Class Notes: 12/4/2011

The lifestyle of wisdom utilizes God's grace to become stabilized inside God's power system

In our continuing study of the lifestyle of wisdom, last time we saw that God uses the tests of suffering for blessing to provide momentum for the lifestyle of wisdom and as the believer deploys the mind of Christ, God is glorified because Christ is being magnified in the believer's body. Phil 1:20-21;

This is the final step in the sequence is shown in the "5 M's" of the believer's function in Bible Doctrine under the mentorship of God the Holy Spirit.

Masticate: The believer receives Bible Doctrine from the communication of the Pastor.

Metabolize: The Doctrine is processed under God the Holy Spirit's teaching.

Manufacture; The thinking of TLJC is formed in the believer.

Manifest: The believer re-presents TLJC as they deploy the Doctrine in their life.

Magnify: Christ is Magnified in the believer's body by that deployment.

God uses the successive categories of testing as opportunities for believers to magnify him by their application of doctrine during their life in time.

The believer in spiritual self-esteem goes through providential preventative suffering to reach spiritual autonomy, 2Cor 12:7-10;

The believer in spiritual autonomy goes through momentum testing to reach spiritual maturity.

The believer in spiritual maturity who passes the cross examination of evidence testing glorifies God to the maximum.

These categories of suffering are designed to be a blessing from God for the advancing believer because they are the venue for the deployment of his grace.

Having faced the greatest contingencies of life under both adversity and prosperity the mature believer has reached the peak of blessing because the combination of adversity from suffering for blessing and prosperity from escrow blessing brings the mature believer to the apex of the lifestyle of wisdom.

Contradictions cannot exist in the lifestyle of wisdom. Contradictions are caused by sin, or ignorance that results in the misapplication of doctrine and living in the cosmic system.

God's protocol plan is perfect. This means that any imperfections and failures in life originate entirely from the believer's negative volition. The lifestyle of wisdom has a minimum amount of negative volition and soul stress from the failure to apply metabolized doctrine to life.

The protocol plan of God was designed to be lived under the mentorship of God the Holy Spirit inside the operational power sphere that God conveyed to the church that first Pentecost in 33AD 10 days after Jesus' ascension.

That was when the power demonstrated in the great power experiment of the hypostatic union was deployed into its operational phase in the Church Age.

God the Father prefabricated this power system in eternity past and when it is used it results in the elimination of contradictions in life.

Believers choose to reside, function, and continue momentum inside God's power system or choose to return to cosmic system that results in the contradiction of a lifestyle of apostasy, reversionism, and moral or immoral degeneracy.

This results in the believer becoming loser and a contradiction to the protocol plan of God, and therefore a contradiction to the lifestyle of wisdom.

In order to reside in God's power system believers cannot be in a state of ignorance. You have to know how to persist in God's power system, you have to know how to recognize when you're in the cosmic system and you have to know how to be restored to God's power system.

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