Class Notes: 5/16/2012

The Providence Rationale and the Book of Esther

Last time we started a study of the providence of God rationale that is a discussion of how TLJC controls history on behalf of believers who are growing in the grace and knowledge of Him through their PMA or Bible Doctrine.

We stopped with the principle that the believer's orientation to Divine Providence:

Stops anxiety from the soul; Phil 1:12-18; Phil 4:6-8;

Minimizes the emotional distress in adversity and suffering; Phil 2:19-21;

and establishes occupation with Christ rather than the details of life; Isa 26:3;

Thinking with cognizance of the providence of God prevents anxiety and reduces the possibility of emotional distress and sin-nature control of the soul in difficult circumstances.

Emotional distress does not result from difficult circumstances. Heb 12:2; Gal 5:22-23; Emotional distress comes from sin nature control of the soul. 1Cor 3:3; Gal 5:19-20;

The sin of anxiety is a trigger, that initiates sin-nature control of the soul and takes us out of the PPOG which is why the Word of God teaches us to put off anxiety 1Peter 5:7;

The believer using the providence of God rationale gives priority to God's operation and function in history that is always just and sovereign Phil 4:8-9; rather than giving priority to man's operation and function that often includes injustice, ignorance, prejudice, bias and persecution 2Cor 4:7-10; 2Cor 4:13-18;

By the application of the providence of God rationale the believer recognizes that what man intends for evil, God is ultimately working for divine good Genesis 50:15-20; Phil 1:12-24; Acts 2:23;

The ultimate good in the case of the mature believer is the imputation of the greater blessings in time James 4:6; and eternal rewards at the Judgment Seat of Christ 1Cor 3:14; 2Tim 4:8;

Orientation to Divine Providence frees the soul for the happiness of God 1Cor 13:6; John 15:11; Phil 1:18;

Orientation to divine providence is especially important in historical times when trends of negative volition are prevalent and increasing. (2Tim 3:1-13)

By using the providence rationale the believer links the essence of God rationale with reference to the sovereignty of God to circumstances.

With the providence rationale deployed, The believer knows that, No matter what, God is always completely in control of all things all of time, rests in that reality. Isa 40:31;

We will now take a look at the Book of Esther that is an example of God delivering his people from the sentence of death through his providence.

The book takes place in the Persian period (539-331 B.C.) after many Israelites had returned to the land of Palestine from their exile in Babylon to rebuild the temple and set up the sacrificial system.

Many of the Israelite captives had chosen not to return to their homeland even though they should have done so because Isaiah and Jeremiah had urged the them before they went into captivity to return from Babylon (Isa. 48:20; Jer 50:8; Jer 51:6) after the 70 years were over (Jer. 29:10)

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