Class Notes: 2/16/2011

Believers with a personal sense of destiny understand their place in God's plan and from that have the capacity to wait on the timing of God

In our study of the Personal Sense of Destiny and when we left off last time we were discussing the principle that Believers cannot glorify God by the function of human power because God's glory demands the use of divine power and requires being filled with all the fullness of God that starts with the filling of the Holy Spirit.

This means that a personal sense of destiny waits on the timing of God because it understands the principle that if God doesn't promote you, you are not promoted because the only success that counts is the execution of the protocol plan of God that results in the conveyance of escrow blessings for time.

The strategic victory of the unglorified humanity of Christ in the dispensation of the hypostatic union establishes precedence for this use of divine power for the execution of the protocol plan of God and the demonstration of the greatest awareness of a personal sense of destiny in all of human history. Matt 4:10; Heb 12:2;

Under the kenosis protocol, the humanity of Christ gave up the independent use of His own divine attributes in order to establish precedence for the function of the spiritual skills in the Church Age. Phil 2:5-8;

He used the power of the filling ministry of God the Holy Spirit. Isa 11:2; Isa 42:1; Matt 12:18; John 3:34; Luke 4:1,14; Heb 9:14;

This means that the humanity of Christ relied on the same power options and the same spiritual skills that are now available to every church age believer. The spiritual life that was used by the unglorified humanity of TLJC is the only precedence for the spiritual life of church age believers.

Church age believers use the same power and protocol that TLJC did but they have a different mission. Without understanding this concept church age believers cannot develop a personal sense of destiny. That means they cannot move from spiritual childhood to spiritual adulthood.

In hypostatic union, Our Lord's deity, possessed eternal, unchangeable glory, and He acquired eternal, unchangeable glory in His humanity through His function of the same three spiritual skills that are available to every church age believer today.

This means that the spiritual skills provide unlimited options for glorifying God under the same pattern of precedence established and proven by the humanity of Christ.

Our Lord demonstrated that the three spiritual skills could handle greater problems and pressures than we would ever face in life. More pressure was put on the humanity of Christ than was ever put on any other member of the human race and he never failed. Heb 4:15;

From the function of the three spiritual skills in his unglorified humanity, our Lord had a personal sense of destiny. From His personal sense of destiny came His personal love for God the Father. Our Lord's personal sense of destiny was demonstrated in all that He endured prior to going to and while hanging on the Cross.

He never reacted to any of the adversity he endured because of his personal sense of destiny. He understood why he had to suffer and he endured it willingly.

With this same divine power all Church Age believers have the option of either executing the PPOG for the Church and being filled with all the fullness from God as winners or becoming losers, who will not find happiness no matter what they posses, no matter where they live, or what they do or accomplish in this life Prov 27:20b; Eccles 1:8; Eccles 4:8;

The result of using this divine power and execution of the protocol plan of God is the life beyond gnosis, that is described in Eph 3:19; as being filled with all the fullness from God followed by Eph 3:20; with God being able to do infinitely more than all we ask for or think on the basis of the power that keeps on working in us.

Believers who have not established Bible doctrine as their highest priority in life do not have a personal sense of destiny and every time some lust pattern of the soul is satisfied through acquisitions related to some standard of success or form of stimulation, it is only going to increase their unhappiness.

From the personal sense of destiny comes the greatest problem solving devices of personal love for God the Father, impersonal love for all mankind, sharing the happiness of God, and occupation with Christ.

Church Age believers have a far greater power and spiritual life than ever existed prior to the dispensation of the hypostatic union or that will ever exist after the Church Age. The power is far greater than miracles; it is the equal privilege and opportunity to use the same power that Our Lord Jesus Christ used to maintain his impeccability in his unglorified humanity.

When believers realize that this power is available and they use it in their thinking it becomes part of their personal sense of destiny. Every Church Age believer has this limitless power available to change the course of history by using it to become an invisible hero.

This life beyond expectation is described as being over and beyond anything that we could ask for and over and beyond anything we could anticipate in our imagination.

This life beyond expectation comes from the offensive action through the function of the three spiritual skills, Eph 4:23-24; This life beyond expectation emphasizes the importance of the function of the two power options in the life of every believer.

As we have seen, this is the spiritual life that is the life beyond gnosis, Eph 3:19; and the life beyond expectation, Eph 3:20; Epignosis is this life beyond gnosis. Epignosis is the result of making Bible doctrine one's number one priority in life. On each side of epignosis is the key to your spiritual life.

On one side you have the filling of the Spirit, on the other side you have the problem solving devices deployed on the FLOT line of the soul: the filling of the Spirit plus the teaching ministry of God the Holy Spirit that creates epignosis plus the function of the problem solving devices equals the execution of the PPOG resulting in the glorification of God.

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