Class Notes: 11/23/2011

The lifestyle of wisdom enjoys the happiness of God in all circumstances of life

In our study of the lifestyle of wisdom we left off with the idea that spiritual autonomy removes the tendency of the weak attempting to control the strong, a phenomenon that pervades the devil's world and can be seen in every area of life.

This is because the believers in spiritual autonomy are in total command of themselves and have absolute confidence in God so they have no need to control others. They know that God is in control of all things all of the time.

The Greek word "autonomia" that is translated "autonomy" means to live under one's own laws so that one is independent whether in a situation of slavery, freedom, disaster or prosperity.

This independence in life is established by one's dependence on doctrine. It is a system of thinking that never fails because it is the thinking of Bible doctrine that is the same as the thinking of TLJC.

It is the status of being independent, free, and self-directed. Autonomy also refers to the sovereignty of reason in morals and in self-determination. Spiritual autonomy is the dynamic status that results when the cognitive self-confidence of spiritual self-esteem advances through providential preventative suffering.

Once providential preventative suffering has been passed the believer will have self-control, self-restraint, poise, and self-regulation. This means that if you're alone, you're not lonely or if you're in a crowd, you can be sociable because you can handle any situation at any time because you are in continuous fellowship with TLJC.

Believers with spiritual autonomy are in command of themselves from metabolized doctrine that establishes the control of their thinking life.

With command of self, the believer has better communication with others resulting in better relationships with others. The combined restraints of humility and impersonal love remove possessiveness and abnormal competitiveness with others mentally, socially, and spiritually.

Spiritual autonomy is described in Eph 3:17; as "Christ being at home in your hearts (the right lobe of the soul) by means of faith (Bible doctrine)".

This provides the believer with the capacity to deal with the categories of momentum testing that when passed results in the believer becoming spiritually mature.

In maturity the believer reaches a peak of capacity for happiness, as a result of combining spiritual autonomy with momentum testing that results in the believer learning that they can be happy regardless of their circumstances. Phil 4:11-13;

At this point the believer has the highest contentment that is possible in this life. It means that no matter what your circumstances, you are content because you have the perfect happiness of God that comes from the recall of metabolized doctrine.

This means you're free from the rat race of competing with others. You aren't threatened by the superiority of others. You're perfectly and totally content and happy with your situation in life without regard to weather it is highly regarded or not.

Because of the wisdom that comes from ability to think doctrine believers in spiritual maturity have great mental stability.

Natural human intelligence is not a factor in this because spiritual intelligence. is provided by the grace apparatus for perception that when used results in wisdom.

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