Class Notes: 8/21/2011

The virtue love of spiritual self esteem provides the believer with absolute confident expectation from God in every circumstance of life

In our study of spiritual self esteem last time we left off with the principle that because of it's doctrinal viewpoint, spiritual self-esteem never feels threatened by any situation in life.

There is no excuse for any believer to have inordinate ambition, inordinate competition, or need to control others because God is our source, people and circumstances are not.

This means that spiritual self-esteem solves the problem of relationships in life.

Our relationship with God is resolved by the motivational virtue of personal love for God and occupation with Christ as the true self-motivation of life.

Our relationship with self is resolved by the advance from spiritual self esteem to spiritual maturity.

Our relationship with others is resolved by the functional virtue of unconditional impersonal integrity love for all mankind.

Spiritual self-esteem solves the problem of emphasis and perspective in the protocol plan of God, Wrong emphasis and perspective usually has to do with works and or emotion. 1Cor 13:1-3,8;

True emphasis and perspective has to do with objective reality that is related to grace and truth. If doctrine is not your number one priority, you will not survive undeserved suffering for blessing.

Spiritual self-esteem solves the problem of personality identification and niche orientation that is addressed in Phil 4:11-13; 1Tim 6:6-8; and Heb 13:5-6;

Spiritual self-esteem must have virtue and integrity to avoid arrogance. Since the environment of spiritual self- esteem is virtue-love, virtue-love produces the integrity for the function of spiritual self-esteem.

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