Class Notes: 1/8/2012

God the Holy Spirit empowers the spiritual life of the Christocentric dispensations

In our continuing study of the great power demonstrations that began with our Lord's first advent, last time we saw that what makes the great power demonstration possible in the church age believer is the second birth that creates the human spirit that is the basis of the believer's relationship with God.

This is relationship is not a function of human feelings or emotion. The emotions do not belong to the human spirit; they belong to the human soul.

Believers are not saved or spiritual because of how they feel. Emotions are not spiritual phenomena; they are part of the soul's response. Emotions are designed for our normal living when subordinated to proper thinking, but they are not part of the spiritual life.

All perception of Bible doctrine and renovation of the thinking occur under the teaching ministry of God the Holy Spirit to the human spirit of regenerate mankind.

Job 32:8; "But it is the spirit of man and the Spirit of the Almighty that gives understanding."
Rom 8:16; "The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God."

God the Holy Spirit empowers the divine dynasphere of the Christocentric dispensations that started with the birth of TLJC and the prototype divine dynasphere that is followed by the Church Age and the operational divine dynasphere.

We have seen that from birth our Lord's humanity occupied the prototype divine dynasphere by his function in the filling of the Spirit, basic doctrinal problem solving, enforced and genuine humility, perception and application of metabolized doctrine, spiritual self-esteem, spiritual autonomy, momentum testing, and spiritual maturity.

The operational divine dynasphere operates in the same way. The two divine dynaspheres are identical the only difference is who occupies them. Jesus Christ or the Church Age believer. In both cases the omnipotence of God the Holy Spirit is the enabling power.

God the Father invented the prototype divine dynasphere to sustain the humanity of Christ during His First Advent. The prototype divine dynasphere is the model of the operational-type divine dynasphere used by Church Age believers who are in fellowship with God the Holy Spirit.

Only a few believers in the Old Testament had power available from God the Holy Spirit but in the Church Age all believers have the same power available to them.

John 3:34; "For He (Jesus Christ) whom God (God the Father) has sent, He communicates the proclamations from God; for He (God the Father) gives the Spirit (Holy Spirit) without limitation."

Inside the divine dynasphere, there is no limitation on the omnipotence of God the Holy Spirit during our Lord's incarnation. Inside the divine dynasphere is the place of the filling of the Spirit. The same is true in our dispensation, Acts 2:4;NET

John the Baptist, the herald of the King, was said to be filled with the Spirit from the exit of his mother's womb, Luke 1:15,KJV the words translated "while yet" is the translation of the Greek word "ek" that means "from" or at his birth it follows that Jesus Christ was filled with the Holy Spirit from the point of the virgin birth, John 3:34.

Our Lord advanced and matured both physically and spiritually in the divine dynasphere, Luke 2:40;

He advanced through each stage of spiritual adulthood and through suffering, Heb 2:10,18; Heb 5:8;

He continued residing in the prototype divine dynasphere under the enabling power of the Spirit and momentum from metabolized doctrine. Therefore, He relied on the omnipotence of God the Holy Spirit in the execution of the Father's plan for the great power demonstration of the Hypostatic Union.

Matt 4:1, "Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the desert to be tested by the devil." The Spirit led him to the place of evidence testing because He was spiritually mature.

Luke 4:14, "Jesus returned to Galilee in the power of the Spirit." This documents our Lord's continual reliance on the Spirit in the prototype divine dynasphere.

Just before His ascension, our Lord prophesied regarding the extension of the great power demonstration of the Hypostatic Union into the Church Age.

Acts 1:8; "You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you (all)."

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