Class Notes: 3/7/2012

Negative volition is the only limit to the advance of Bible Doctrine during the Church Age

In our continuing study on the uniqueness of the Church Age when we stopped last time we were discussing the fact that precedence from the dispensation of Israel skips over the Church Age and continues into the Tribulation and the Millennium with some refinements.

When our Lord presented Himself to Israel in the Sermon on the Mount he communicated how the Mosaic Law will function in the Millennium. Israel rejected Jesus as their Messiah so the protocols described in the Sermon on the Mount in Matt 5; and Luke 8; will not be operational until after the Second Advent of our Lord.

The baptism of the Holy Spirit, the protocol plan of God, the portfolio of invisible assets, the unique royal commissions, the indwelling of each member of the Trinity in your body, the 100% availability of divine omnipotence did not exist in the Old Testament. These things are unique to the Church Age and belong to us now.

There was no new spiritual species in the Old Testament dispensation, nor will there be after the rapture. This is the only dispensation in history where the Church Age believer becomes a new spiritual species at salvation for the purpose of invisibly using the unique availability of divine power.

In the dispensation of Israel, no precedence exists for the formation of the royal family of God through the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The only ministry of the Holy Spirit was enduement that was given to very few Old Testament believers who were assigned specific tasks related to the ritual plan.

There was no royal priesthood and no universal priesthood given in the Mosaic Law. They had the tribe of Levi and a specialized priesthood.

There was no resurrection in the Old Testament. Resurrection was taught in prophecy so they did know about it but it never occurred because the first resurrection began at the end of the great power demonstration of the Hypostatic Union, when our Lord was resurrected by the omnipotence of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

The power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead is the same power we have available to us today in the Church Age. The Church Age is the dispensation of grace where any person no matter who they are or how bad they are who accepts Jesus Christ as Savior can become an invisible hero and have invisible spiritual impact on history.

Jesus Christ as the Messiah was the last visible hero to Israel, but they rejected Him. In the execution of the salvation plan on the cross, He became the first invisible hero. Darkness covered the land while He bore our sins on the cross, sustained by the omnipotence of the Holy Spirit in the divine dynasphere and by His perfect happiness.

Our Lord therefore made the transition from visible to invisible hero. Everything that was provided for Him as an invisible hero has been provided for us today. Invisible heroes of the Church Age change the course of history.

That's why it's so important for believers to become mature believers. Discipline or blessing on the Gentile client nation depends on the number of invisible heroes in that client nation to God. As goes the believer, so goes the client nation to God.

All this is predicated on the fact that the Church Age is the dispensation of unique mystery doctrine. The Church Age is the first dispensation to possess a completed Canon of Scripture.

The Church Age is the first dispensation in which Jesus Christ controls history from the right hand of the Father in Hypostatic Union. Previously He controlled history from His deity alone. But now as the God- man He controls history. Col 1:17;

The Church Age is the only dispensation of no prophecy; hence, it is the only dispensation of historical trends.

The Church Age must be regarded as unique for at least ten reasons:

1. The baptism of the Spirit and its results.

2. The unique protocol plan of God taking its precedence from the dispensation of the Hypostatic Union.

3. The unique equality factor of the Church Age.

4. Our very own portfolio of invisible assets, prepared for us by God the Father in eternity past.

5. The two unique royal commissions: our royal priesthood in which we represent ourselves before God, and our royal ambassadorship in which we represent our Lord to the world.

6. The unique mystery doctrine of the Church Age.

7. The indwelling of all three persons of the Trinity that has never occurred before.

8. The unique availability of divine power, the omnipotence of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

9. The dispensation of no prophecy and therefore a dispensation that continues on the basis of historical trends with unlimited potential.

10. The dispensation of invisible heroes that become the targets of supergrace blessing.

We have looked at how the Church Age is unique we will now look at how spirituality and the Christian way of life is unique in the Church Age.

Contradictions cannot exist in the protocol plan of God for the Church. God is perfect; His plan is perfect. The problem is that we are imperfect. Being imperfect, we need something from God so that we can execute His perfect plan.

God in his Grace has provided the filling of the Holy Spirit and the mystery doctrine of the Church Age to eliminate the contradictions.

All contradictions are the result of negative volition and result in sin, parlaying human good into dead works, and parlaying human good works into evil.

All Sin, good, and evil are produced outside the operational divine dynasphere for the Church. Inside the divine dynasphere, God the Holy Spirit under the concept of Eph 5:18, "keep on being filled with the Spirit" controls the believer.

Spirituality is the term used for the "filling of the Holy Spirit." Therefore, when we are in a state of sin, performing human good, or performing evil, we are not spiritual. We are outside of the divine dynasphere and the sin nature controls the soul Gal 5:19-21; Inside the divine dynasphere God the Holy Spirit controls the believer's soul. Gal 5:22-23;

The filling of the Holy Spirit (or spirituality) is an absolute. Spirituality and carnality are mutually exclusive. 1John 1:6-7; 1John 2:10-11; 1John 3:4-9;

You are either filled with the Holy Spirit or you are not. At any given time believers are residing in the divine dynasphere that was invented by God the Father or in one of the cosmic systems that were invented by Satan.

Every time a believer sins, he steps outside of the divine dynasphere and uses his volition to commit that sin and He enters either cosmic one or cosmic two. In cosmic one, he is described as grieving the Holy Spirit. In cosmic two, he is said described as quenching the Holy Spirit.

If you are filled with the Spirit you are not committing sin. If you are out of fellowship, you are in the cosmic system and you are not spiritual.

The believer is spiritual when the Holy Spirit controls his soul, and that is how he lives inside the divine dynasphere. The believer is said to be carnal when the old sin nature controls his soul.

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