Class Notes: 9/18/2011

The Word of God leads the believer in spiritual self esteem to their unique niche in life where they find happiness and contentment

In our continuing study of spiritual self esteem we left off last time with the principle that many believers have destroyed their capacity for life, love, happiness, or their potential in the Christian life by trying to imitate someone they admire rather than learning the doctrine and applying for themselves in the privacy of their priesthood.

Finding self is based on normal advance to spiritual self-esteem based on personal love for God from maximum metabolized doctrine in the stream of consciousness. Your personality must relate to your own portfolio of invisible assets and the protocol plan of God.

You will never discover yourself until you discover the One who imputed soul life to you at birth and the One who gave you eternal salvation at the point of faith in Christ.

There is no such thing as a standardized spiritual personality. Spirituality manifests itself in many personalities. God uses and blesses all types of personalities. God does not put believers through a personality "cookie cutter".

Spiritual self-esteem overcomes the various personality flaws that we may be subject to and replaces them with contentment and a sense of destiny, personality identification and niche attainment.

Spiritual self-esteem enables the believer to find their niche in life. We live in a time when many young people do not know what they want to do in life. It all stems from the fact that people are not aware of themselves and their limitations, and what the secret to true success in life is.

With spiritual self-esteem you'll learn to know who God is and to love Him, and then you'll discover your own personality. With spiritual self-esteem, you take your own personality through every circumstance of prosperity, pressure, adversity, and do it all to the glory of God through the function of the spiritual life.

Personality identification relates to niche orientation. The word "niche" is derived from the Latin word meaning nest. It is defined as a place, condition or a status suitable to the capabilities and abilities of a unique individual.

It is not a slot in life, but a nest, which is built from many strands of truth. The believer's niche is composed of many strands from his portfolio prepared by God in eternity past.

When the nest is finished it includes spiritual self-esteem, capacity for life, contentment and happiness in any and every circumstance in life.

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