Class Notes: 2/12/2012

The spiritual life of the Church Age is not a system of emotion. It is a system of rational thought under the mentorship of God the Holy Spirit

In our study of the uniqueness of the Church Age last time we concluded with the principle that just as at physical birth human beings are born in a state of ignorance about human life, at spiritual birth, believers are born again in a state of total ignorance about God and His plan and the spiritual life.

This means that just as we have to learn a language in order to think and to function in human life, we likewise have to learn about God and his plan and provision in order to function in the spiritual life after we are born again.

The protocol plan of God cannot be executed through the function of the emotions, or good works, self-sacrifice, a so-called "spiritual" personality, or any function of natural human power, talent, or ability.

Emotions are not tools of cognition of Bible doctrine nor are they the criterion for the Christian way of life.

In God's plan cognitive self-confidence from metabolized doctrine is parlayed into spiritual self-esteem at the beginning of spiritual adulthood. This means we must learn to distinguish between doctrinal perception and emotional experience.

Believers who persist in functioning under OSN control of the soul after salvation do not take advantage of the grace provision of God and as a result do not develop spiritual self-esteem.

Without function in the protocol for the unique spiritual life of the church there is no renovation of the thinking, no metabolized doctrine and no cognitive self-confidence from spiritual self-esteem. In this case all the believer has is pseudo-spirituality.

This results in believers wandering through a maze of tragic situations that are thought to be the Christian way of life thinking that they are pleasing God when, in reality, they are persistently outside of protocol plan of God and an enemy of the cross of Christ and they don't even know it. Phil 3:17-19;

The Church Age believer cannot think, apply doctrine, or solve problems through the thinking of another believer. When believers depend on counseling or guidance from others and do not personally have correct and accurate teaching regarding the protocol plan of God they have no doctrinal resources in their soul and automatically fail.

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