Class Notes: 6/3/2012

The doctrine of promotion in our study of Esther and the providence of God

In our study of Esther and the providence of God we are presently discussing the doctrine of promotion. God paved the way for Esther's promotion to queen in order to pre-position her to be in a place to preserve her people.

When you have capacity for God to promote you and simultaneously maintain His perfect holiness when He promotes you God will be glorified. Promotion is always based upon the grace of God, and when God acts in grace, He is glorified. Divine promotion is therefore always fair because it is compatible with perfect justice.

The promoted believer becomes the invisible hero who has maximum historical impact toward people and angels during the Church Age. The Church Age believer's invisible impact in the angelic conflict is far greater than their visible impact with people in the devil's world. 2Cor 6:4-9;

The promotion of believers is part of the grace policy of God. Therefore, God promotes the believer whose inventory of Bible doctrine has established humility that is based in grace orientation.

God promotes the prepared believer. The most important preparation for life is learning how to use the spiritual skills because the spiritual skills must precede production skills for the believer to perform of divine good.

John 15:8; "By this My Father is glorified that you bear much fruit, and thereby demonstrate that you are My disciples or " indoctrinated ones."" Indoctrination refers to the inculcation of doctrine.

Divine good or fruit bearing occurs as visible divine good, invisible divine good related to impact on human history, and invisible divine good related to impact on the angelic conflict.

Because spiritual skills must precede production skills in the function of the protocol plan, spiritual skills guarantee humility so that the believer never becomes arrogant about the production.

As a result of divine promotion, the quality and quantity of the believer's production and service improve. Doctrine motivates good deeds and Christian service; doctrine therefore creates capacity for promotion.

All promotions from God are grace promotions. All promotions from God are fair promotions. Self-promotion is dead works and glorification of self, 2Cor 10:18. This means that self-promotion is actually not promotion and is actually how believers set themselves up for a fall because they allow the cosmic system to promote them before they have sufficient capacity.

The results of promotion by God are a personal sense of destiny, occupation with Christ, tranquility and contentment even when under great pressure, and the distribution of the escrow blessings that God prepared for every believer from before the creation of the world. Eph 1:3-4; John 14:27; Heb 12:2;

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