Class Notes: 3/4/2012

Nothing from the Old Testament is part of the Spiritual Life of the Church Age

In our study of the unique characteristics of the Church Age when we stopped last time we were discussing the invisible hero and the fact that any believer in Jesus Christ can be an invisible hero.

The great power demonstration of the Church Age is designed to make every believer an invisible hero. But for this to happen it requires persistent and consistent perception of doctrine and your utilization of divine omnipotence that is available under the mentorship of God the Holy Spirit.

Invisible heroes can change the course of human history in any generation of the Church Age as members of the pivot that preserve the client nation by functioning as the "salt of the earth."

The Church Age is a unique demonstration of divine power with the objective of glorifying God through the manufacture of invisible heroes and the formation of pivot with the objective of sustaining the Gentile client nations during the times of the Gentiles.

The policy for this dispensation is grace, Eph 3:2; KJV The procedure is the mechanics of the protocol plan of God. The result is the manufacture of invisible heroes that glorifies God.

God is glorified when believers use the divine power that he has made available to every believer equally.

We have seen that Church Age believers have the omnipotence of God the Father that is conveyed through the portfolio of invisible assets.

The omnipotence of God the Son sustains the universe means that man can never destroy the earth because Jesus Christ perpetuates and preserves human history.

The omnipotence of God the Holy Spirit provides the power for the execution of God's plan and makes possible the perception, metabolization, and application of Bible doctrine, the Word of God that is "alive and powerful."

We have seen that all precedence for the Church Age is taken from the dispensation of the Hypostatic Union. This precedence was established with the baptism of the Holy Spirit that extended the power system that our Lord used in Hypostatic Union into the Church Age. Acts 2:4;

In the Old Testament precedence can be traced from the patriarchal priesthood to the Levitical priesthood. They followed the pattern that had been established. Exod 13:2; Num 3:41;

The precedence for the Church Age however comes exclusively from the Hypostatic Union. There is no precedence for the Church Age in the Old Testament. Only establishment principles are carried from the Old Testament over into our dispensation.

It this context the great power demonstration of the Hypostatic Union serves as a permanent separation or line of demarcation between the dispensation of Israel and the Church Age.

Old Testament Scriptures have value to us as application and illustration. But we do not take anything from the Old Testament to determine what is the Christian way of life.

The invisible protocol for the unglorified humanity of our Lord in Hypostatic Union serves as precedent for the unique protocol plan for the Church. John 4:23-24;

Israel functioned under the ritual plan of God. The Church Age functions under the protocol plan of God. Israel is elected as a new racial species. The Church is elected as a new spiritual species.

During the Church Age the protocol plan of God for the Church supersedes the ritual plan of God for Israel. Therefore, the Church derives its precedence from the dispensation of the Hypostatic Union that took place during the First Advent of Christ not from the dispensation of Israel.

Many denominations include the Mosaic Law as a part of the Christian way of life, this distortion and false application is repudiated in both in Romans and in Galatians.

These distortions including the legalism of tithing, Sabbath observance, and the confusion of morality with spirituality originate from the erroneous concept that the Mosaic Law or parts of it are a part of the Christian way of life.

The Hypostatic Union is not only a dividing line between Israel and the Church, separating them forever, but it also the termination of the precedence of the Old Testament for the Christian way of life.

Precedence from the dispensation of Israel skips over the Church Age and continues into the Tribulation and the Millennium with some refinements.

When our Lord presented Himself to Israel in the Sermon on the Mount he communicated how the Mosaic Law will function in the Millennium. The protocols described in the Sermon on the Mount in Matt 5; and Luke 8; will not be not operational until after the Second Advent of our Lord.

The baptism of the Holy Spirit, the protocol plan of God, the portfolio of invisible assets, the unique royal commissions, the indwelling of each member of the Trinity in your body, the 100% availability of divine omnipotence did not exist in the Old Testament. These things are unique to the Church Age and belong to us now.

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