us beyond our capacity, and growing in grace by means of the spiritual skills is the only way to develop capacity.

This spiritual and experiential capacity righteousness is the opposite of the arrogance skills, where self-righteousness is parlayed into self-justification, self-justification is parlayed into self-deception, and self-deception is parlayed into self-absorption.

James 4:6; "God makes war against the arrogant believer but He gives grace to the humble believer." James 4:10; "Therefore, allow yourselves to be humbled before the Lord and He will promote you."

Luke 14:11; "Everyone who exalts himself (the arrogance skills) will be humbled (divine discipline), but he who humbles himself will be promoted."

1Pet 5:5-6; "God makes war against the arrogant believer but he gives grace to the humble believer. Therefore, allow yourselves to be humbled under the powerful hand of God that He may promote you at the proper time."

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