Class Notes: 8/14/2011

Believers in Spiritual Self Esteem are the basis for the formation of the middle class in the client nation

In our study of Spiritual Self Esteem, last time we left off with the principle that since God provided our escrow blessings in eternity past, no genetic or environmental handicap can keep us from receiving them.

Only negative volition can do that, and that has nothing to do with genetics or environment. God does not make an issue of handicaps.

You're never to think of yourself in any other way except as a member of the royal family of God. Therefore, you have no right to penalize yourself through feelings of inadequacy, nor do you have the right to try to make anyone else feel inadequate.

While genetics and environment can provide incentive for good or evil, failure or success, weakness or strength, they are not the cause of any of these things. We must distinguish between incentive and cause.

In our position in union with Christ there is no such thing as an inferior or superior race, culture, or mentality because God has provided each of us the same equal opportunity and the same portfolio of invisible assets. Gal 3:28-29;

Genetic and environmental handicaps may be an excuse or an incentive for the weak, but they never cause the failure. The source of failure is always volition. Temptation may be a motivation, but volition is always the source of sin.

The portfolio of invisible assets replaces any genetic, environmental, or even volitional handicaps of the past. The believer in spiritual self-esteem recognizes this and acquires a personal sense of destiny that overrides all past failures and feelings of inadequacy.

People with feelings of inadequacy inevitably make wrong applications of right doctrine.

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