Class Notes: 5/13/2012

The Providence of God Rationale

The negative trends of evil that we are seeing in the world today are a manifestation of a pervasive negative volition to Bible Doctrine that has been established in people's thinking. Believers must never lose heart because God is in control and in his time he will deliver those who in spite of it all persist with positive volition to his word. 1John 5:4-5;

In this study we are going to look at the principles of Divine providence and then look at the book of Esther where we see God's providence in action as he delivers his people from the sentence of death that was being planned by Haman who had been appointed by Xerxes as second in command in Persia even though they are out of the geographical will of God.

Providence is defined as the divine outworking of the Divine decree with the objective of glorifying God.

The outworking of the Divine decrees goes back to the principle that everyone's motives, decisions, thoughts, and actions are the outworking of the divine decree that was established from God's omniscience in eternity past before anything was created.

The doctrine of providence expresses the fact that the world and our lives are not ruled by chance, fate, or luck, but by God who reveals His purpose of through the work of Christ on the cross. John 3:16; Rom 5:8; 1Tim 2:3-4;

The Greek words in scripture that are related to the doctrine of providence are "pronoeo" that means to think beforehand, take thought for, provide for and care for; to take into consideration; to perceive in advance and the Greek word " pronoia" that means providence or forethought.

"Pronoeo" is used three times in the New Testament. It is used in 2Cor 8:21; "For we have regard for (proneo) what is honorable, not only in the sight of the Lord, but also in the sight of men."

Rom 12:17; "Never pay back evil for evil to anyone. Respect (or take thought for (proneo) what is right in the sight of all mankind."

1Tim 5:8; "But if anyone does not provide for (proneo) his own family, especially those in his immediate family, he has denied doctrine and is worse than an unbeliever."

God is not the subject in any of these verses so they do not refer to God's providence but they do help us to understand the concept of His providence.

The Greek word " pronoia" means providence or forethought. In ancient Greek literature it is used with god as the subject to describe the prior knowledge that the gods had.

The New Testament never speaks of divine "pronoia" The word is only used in Acts 24:2; where it is used rhetorically by Tertullus in his opening address to Felix.

Providence therefore is not a Biblical word. It is a technical word that comes from the principles of theology that are revealed in Scripture. It is a rationale that is developed from Biblical principles.

The concept of God's providence is derived from God's forethought or His omniscience, and His functional care over all creatures weather they are good and bad, but especially as it relates to those creatures who have positive volition to the will of God.

God's providence is seen in selection for human life at physical birth, and election to spiritual life at the new birth, or regeneration.

God's providence in relationship to Church Age believers includes the portfolio of invisible assets that were provided in eternity past before the creation of the universe. Eph 1:3;

The perfect protocol plan, all the assets that are required for the eternal state for all who believe in Christ in time including a resurrection body and special rewards and blessings for those who choose to use God's assets to execute the plan.

God's providence is manifested in the fact that you cannot lose anything that has been conveyed to you by God Rom 11:29;

You cannot lose your salvation because there is nothing you can do to cancel it because His provision for sin and failure is greater than any sin or failure that you can do. Rom 5:8; this means that you cannot lose your salvation.

You cannot lose your portfolio of invisible assets, whether you use them or not.

You cannot lose the protocol plan of God weather you choose to live in it or not and it is far greater than any plan that you could think up for yourself.

You cannot lose your escrow blessings or destroy them; they will be on deposit forever in heaven even if they are not conveyed to you.

God's providence is also manifested through his control of all creation Col 1:17 and every event that occurs. Rom 8:28;

The providence of God is linked to the doctrine of common and efficacious grace. We are spiritually dead and cannot understand the Gospel so the providence of God provides the ministries of God the Holy Spirit to make the Gospel real and carry our positive volition to the point of salvation.

The doctrine of providence demands that the power of God be effective in the world of the spiritually dead. Even though in Adam by first birth we are dead to God, God is not dead to us. In His providence He is effective in the world of the spiritually dead.

The spiritually dead includes every person born into this world. The Holy Spirit under the providence of God has the ministry of common grace and the ministry of restraining sin and evil in the world.

Without this ministry of restraining sin, human good, and evil, the human race would self-destruct. God the Holy Spirit keeps you from destroying yourself by your sin, human good, and evil. He also protects nations through the Biblical concept of nationalism under Laws of Divine Establishment. Anything that might destroy the human race is restrained by the providence of God.

The providence of God protects the human race from self-destruction through divine judgment of individuals, groups, nations, and international organizations that are evil.

The flood in the days of Noah was and example of the providence of God delivering true humanity from the fallen angels and the mutant Nephilim.

The providence of God provides freedom for the believer. It provides human freedom through Divine establishment and spiritual freedom inside the divine dynasphere.

The Providence of God Rationale establishes from Bible Doctrine that No Matter What; God is always completely in control of all things, all of time

Divine Providence is the function of the printout of the divine decree as it works out for the best for those who love God Rom 8:28.

By providence, God controls all events from the vast and universal to the minute and personal, without violating man's free volition, and brings forth results that are compatible with His essence, agreeable with His purpose and that bring glory to the genius of His omniscience, the power of his omnipotence, the integrity of His justice and righteousness and the wealth of His love and grace.

This results in the ultimate good of those believers who are elected to privilege and who are advancing in the PPOG and have personal love for God and orientation to His provision. (Rom 8:28).

God has foreseen the needs of man and in his perfect integrity provides for all the needs of man, especially His called out ones, through divine providence in his perfect timing. (1Tim 4:10;

The believer's orientation to Divine Providence:

Stops anxiety from the soul; Phil 1:12-18; Phil 4:6-8;

Minimizes the emotional distress in adversity and suffering; Phil 2:19-21;

and establishes occupation with Christ rather than the details of life; Isa 26:3;

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