Class Notes: 3/14/2012

Believers fulfill the righteousness mandated by the Law when they are filled with the Spirit

In our study of the unique spiritual life of the Church Age when we stopped last time we were discussing the principle of position and power.

The power of God the Holy Spirit is only available inside the operational divine dynasphere.

When the believers are spiritual they are in the proper position residing inside the divine dynasphere under the Holy Spirit's mentorship and have the use of the proper power, the power of the Holy Spirit to deal with their problems.

The spiritual skill of the filling of the Spirit is the function of the Holy Spirit related to the believer residing inside the divine dynasphere. Spirituality can refer to a believer filled with the Spirit or to a spirit filled believer who has become spiritually mature.

We are filled with the Spirit at salvation but we are also commanded to be filled with the Spirit by Eph 5:18;b because the first time we sin after salvation, we lose the filling of the Holy Spirit.

In the status of post-salvation sinning, God the Holy Spirit still indwells our body, but He does not control our life. The filling of the Holy Spirit is recovered through the function of the rebound technique described in, 1John 1:9;

Being restored fellowship with God the Holy Spirit through rebound means that we are restored to life inside the divine dynasphere and the recovery of the filling of the Holy Spirit.

The purpose of the filling of the Holy Spirit is the perception of Bible doctrine, execution of the protocol plan of God, and glorification of God as an invisible hero.

The Holy Spirit given to every believer for their cognition of Bible doctrine and the execution of the protocol plan that is impossible with human IQ, even though a person may be genius. 1Cor 2:14;

No one can properly understand Bible doctrine apart from the filling of the Spirit. The Holy Spirit provides the divine omnipotence and the divine IQ that is the enabling power to understand doctrine.

There are no degrees of spirituality because the filling of the Spirit is an absolute state. You are either filled with the Spirit or carnal. The filling of the Spirit and carnality are mutually exclusive.

The relative concept of the Christian life is the choice for the cognition and inculcation of Bible doctrine that results in the various stages of spiritual growth.

The carnal believer or believer in Christian degeneracy cannot lose their salvation. The forty things God gives to every believer at salvation can never be cancelled by the failure of the believer. Rom 11:29; 2Tim 2:13;

2Cor 3:3; and 1Cor 11:1; show us that in spirituality, the issue is imitation. The spiritual believer imitates the humanity of Christ in the dispensation of the Hypostatic Union and functions in the Devil's world with the same power. 1John 4:17;

Spirituality is imitating God, 2Pet 1:4; Eph 5:1; "Therefore, become imitators of God as beloved children." It is impossible to be imitators of God apart from the filling of the Spirit.

The carnal believer imitates the unbeliever. You cannot distinguish between the unbeliever and the believer who is out of fellowship. Carnality and reversionism is imitating the unbeliever, 1Cor 3:3; Gal 5:19-21; 1John 1:6;

When you are filled with the Holy Spirit, you imitate God the Son inside the divine dynasphere. We are epistles of Christ read by men when live our lives filled with the Holy Spirit.

A believer in carnality can be as sinful and evil as an unbeliever. You can't tell the difference between a believer that is out of fellowship and an unbeliever.

A believer can commit any sin just as easily as an unbeliever. The Christian way of life is a supernatural way of life and must be executed by supernatural means. The supernatural means is under the control of the Holy Spirit. Gal 5:16;

Anything an unbeliever can do is not spirituality and therefore not the Christian way of life. Unbelievers can conform to dietary restrictions or keep Sabbath or Holy Days or the moral law.

Spirituality is the function of the royal priesthood. The believer filled with the Spirit is not subject to the Mosaic Law because he is under a higher law called the law of the Spirit. Rom 8:2;

Spirituality is therefore not subject to the Mosaic Law or the Levitical Priesthood, Gal 5:18,23; Rom 8:2-4; Rom 10:4;

The integrity love that comes from the filling of the Holy Spirit fulfills the Mosaic Law. Rom 13:8;

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