Class Notes: 3/28/2012

The believer's confidence regarding the filling of the Spirit comes from the recall of the appropriate doctrine

In our study of the unique spiritual life of the Church Age we concluded last time with the principle that we cannot do anything in God's plan apart from the filling of the Spirit.

This is because just as the enabling power of the Holy Spirit is necessary for common and efficacious grace in salvation, the enabling power of the Holy Spirit is necessary for the cognition of doctrine and the execution of the protocol plan of God. Col 2:6;

The filling of the Spirit is dependent on whether the believer is in or out of fellowship, whether the Holy Spirit or sin nature controls the soul. Post-salvation sinning takes the believer outside the divine dynasphere where he is no longer filled with the Spirit.

The rebound technique described in 1John 1:9; is the recovery procedure that God has provided for believers to use to reenter the divine dynasphere and recover the filling of the Spirit.

The filling of the Holy Spirit inside the divine dynasphere is the enabling power, that combines with Bible doctrine for the execution of God's plan, will, and purpose for our lives.

We persist in the divine dynasphere by evaluating our choices and consistently making good decisions from a position of strength. 1Thes 5:21;

Since God is perfect and His plan is perfect, His plan demands a perfect power for its execution. This means that he must be the sole source of the power.

There are two basic experiential concepts whereby the protocol plan of God is executed.

The absolute concept is the filling of the Spirit and the relative concept is spiritual growth and momentum from the perception, metabolization, and application of doctrine inside the divine dynasphere.

Believers who do not understand or use rebound and as a result remain in a state of carnality develop systems of pseudo spirituality that they think is pleasing to God.

However, the filling of the Spirit is not the work of man; it is the work of God. It is the means by which we utilize the omnipotence of the Holy Spirit to execute the protocol plan of God.

Synonyms for the filling of the Spirit include Paul's vocabulary, Gal 5:16; "Walk by means of the Spirit." Eph 5:18; "Be filled with the Spirit." John's vocabulary, 1John 1:7; "walking in the light." Peter's vocabulary, 2Pet 1:4; "partakers of the divine nature."

The believer's confidence regarding the filling of the Spirit does not come from emotional experience it comes from the recall of knowledge of the appropriate doctrine under the mentorship of the Holy Spirit, 1John 2:20-21; 1John 3:20-21;

Documentation for the principles of spirituality and carnality are found in the following passages.

2Cor 3:17-18; "Now the Lord is the Spirit; and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. But we all, with an unveiled face seeing as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, as it were from the Lord who is the Spirit."

"The Lord is the Spirit," means that God the Holy Spirit is deity. The Spirit of the Lord is inside the divine dynasphere, not inside the Mosaic Law. This is why there is spiritual freedom inside the divine dynasphere but not in the Mosaic Law.

Righteousness is sourced in grace and faith not legalism. Titus 2:11-12;

The Church Age believer has an unveiled face when learning the mystery doctrine of the Church Age that was hidden from Old Testament saints.

Jesus Christ becomes your best friend from the teaching of doctrine, and when you recognize this you move into the status of occupation with Christ. This is seeing the glory of the Lord in the mirror of Bible doctrine.

We look into the Bible to see the glory of the Lord.

We are transformed into the same image of our Lord Jesus Christ in His unglorified humanity by studying his system of thinking on a consistent basis in the mirror of the Word of God.

"From glory to glory" refers to going from the glory of the Spirit- filled humanity of Christ in the prototype divine dynasphere to the glory of the Spirit-filled mature believer who executes the protocol plan of God inside the operational type divine dynasphere.

Eph 3:16; "That He may give you on the basis of the riches of His glory to become strong by means of power through His Spirit in your inner being."

The riches of Christ's glory to Church Age believers include things that were never given to believers before the Church Age.

This includes the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the protocol plan of God, a portfolio of invisible assets, a royal priesthood and a royal ambassadorship, the mystery doctrine of the Church Age, the indwelling of the Trinity, the unique availability of divine power, and a dispensation of historical trends with unlimited potential and the opportunity to become an invisible hero.

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