Class Notes: 10/16/2011

The lifestyle of wisdom is enabled by the understanding of how God secured his relationship with mankind

Prov 9:10; The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, And the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.

In our study of the lifestyle of wisdom, when we finished last time we were looking at the system that God uses to establish personal love with the believer.

During human history anyone who believes in Christ receives the perfect righteousness of God, and that's when the Father, Son, and Spirit establish a personal love for that individual. 2Cor 5:21; because of the imputed righteousness of God.

This means that there is no emotion in God's perfect love. We must not superimpose our emotions on God because that's not part of our relationship with Him. How we feel has nothing to do with our spiritual status. A believer can feel terrible and be a mature spiritual functioning under the filling ministry of God the Holy Spirit.

God's love cannot increase and does not diminish. God's love cannot be changed or altered by human success or failure. God's love exists with or without an object. This means that God's love is not sustained by rapport, attraction, human merit, or spiritual worthiness.

God's love is free from any patronizing influence of mankind. No one can patronize or bribe God with anything because God's love is compatible with his perfect holiness.

God's personal love is only targeted to his own righteousness and his impersonal love is directed toward fallen creatures only because everyone's sins were judged in TLJC on the cross resulting in God's holiness being satisfied. Rom 5:8; 1John 2:2;

Omniscience is God's knowledge about creation, what is actual and possible. God knows perfectly, eternally, and simultaneously all that is knowable, both the actual and the possible. Therefore, there's no limit to the knowledge of God about His creatures.

Since God is infinite, His knowledge is infinite. Since God is eternal, His knowledge is eternal. Since God is sovereign, His knowledge is superior and in control at all times.
God not only knows our every thought, motive, decision, and action, but He also knows what we could have thought or decided or done.

He knows down to the last generation of the Millennium what would have happened and all its repercussions if any factor in your life would have been different.

Paul discusses the lifestyle of wisdom. in Eph 1:17; "in order that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of Glory, may give you a lifestyle of wisdom and revelation about Him (God the Father) through metabolized doctrine."

In verse 18 he goes on to say that the lifestyle of wisdom requires the understanding and utilization of the portfolio of invisible assets that make up part of the inheritance.

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