Class Notes: 2/6/2011

Capacity comes from compatibility with the integrity of God

In our study of capacity in the context of the doctrine of the integrity of God when we left off last time we were discussing the principle that spiritual and experiential capacity righteousness is the opposite of the arrogance skills, where self-righteousness is parlayed into self-justification, self-justification is parlayed into self-deception, and self-deception is parlayed into self-absorption. This is shown in the following scriptures:

James 4:6; "God makes war against the arrogant believer but He gives grace to the humble believer." James 4:10; "Therefore, allow yourselves to be humbled before the Lord and He will promote you."

Luke 14:11; "Everyone who exalts himself (the arrogance skills) will be humbled (divine discipline), but he who humbles himself will be promoted."

1Pet 5:5-6; "God makes war against the arrogant believer but he gives grace to the humble believer. Therefore, allow yourselves to be humbled under the powerful hand of God that He may promote you at the proper time."

Prov 16:18; "Arrogance precedes destruction; and before a fall there is a lifestyle of arrogance."

2Cor 10:18; "It is not he who promotes himself who is approved, but whom the Lord promotes."

Spiritual righteousness provides capacity for various categories of divine blessing in time. Spiritual righteousness is the capacity for the conveyance of escrow blessings in time.

Many believers have no capacity for blessing from God because they do not understand God's grace system where it is developed. When there is no capacity for divine blessing, it means the arrogance skills are in place and believers justify themselves, deceive themselves, and are completely self-absorbed.

Capacity righteousness for eternity is the righteousness given by God to every believer at the moment of resurrection as a part of ultimate sanctification. This is the capacity righteousness of the eternal state. No believer will ever have a bad moment in the eternal state. Rev 21:4;

Ultimate sanctification begins when the believer receives their resurrection body. 1Cor 15:53; There are two categories of life in the resurrection body: human life, given by God at physical birth, and eternal life, given by God when we are "born again" John 3:3,6;

The righteousness given to us at the exit resurrection or rapture of the Church will give us the capacity to enjoy all the blessings of eternity. 2Pet 3:13; "But on the basis of His promise (the divine promise for better things in the eternal state) we are looking forward with confidence to a new heavens and a new earth in which perfect righteousness lives."

This is revealed as an encouragement for having integrity in time because integrity is the capacity for blessing in time. In the Church Age, we have the best of everything God has to offer, thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Integrity is the key to happiness. Righteousness is the key to happiness. Both have to be and are provided by the grace of God.

The fact you are alive indicates to you that you have the baseline for happiness. You have the imputed righteousness of God and the security of the positional righteousness of Christ.

The wall of fire of positional righteousness guarantees the equal privilege and opportunity for every believer to execute to completion the PPOG for the church.

God is perfect and therefore, has perfect happiness. Nothing can make God unhappy. God's happiness is based on His capacity. His capacity is His perfect and eternal holiness, His perfect righteousness and justice. Since God is perfect and has absolute integrity, His happiness is coterminous with His perfect capacity righteousness.

God desired to share His happiness with mankind, so at salvation by grace through faith alone and TLJC alone, He gave His very own imputed righteousness as capacity for logistical grace blessing. He simultaneously entered us into union with Christ so that we share Christ's righteousness.

This establishes the baseline positional capacity for our advance to the point where we share the happiness of God experientially. During our life on earth as believers, we also have the option for the spiritual righteousness that comes from the use of three spiritual skills. When our function in the spiritual skills results in execution of the PPOG, we have the capacity to share the happiness of God.

Happiness and virtue cannot be separated. Through His grace policy, God has found a way to share His happiness with mankind by providing all of the capacity righteousness that is necessary.

Establishment virtue provides capacity for human freedom and happiness for unbelievers.

At salvation, two additional categories of God given righteousness provide capacity for blessing for the believer:

The imputed righteousness of the Father is the God-given capacity for logistical grace support and blessing to all believers so that every one has equal opportunity to execute the PPOG.

Positional righteousness of God the Son is the God given for the equal protection of all believers so they may have equal opportunity to execute the protocol plan of God while the live on the earth in time.

Experiential or spiritual righteousness is the God given opportunity given to all believers for the execution of the protocol plan of God and capacity for the greater grace blessings in time.

The perfect righteousness given to all believers at ultimate sanctification is the God given capacity for greater blessing with God in the eternal state forever.

Every category of God-given righteousness provides a capacity for true happiness both in time and in eternity. God never gives divine blessing beyond our capacity for blessing, except in the case of logistical grace from imputed righteousness and divine protection from positional righteousness. Every believer is sustained and protected by these two categories of righteousness.

Logistical grace and positional grace provide a foundation for true happiness because they sustain your life so that you can use your volition to choose for Bible doctrine.

Psa 16:11; "You will make known to me the path of life. In Your presence is fullness of happiness. At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore."

The spiritual skills are involved in knowing the path of life, that is the spiritual life.
We are in the presence of God we are in union with TLJC who is seated at the right hand of the Father.

Perfect happiness is the capacity in the eternal state for pleasures forevermore. There is no pleasure for the believer in this life apart from capacity.

Prov 3:13; "Happiness to the person who finds wisdom; even to the person who gains understanding." The filling of the Holy Spirit plus spiritual I.Q. plus Operation Z equals sharing the perfect happiness of God.

John 15:11; "I have taught you these things that My happiness may be in you, and that your happiness may be fulfilled."

All the New Testament teaching is directed toward giving believers integrity righteousness as the capacity for true happiness. Sharing the happiness of God is the basis for perfect environment and tranquility in the soul while living in the chaos of the devil's world.

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