Class Notes: 10/12/2011

Believers with the lifestyle of wisdom rest in the security of their relationship with God

In our study of the lifestyle of wisdom we are looking at the attributes of God that address his creatures. Last time we saw that God is intensive in his work toward mankind. We see this principle in Rom 8:31-32;

This means that He directs infinite energy toward all who believe. Eph 1:19;

Under the lifestyle of wisdom, God has provided a way for believers to have this spiritual energy that is stabilized in the soul of the believer with spiritual self-esteem.

The infinity of God is related to His sovereignty, His self-existence, His immutability, and His integrity or holiness.

The infinity of God as related to His self-existence means there never was a time when God did not have perfect spiritual self-esteem. He is aware of His self-existence, and He sees it in its true, eternal, infinite perspective.

His immutability is described by "Jesus Christ in Heb 13:8; as being the same yesterday, today, and forever." God the Father and God the Holy Spirit are also immutable and unchangeable.

God's integrity or holiness refers to His integrity or virtue that is established in his perfect righteousness and justice and expressed in His virtue-love as a problem-solving device.

Remember it is the unchanging holiness and integrity of God that provides the power to secure us. 1Pet 1:2-5; Mal 3:6;

The sovereignty of God is also related to your portfolio of invisible assets because the sovereignty of God provided the escrow blessings along with the assets of election and predestination.

The highest manifestation of God's grace is provided with election and predestination.

Equal privilege under election is your very own priesthood with its equal opportunity that is made possible by your logistical grace support.

Equal privilege under predestination is union with Christ, becoming members of the royal family of God and the provision of the operational divine power system that functions under the protocol plan.

Since spiritual self-esteem requires undeserved suffering in addition to metabolized doctrine God has provided providential preventative suffering for blessing to provide the momentum necessary to advance the believer into spiritual autonomy.

In spiritual autonomy, with the full package of virtue-love deployed as a problem-solving device the believer can pass momentum testing. The advance through momentum testing requires the deployment of the problem-solving devices of occupation with the person of Christ and impersonal love for all mankind. John 13:34;

With the attainment of spiritual maturity God's grace again provides the suffering for blessing of evidence testing that is the highest honor that God can provide for any Church Age believer. Acts 1:8; Phil 1:29;

In addition to all of this, the sovereignty of God also provides a spiritual gift for every member of the royal family of God for their function as a royal ambassador.

God is sovereign so His love is self-motivated and totally compatible with His divine essence. Since God is eternal and infinite His love is therefore eternal and infinite.

In a previous study we have seen that God has three categories of love. He has love for self that is His spiritual self-esteem, love for the other members of the Trinity, and the new category of Love that he invented to solve the problem of fallen creatures; impersonal love for creatures that results in the provision of our salvation.

Problem solving must occur when perfect Holy God deals with imperfect depraved creatures so God has impersonal love toward creatures. His impersonal love has been directed toward angels since the fall of Satan, and toward mankind since the fall of Adam.

God's impersonal integrity love is expressed in:

John 3:16; "God so loved the world that He gave His uniquely born Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life."

Rom 5:8; But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

This is God's impersonal love toward man who is not only spiritually dead but is also in a state of total depravity and total separation from God.

During human history when anyone believes in Christ, he receives the perfect righteousness of God, and that's when the Father, Son, and Spirit establish a personal love for that individual. 2Cor 5:21; because of the imputed righteousness of God.

There is no emotion in God's perfect love. We must not superimpose our emotions on God because that's not part of our relationship with Him. How we feel has nothing to do with our spiritual status. A believer can feel terrible and be a mature spiritual functioning under the filling ministry of God the Holy Spirit.

God's love cannot increase and does not diminish. God's love cannot be changed or altered by human success or failure. God's love exists with or without an object. This means that God's love is not sustained by rapport, attraction, human merit, or spiritual worthiness.

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