Class Notes: 10/9/2011

Believers with the lifestyle of wisdom understand that they are secured by God's Holiness

In our study of the lifestyle of wisdom last time saw that three of the divine attributes that must be understood by every believer before the personal love of spiritual self-esteem can be attained are God's sovereignty, God's love, and God's omniscience.

We saw that the sovereignty of God is defined as His infinite, eternal, immutable, perfect divine volition. In human history, the sovereignty of God and the free will of man coexist by divine decree under the permissive will of God

The sovereignty of God is related to the personality of God. Personality includes self-consciousness and self-determination. God recognizes Himself as a person eternally and infinitely. As such, He functions with perfect integrity, virtue, and rationality.

Believers in spiritual self-esteem function with integrity and rationality even before they encounter problems in relationship with self or others because of their persistent function inside the PPOG. Gal 5:22-23;

God is infinite personality. His perfect holiness and virtue combine with His sovereign self-determination to define His purpose, His design, and the function of the portfolio of invisible assets in eternity past as well as the protocol plan of God in time.

The sovereignty of God is related to His infinity. Infinity means that God is without boundary or limitation. He unites in Himself those perfections that belong to His person and to His character. Therefore, God cannot be complicated by ignorance or absurdities.

This means that mankind cannot superimpose the silliness and stupidity that come from being finite creatures on God. This idea is expressed in Rom 9:20-21;

God's sovereignty cannot sin. He cannot tempt, solicit or condone sin, human good, or evil. Divine motivation in the function of His sovereignty in history is for His own glory to which He has an eternal right.

Jesus Christ controls history. Col 1:17; Heb 1:3; There are disasters but no tragedies in history apart from the negative volition of mankind. Rom 8:28; 2Cor 4:15;

Man by man's own free volition brings himself to tragedies, but in reality in so doing he is simply following the normal function of the law of volitional responsibility toward negative volition.

God recognizes His own glory and claims it in the interest of absolute truth. The lifestyle of wisdom begins with the glory of God and leads to the glorification of God.

Bible doctrine is absolute truth John 17:17; and the lifestyle of wisdom is the application of metabolized doctrine. Rom 1:17; This means that you must learn about the glory of God before you can glorify God. 2Thes 3:1;

Infinity characterizes all that God does. This includes the function of His sovereign will, the function of His love, His omniscience, His policy of grace, and how it works and how it doesn't work.

In his policy toward mankind, Divine infinity is intensive. This means his policy does the maximum with whoever believes in TLJC and comes to epignosis of the truth. 1Tim 2:4; 1Cor 1:21-24; 2Cor 5:18-21;

He directs infinite energy toward all who believe. Eph 1:19;

Under the lifestyle of wisdom, God has provided a way for believers to have this spiritual energy that is stabilized in the soul of the believer with spiritual self-esteem.

The infinity of God is related to His sovereignty, His self-existence, His immutability, and His integrity or holiness.

The infinity of God as related to His self-existence means there never was a time when God did not have perfect spiritual self-esteem. He is aware of His self-existence, and He sees it in its true, eternal, infinite perspective.

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