Class Notes: 2/5/2012

The advantages that Church Age believers have is because of their union with Christ

In our study of the uniqueness of the Church Age when we left off last time we were discussing the implications of the Church Age believer's union with our Lord Jesus Christ. We saw that this union means we share his eternal life, his righteousness, his election, his destiny, his heirship and his priesthood.

Our union with Christ establishes an equality that cannot exist in any other way. The only real "equality" that exists anywhere is the equality in the Church that is created among believers in Jesus Christ at the moment of salvation because all believers in Jesus Christ were entered into union with Him at the moment of their salvation.

Therefore, all Church Age believers have equal privilege and equal opportunity. Equal privilege In predestination because of their union with Christ in positional sanctification and equal opportunity in predestination when the believer resides inside the operational divine dynasphere that creates and maintains experiential sanctification.

The baptism of the Holy Spirit provides the basis for unity in the body of Christ, Eph 4:3-6; and it is the basis for eternal security for all believers. Eph 4:30;

There is nothing you can do to cancel your salvation once you have believed in Christ, because God is faithful and cannot contradict himself. Rom 11:29; 2Tim 2:13;

The Church Age is the dispensation of the unique protocol plan of God. Because the Church Age believers are royalty, they function under protocol. Believers must learn the mechanics of how to live as royalty. Protocol defines how to live and how not to live, how to think and what not to think, and what proper motivation is. The only proper motivation is faith, hope and love.

God has provided the divine dynasphere where God the Holy Spirit provides the power for the greatest lifestyle in history and enables everything that the believer does. Phil 4:11-13;

The protocol plan of God for the Church supersedes the ritual plan of God for Israel and is an extension of the protocol of the Hypostatic Union. This means that the protocol plan of God for the Church takes its precedence from the Hypostatic Union rather than from the Old Testament.

The protocol plan of God is designed exclusively for the royal family of God in the Church Age. This makes the Church Age unique. No plan of God in history is as great as the protocol plan. This system is not operational at any other time in history.

We have seen that the protocol plan of God is defined as a rigid, long established code and procedure that prescribes complete deference to superior rank and authority, followed by strict adherence to due order and precedence, coupled with precisely correct procedure.

The purpose of the procedure is to Glorify God and within the plan are the following 6 priorities:

In God's plan, the priority is Mandates are first.

In God's system, Virtue is first. Virtue is superior to morality. Morality is doing a right thing. Virtue is a right thing done at a right reason in the right way at the right time. Virtue must come before production because production without virtue is dead works.

In God's purpose, Christ is first because Jesus Christ's work made the plan possible.

In God's policy, Grace is first. (Grace is antithetical to human thinking which is based on real or pseudo merit. True happiness only comes from trusting in God's grace provision that is made possible by our Lord and not in any provision from any other source.

In God's objective, Momentum is first because capacity comes before production.

In God's authority, Doctrine is first. Bible Doctrine is the ultimate authority.

During our time on this earth as members of the royal family of God, we are to function under this precisely correct procedure that is very clearly explained in the Mystery Doctrine of the New Testament epistles and that are to be categorized and communicated by the pastor teacher to the members of the local assembly.

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