Class Notes: 2/8/2012

God the Father has provided everything Church Age believers need to function in His plan

In our continuing study of the uniqueness of the Church, last time we saw an outline of the principles of the protocol plan and concluded with the principle that after we are born again into the royal family of God we are to function under this precisely correct procedure that is very clearly explained in the Mystery Doctrine of the New Testament epistles and that are to be categorized and communicated by the pastor teacher and taught to the members of the local assembly by God the Holy Spirit. John 16:13; 2Tim 2:7;

This rigid, long-established code and procedure of the protocol plan is based on the fact that God is perfect and this means the He does everything in the precisely correct way. The right way and the wrong way are clearly described in the Word of God.

A wrong thing done in a wrong way is wrong. A wrong thing done in a right way is wrong. A right thing done in a wrong way is wrong. In the protocol plan of God only a right thing done in a right way is right.

God is eternally and infinitely perfect. Therefore, a perfect God can only devise a perfect plan. However, the protocol plan of God is a perfect plan that is designed to be implemented by imperfect believers.

This means the Church Age believer cannot contribute to or execute this perfect plan through any form of human ability, human power, human personality or human works.

Perfect God has provided His own perfect truth and perfect power for the execution of the protocol plan of God for the Church.

The perfect power of God and human power are mutually exclusive.

Therefore, no matter how good the works may appear to be to other people, human works, human power, and human talent are completely excluded from the protocol plan of God.

The system provides the same divine omnipotence that was used by the humanity of Christ in the Hypostatic Union that has now been made available to you. This power was not available before the Hypostatic Union and will not be available after the exit resurrection or rapture of the Church.

The protocol plan of God is based on a unique power structure that when compared to the other dispensations, provides unprecedented availability of God's power to all believers. This is why the Church Age is called the "dispensation or economy of grace." Eph 3:2-7; Titus 2:11-12;

God is perfect; His plan is perfect. Since God's perfect plan is designed for us as imperfect Christians, grace is the only policy that can be used for the administration of God's plan for the Church.

Under the divine policy of grace, the believer cannot earn or deserve anything from God because God's work is always enabled and supported exclusively by divine provision.

This is illustrated by the protocol for logistical grace where the justice of God imputes God's perfect righteousness to every believer at salvation. That judicial imputation sets up the grace pipeline from God through which God can both sustain and bless all believers regardless of weather they choose to advance in His plan or not.

This means that you blessed on the basis of God's integrity not yours because God always blesses on the basis of who and what He is.

Human production is not the basis of blessing. Capacity to receive blessing from God is the basis of blessing. Greater grace and blessing accrues to those who have the humility to allow capacity to be developed in them by their function in God's plan. 1Pet 5:6-7;

Since the Church Age believer has been provided with this unprecedented power and blessing, believers cannot desecrate the grace of God and the plan of God by their own works, human dynamics, personality, self-righteousness, crusader arrogance, or anything else that originates from the energy of the flesh (OSN).

Contradictions cannot exist in the protocol plan of God. Contradictions are only created by the believer's failure to understand God's will, plan, and purpose. The believer either chooses to utilize the omnipotence of God and execute His plan, or he will reside in the cosmic system and fail to take advantage of God's provision.

Those who fail do not lose their salvation, but they do fail to glorify God through their post-salvation spiritual growth that comes from function in the protocol plan of God.

Just as at physical birth human beings are born in a state of ignorance about human life, at spiritual birth, believers are born again in a state of total ignorance about God and His plan and the spiritual life.

Just as we have to learn a language in order to think and to orient to human life, we have to learn about God and his plan and provision to orient to the spiritual life after we are born again.

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