Class Notes: 12/11/2011

The lifestyle wisdom requires awareness of how to maintain one's position inside the PPOG

In our continuing study of the lifestyle of wisdom, last time we were discussing the idea that believers cannot be in a state of ignorance if they are going to reside in God's power system.

This because they have to know how to persist in God's power system, they have to know how to recognize when they are in the cosmic system and they have to know how to be restored to God's power system.

It's very important to understand how we enter the cosmic system, because the lifestyle of wisdom demands that we know our situational status at all times.

We must know how to properly handle our failures so that we allow God through his grace to convert our failures into His victories to his glory and our benefit. Heb 4:16;

Church Age believers must be able to account for their motives, thoughts, decisions and actions in the terms of the absolute standards of God's word and relate them to life on a daily basis.

The protocol plan of God has its own technical vocabulary that comprises its own language based on the original languages of the Scripture. This vocabulary and language are acquired through the consistent metabolization of doctrine under the mentorship of God the Holy Spirit.

Believers fail when they don't recognize their own ignorance of this doctrine. 2Cor13:5;

This means the believer's highest priority is the perception, metabolization, and application of Bible doctrine that results in cognition. You learn and apply doctrine in your relationship with God, in relationship to yourself, and to the circumstances around you.

This means the awareness and use of the assets of election and predestination and the awareness at all times that you have equal privilege and equal opportunity to have a lifestyle of wisdom no matter what has happened or is happening in your life.

The necessity of accounting for your own life in definable terms means you must understand when you are failing and when you are succeeding.

This means that believers should be able to understand what's going on in their life at any time. They are not to be dependent upon counseling from others because they learn directly from the communication gift of pastor-teacher and then apply it to themselves before the Lord in the privacy of the priesthood. Eph 4:11-13;

Just as human beings are born without knowledge, without language and are therefore incapable of thought, so the believer is born again without spiritual language, without a spiritual vocabulary, and without knowledge about God or His plan. Rom 3:10-11;

This means that the believer must acquire the lifestyle of wisdom through daily perception metabolization, and application of Bible doctrine in every circumstance of life.

The lifestyle of wisdom cannot be executed through the thinking, counseling, bullying, coercion, or influence of another believer because it requires self-motivation.

Every church age believer is a royal priest and the priesthood is designed to function autonomously. This means you cannot think, be motivated, make decisions, solve problems, or function through the advice, counseling, or flattery from someone else.

There is communication in human relationships, but the lifestyle of wisdom demands that the believer as a royal priest, live their own life as unto the Lord.

The lifestyle of wisdom is designed for you to have the necessary resources in your own soul of Bible doctrine to meet the problems, exigencies, and blessings of life.

The privacy of the royal priesthood provides freedom for the function of positive volition toward the doctrine that is communicated by the gift of pastor-teacher so that you learn the information necessary to fulfill and execute God's plan for your life.

No believer can advance in the spiritual life on the basis of the doctrine that is resident in the soul of another believer. Every royal priest must advance on the content of doctrine in his own soul.

Every believer must learn to master the problem solving devices because every believer-priest must learn to solve his own problems with God's power using God's power system.

This starts with the problem solving devices of spiritual childhood that include rebound and the categories of the faith-rest drill.

And advances in spiritual adulthood with the additional problem solving devices of hope, virtue love, happiness and occupation with TLJC.

Believers must use the tools that in their own soul and available to them at their place in the spiritual life in order to fulfill the protocol plan of God and become spiritually self-sustaining.

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