Class Notes: 6/22/2011

The believer in Spiritual Self Esteem has the Problem Solving Devices arrayed on the defensive perimeter of their soul

In our study of suffering last time we saw that occupation with TLJC is the ultimate solution for suffering that is described by David in Psa 23:4; and Paul in Phil 1:20-21;

Life has many things that we must do for ourselves. The most basic of these is that no one can live our life for us and no one can die for us. In both living and dying, we are alone in our decisions but as a believer, Christ is always with us weather we know it from metabolized doctrine in the soul or not. Rom 8:38-39; Heb 13:5-6;

There are certain aspects of living we must do alone, like suffering, feeling pain, making our own decisions, thinking your own thoughts, establishing our own priorities, and eventually doing our own dying.

No one can die for you; you must do your own dying. No one can bear your pain; you must bear your own pain. No one can make your decisions for you, you must make your own decisions.

You have to live by your own standards in these situations, you cannot look to someone else and try to copy or emulate them because you don't have their doctrine. Every believer must develop their own self esteem and autonomy from their own doctrine.

In the learning of how to live and how to die the key to happiness is revealed. You can have tranquility, happiness and blessing in suffering as well as in prosperity. The only way to be on top of life in both adversity and prosperity is to have the doctrinal viewpoint of spiritual maturity.

The fact that one is a Christian does not imply that they have the slightest idea as to how to live and how to die.

Because this requires the understanding what the word of God reveals regarding the portfolio of invisible assets, the mechanics of the protocol plan of God and all that is included in what God has provided for every believer to have a fascinating and wonderful life while living in the chaos and uncertainty of the devil's world that is described as being "exceedingly abundantly above all we could ever ask or imagine."

This principle is stated in Prov 19:8; "He who gets wisdom loves his own soul." Here is spiritual self-esteem. "He who keeps understanding will prosper." see Net note 25,26

Remember wisdom is Bible doctrine that is ready and available to be deployed in any circumstance of life.

You not only have to learn the doctrine, but you have to keep or guard it. You guard doctrine by establishing a priority of hearing and learning doctrine every day.

This verse helps us to understand that spiritual self-esteem is the point where God begins to bring us into the categories of undeserved suffering for blessing with the objective of advancing us in his plan into our lives so this brings us to the Doctrine of Spiritual Self Esteem.

We have seen that there are three categories of spiritual adulthood; spiritual self-esteem characterized by cognitive self-confidence, the beginning of effective function of the ten problem solving devices of the protocol plan of God for the Church.

Followed by spiritual autonomy, that is characterized by cognitive independence and the continuation of effective function of the ten problem solving devices of the protocol plan of God followed by spiritual maturity, that is characterized by cognitive invincibility and corresponds to the maximum effective function of the problem solving devices for the protocol plan of God.

God designed the problem solving devices so that you would only be dependent on the Word of God metabolized and circulating in the seven categories of your own stream of consciousness.

You were never designed to depend upon counseling, advice from others, or in any way use someone else as a support or crutch.

As a member of the royal family of God, your perception, metabolization and application of Bible doctrine determines your ability to deal with every stress, every problem, every adversity, every area of suffering or prosperity in life, and to handle these things without leaning on any one except the Bible doctrine that has been inculcated into your soul by our mentor and teacher, God the Holy Spirit.

Spiritual self-esteem has a contentment that becomes spiritual capacity for life, love, and happiness in every circumstance of life. This includes any stress, disaster, calamity, and pain and suffering that all of us have at some point in our life on this planet in the devil's world.

Because of maximum understanding of the ten problem solving devices, you have professionalism. Humility is the base for the Christian way of life where the believer learns to be a professional by learning mechanics of the Christian way of life.

This includes the mechanics related to your very own unique portfolio of invisible assets, the mechanics related to the ten problem solving devices, and the mechanics related to every thing that God has provided for every believer in the dispensation of the Church.

This professionalism demands integrity that only comes from the application of Bible Doctrine.

The resultant mental stability from the circulation of metabolized doctrine in the stream of consciousness is characterized by courage, poise, composure and self-confidence. This poise and self-confidence is established in humility, that is the basis of professionalism and integrity.

Spiritual self esteem is the result of the deployment of personal love for God the Father, impersonal love for all mankind, and occupation with Christ on the FLOT line of the soul.

Occupation with Christ replaces self-consciousness and preoccupation with self. Therefore, you meet stress, not in preoccupation with self, not in fear or complaining and whining, but through the principle of occupation with Christ.

Impersonal love for all mankind replaces preoccupation with people.

The sharing of the happiness of God replaces one's focus on things that is a part of the lust pattern of the sin nature with focus on God as the source of everything results in tranquility and contentment.

Doctrinal orientation in spiritual self-esteem includes the maintenance of humility, without which there is no authority orientation in life

Spiritual self-esteem avoids inordinate ambition and inordinate competition because it knows that all true promotion only comes from the Lord and it does not want the false promotion that is offered by the cosmic system that keeps us from being in the right place at the right time.

Spiritual self-esteem develops spiritual common sense and good judgment that is related to the divine viewpoint of life.

It has the correct and accurate application of Bible doctrine through the two advanced problem solving devices of personal love for God the Father and impersonal love for all mankind. Correct application of doctrine in spiritual self-esteem destroys any distortion or attempt at self-justification.

In spiritual self-esteem divine viewpoint replaces human viewpoint so that the believer has the same mindset of humility that Christ had. Phil 2:5-7;

The result is that good decisions from a position of strength replace bad decisions from a position of weakness because the believer has the courage to allow themselves to be humbled 1Pet 5:6a and the patience to wait on the Lord. Isa 40:31; for God's timing in their promotion. 1Pet 5:6b;

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