Class Notes: 2/27/2011

The personal sense of destiny only depends on assets that are provided by God.

In our study of the Personal Sense of Destiny when we left off last time we were discussing the principle that fear and the spiritual skills are mutually exclusive because fear replaces the spiritual skills and manufactures the believer who fails to advance in God's plan.

Instead of using the spiritual skills, the believer resorts to human solutions and sows to the wind and reaps the whirlwind, but the application of the problem solving devices eliminates fear from the soul through the function of the faith-rest drill, Psa 56:3; the personal sense of destiny, Psa 23:4; and virtue-love, 1John 4:8; 2Tim 1:7;

The personal sense of destiny is also related to the protocol plan of God because believers cannot have a personal sense of destiny unless they understand the plan of God. There can be no sense of destiny without a plan.

The plan is the predetermined course of events related to the protocol plan of God for the Church as it is related to the ministry and power of God the Holy Spirit who determines the course of those events. Phil 2:13; Phil 1:6;

A personal sense of destiny belongs to the believer who is consistent in the use of the power options and the spiritual skills. A personal sense of destiny assigns number one priority to the Bible doctrine that is the source and mechanics of the spiritual life.

Never before in history has God provided so much for the ordinary believer. God is perfect and His plan is perfect. We are helpless to fulfill God's plan without God's perfect power and provision.

The perfect plan of God is based on the divine policy of grace and functions only on divine power. The omnipotence of God provides everything necessary for the execution of the protocol plan for the Church through the use of the portfolio of invisible assets. The power for the execution of the plan is the filling of the Holy Spirit.

We have seen in our study on the PPOG that protocol is a rigid, long-established code and procedure, prescribing complete deference to superior rank and authority, followed by strict adherence to due order and precedence, coupled with precisely correct procedure.

The long-established code is God's system of equality for the Church Age that provides the opportunity for every believer as a member of the royal family of God to become a winner.

This means every believer has equal privilege and equal opportunity for the fulfillment of the plan. There is no such thing as inequality in the plan of God because God provides all of the resources equally through election and predestination.

Election is the expression of the sovereignty of God for every Church Age believer. Predestination is the provision of the sovereignty of God for every Church Age believer.

Under election all believers have equal privilege as members of the royal priesthood and equal opportunity under logistical grace because of the imputation of the perfect righteousness of God that demands blessing from God.

Under predestination all believers have equal privilege because every one is in union with Christ and equal opportunity because every one has been provided the same portfolio of invisible assets at the moment of salvation.

God's plan requires virtue as God's power. Virtue is the long-established procedure of God.

The code defines the divine mandates for the Church Age believer, while the procedure describes how these mandates are executed. The issue is the volition of the believer. The code is the spiritual life of the believer; while the procedure is the way the believer functions in the spiritual life.

The rigidity of the code is based on the fact that God has only one way of doing things. A right thing must be done in a right way for the right reason, at the right time to be right. This is clearly defined in the infallible word of God.

Under the protocol plan for the Church the end does not justify the means. Therefore, cause and effect, antecedent and procedure, means and end must comply with the divine standard of virtue that is mandated in the word of God.

This means that while God is able to do whatever He wills to do in the way that He wills it, divine power only functions under the perfect, eternal virtue of His holiness and in compatibility with His sovereignty plus the infinite wisdom of His omniscience.

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