Class Notes: 4/29/2012

False systems of spirituality or how the devil blinds the minds of the unbelieving

In our continuing study of the unique spiritual life of the Church last time we began a short discussion of what is often taught and accepted as spirituality but is not.

Remember the criterion for true spirituality is properly handled spirit taught Bible doctrine Eph 4:13; and the criterion for false spirituality is emotion. Phil 3:18-19;

The overriding principle of true spirituality is that "if the unbeliever can do it it's not the spiritual life. 1Cor 2:14; Rom 8:8;

Most systems of false spirituality arise out of legalism. Legalism is defined as strictness in conforming to a code of deeds or observances, as a means of righteousness. Legalism is a system of false spirituality by works and conformance to taboos.

Legalism originates from a combination of self-righteous arrogance and subjective self-justification it is a trend of the strong side of the OSN that results in moral degeneracy.

When believers function in legalism they are functioning in Satan's cosmic system and produce the evil of human good. Legalism is often a right thing done in a wrong way for the wrong reason.

This means that the believer who is filled with the spirit will do the same things but their motivation is correct. The issue in spirituality is not just what is done but why it is done and how it is done.

Legalism often results in spirituality by personality imitation when a role model is made of another person. This results in getting one's eyes on people instead of on Christ. Jer 17:5-6; Heb 12:2;

This system of legalism involves imitating someone who is respected and admired. And involves associating with the superficial mannerisms of that believer rather than having the filling of the Spirit.

This could include but not be limited to wearing certain dress or colors, women not wearing or using make-up or cosmetics, neglect of proper grooming that is falsely associated with humility or spirituality by asceticism.

Believers must learn to distinguish between spirituality and personality because God uses all different types of personalities, and there is no such thing as a "spiritual" personality. We see this revealed in the various personalities of the apostles.

Peter was impulsive, John was reserved Thomas was humanistic, and Paul was forceful and sarcastic. All types of personalities are spiritual when they are functioning under the mentorship of God the Holy Spirit.

Another system of false spirituality is "spirituality by "yielding" that is based on a false interpretation of the Greek verb "paristemi" that is translated "yield" in the King James Version of the Bible. Rom 6:13-19;KJV and Rom12: 1; KJV

The NASB, the NET and the NKJV translate it as "present." The NIV translates it as "offer."

Rom 6:13; "And stop putting your members at the disposal of the sin nature as weapons of wrongdoing, but place yourself under orders to God as those who are alive from the dead."

"Paristemi" means to place yourself at someone's disposal. You place yourself under orders to God by the filling of the Spirit through the acknowledgment of any known sin necessary and the cognition of doctrine on a daily basis.

"Yielding" therefore simply refers to the day-by-day function of the spiritual skills in your life. Putting yourself at the disposal of God is the daily filling of the Holy Spirit plus consistent cognition of Bible doctrine.

False spirituality through "yielding" assumes that the believer is spiritual because of some overt act of dedication like coming forward at the end of a church service.

True spirituality is the filling of the Holy Spirit, placing the believer at the disposal of the Lord every day through the function of the spiritual skills (The filling of the Holy Spirit, metabolized doctrine in the soul, and the ten problem solving devices). True dedication involves daily decisions from a position of strength inside God's power system for the believer.

The true meaning of placing yourself at the disposal of God in Rom 6:13; and presenting your body as a living sacrifice to God in Rom 12:1; is the filling of the Holy Spirit and perception of Bible doctrine.

Another variant of false legalistic spirituality is "spirituality by taboos."

A taboo is something prescribed by society as improper and unacceptable. It is a practice that is excluded from social life that when improperly applied within the church becomes a false system of spirituality.

A taboo is therefore an activity that is forbidden by some Christian group that is not forbidden by the Word of God. The Jews in Jesus' day were involved with this. Matt 15:1-9;

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