Class Notes: 2/20/2011

The personal sense of destiny comes from believing, understanding and using the unique spiritual assets given to every church age believer

In our study of the Personal Sense of Destiny and when we left off last time we were discussing the principle that Epignosis or Bible Doctrine that is believed, understood and available to be applied to one's experiences in life is the key to the spiritual life and it's power.

With the power options, on one side you have the filling of the Spirit, on the other side you have Bible Doctrine with it's problem solving devices deployed on the FLOT line of the soul: the filling of the Spirit plus the teaching ministry of God the Holy Spirit that creates epignosis plus the function of the problem solving devices equals the execution of the PPOG resulting in grace capacity and the glorification of God.

Eph 3:21; "to Him (God the Father) the glory by agency of the church and by agency of Christ Jesus with reference to all generations of this unique age of the ages. Amen (I believe it)"

The fulfillment of the spiritual life is the means of glorifying God. God is glorified by means of the Church when believers who comprise the church function in the life beyond gnosis and the life beyond expectation. The ultimate objective is to glorify God and one's awareness of this objective is established at the point of developing a personal sense of destiny.

The victory of the humanity of Christ fulfilled two great doctrinal concepts. There is the historical victory that establishes the precedence for the protocol of the Christian way of life that was pioneered and utilized by the humanity of Christ, and there is the eschatological victory for the humanity of Christ who as the son of David will return at the second Advent to fulfill the unconditional Davidic covenant to Israel.

The strategic victory of Christ paves the way for the Church Age believer to enter into the tactical victory of the spiritual life as they function in the same system that he used. The issue in every generation of the Church Age is volition and the desire to learn God's will, plan, and purpose for the believer's life, and having learned it to use it to glorify God.

The choice to learn and execute the protocol plan of God must come from the free volition of the believer. As believers learn Bible doctrine, the problem solving devices are developed in the soul. The problem solving devices become the basis for great blessing because they function in compatibility with the integrity of God.

They prevent the outside pressures of adversity from becoming the inside pressures of stress in the soul because the believer learns to trust God. Trust leads to confidence in God and then to personal love for God. Rom 5:8; 1John 4:19;

The PSD"s provide accurate and objective application of doctrine, they provide motivation and soul environment for the attainment of spiritual capacity righteousness, and they develop increasing motivation from having the right priorities and dispensationally accurate spiritual values.

The problem solving devices win the battle over the stress that comes from sin, false doctrine, and wrong solutions. In every generation of the Church age there are positive believers who make the decision to make Bible doctrine the number one priority in their lives.

These believers establish spiritual values through the application of metabolized doctrine to their experience. The FLOT line of their soul becomes the staging area for offensive action of the spiritual skills and becomes the basis for the most fantastic life God has ever made available to mankind.

The personal sense of destiny is parlayed from the believer's understanding of the uniqueness of the Church Age. It is related to the believer's awareness of the invisible assets that are a part of the divine initiative of antecedent grace in eternity past.

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