Class Notes: 3/2/2011

A personal sense of destiny is oriented to God's plan, purpose and will

In our study of the Personal Sense of Destiny when we left off last time we were discussing the principle that the mandates of God define a procedure that when followed produce virtue that is compatible with the perfect integrity of God.

The protocol that is established by the mandates prescribes complete deference to superior rank and authority because the protocol plan of God has a system of authority that must be followed for the plan to be fulfilled. The system of authority begins in heaven in eternity past and extends into history under the laws of divine establishment, the Gospel, and the spiritual life.

The believer who is disoriented to authority cannot fulfill the protocol plan of God because the lack of authority orientation results in the function of the arrogance skills that are greatest distractions from the spiritual life.

Under the laws of divine establishment authority is defined as it relates to individuals, marriage, family, and the nation. The husband has authority over the wife, the parents over the children, government over the citizen, the teacher over the student, the coach over the team, management over labor, the officer over the enlisted, and the judicial system over the criminal.

The Gospel states that salvation is only by grace through faith alone in TLJC alone. Acts 4:9; Acts 16:31;

In the spiritual life the word of God has authority, the mandates of the Bible have authority over the believer, the pastor has authority in the local assembly, and in the function of the spiritual life, every believer as a royal priest has authority over their own soul through their own volition.

Protocol is strict adherence to due order and precedence because due order and precedence is the basis for establishing the right priorities in life that establish a true scale of values that is based on the Word of God.

Through the function of the power options and the spiritual skills, this precedence identifies and establishes six priorities related to the protocol plan of God.
In God's plan, Bible doctrine is first.
In God's authority, divine mandates are first.
In God's policy, grace is first.
In God's objective, momentum is first.
In God's system, virtue is first.
In God's purpose, occupation with Christ is first.

Due order and precedence also emphasizes the source of the spiritual life in the protocol plan of God. All precedence for the Christian way of life comes from the function of the unglorified humanity of our Lord Jesus Christ in the dispensation of the hypostatic union during his the first Advent

Due order and precedence stands as a wall between the believer and the Mosaic Law as far as the spiritual life is concerned. Rom 10:4;

The humanity of Christ used the three spiritual skills in the fulfillment of the Father's plan for the dispensation of the hypostatic union. Therefore the humanity of Christ pioneered the power options of the filling of the Spirit and the metabolization of Bible doctrine and spiritual skills during his time on this earth in unglorified humanity.

Protocol is strict adherence to due order and precedence. The function of the two power options and three spiritual skills results in a personal sense of destiny.

Protocol is precisely correct procedure that combines the function of the two power options to deploy the ten problem solving devices on the FLOT line of the soul.

Precisely correct procedure is persistent in the use of the three spiritual skills to execute the protocol plan of God.

A personal sense of destiny is related to cognition of the plan and power of God because it recognizes that God is able, and that God can do all that He wills to do, but that He may not will to do all He can do.

A personal sense of destiny never places unrealistic demands on God through magical thinking. God does not do anything contrary to His divine essence. Therefore God can never deny Himself. Anything that God promises the Church Age believer God will fulfill. This is the foundation of a personal sense of destiny.

God does not choose to do everything by the immediate agency of His own divine power because that would eliminate volition, instead, He delegates His divine power to intermediate agents, and every believer of the Church Age is an intermediate agent.

Here is where the functions of regenerate mankind enter into the picture historically under the function of human volition and the function of a personal sense of destiny.

At the moment of salvation the believer receives their very own portfolio of invisible assets that were prepared by God the Father in eternity past. The portfolio includes the availability of the omnipotence of God for the execution of the protocol plan of God.

The protocol plan of God is the greatest demonstration in history of the function of the Church Age believer in relationship to and use of divine power. The protocol plan of God provides each believer with two power options: the filling of the Holy Spirit and the power of God's word circulating in the stream of consciousness. Phil 4:13; Mark 13:31;

By combining the two power options the problem solving devices are deployed on the FLOT line of the soul. In this way the power of God brings the three spiritual skills into the life of every believer.

When the believer is aware of God's provision and consistently uses it through the application of the spiritual skills, the believer develops a personal sense of destiny.

Some key words the believer must understand in order to develop a personal sense of destiny include:

Grace. A personal sense of destiny depends on the grace provision of divine power in eternity past and the grace utilization of that divine power in time.

Cognition. A personal sense of destiny requires cognition of the Bible doctrine related to the unique dispensation of the Church.

Priority. A personal sense of destiny assigns number one priority in life to the PMA of Bible doctrine. We are nothing without Bible doctrine.

Volition. The issue in life is volition. The issue is not environment or circumstances. God's power is deployed when the believer's volition lines up with the integrity of God and the mandates of the protocol plan. The sooner you learn to take the responsibility for your own decisions, the sooner you grow up.

Function. A personal sense of destiny demands the function of the three spiritual skills on a consistent basis as the only means of executing the protocol plan of God and becoming a winner believer who glorifies God as an invisible hero.

Power. A personal sense of destiny lives by the power and grace provision of God rather than the function of human dynamics, arrogance skills, power lust, or motivation of the OSN.

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