Class Notes: 10/2/2011

The lifestyle of wisdom part 1

In the concluding part of our study of spiritual self esteem last time we were discussing some characteristics of spiritual self-esteem. Picking up where we left off.

Spiritual self-esteem is built from thinking metabolized doctrine in the soul's stream of consciousness. Spiritual self-esteem under pressure exhibits dynamic poise from the faith function of the problem solving devices of the protocol plan of God.

Believers in spiritual self-esteem inevitably receive blessing and happiness from all three categories of relationship in life.

Their primary focus is their relationship with God through his word. This leads to the humility that is necessary for relationships people and the integrity and professionalism that is necessary for one's relationship with self and leads the believer to a lifestyle of wisdom and happiness. Jer 15:16; Psa 119:103;

This brings us to a study of the lifestyle of Wisdom that is the result of the believer reaching spiritual self-esteem.

The lifestyle of wisdom emphasizes the believer's relationship with God over their relationship with people.

Unfortunately, the present trend in Christianity is to emphasize the believer's experience with people as taking precedence over the believer's experience or relationship with God.

This erroneous emphasis results in a belief that if you're right in your relationship with people, you're right in your relationship with God. This was the error made in the Garden after the man and woman had committed the original sin.

This was the first sign of their spiritual death. Knowing they were naked, they clothed themselves with fig leaves, adjusted to each other hoping that everything was all right. The assumption was destroyed when our Lord came in the Garden and they had to hide themselves.

In God's system, spiritual self-esteem with its personal love for God precedes spiritual autonomy, with its impersonal love for all mankind.

As members of the royal family we have been born again and given eternal life.

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