Class Notes: 6/17/2012

The doctrine of the timing of God in our study of Esther and the providence of God

In our study of Esther and the providence of God, we are presently discussing the doctrine of the timing of God.

When we stopped last time we were discussing the principle of faithfulness in waiting for God's timing in promotion because if God doesn't promote there is no promotion.

Waiting for God's timing for promotion means faithfulness in the little things so that God can prepare you to have capacity for the big things. But many people are highly unstable because of their lust patterns, their ambitions, or their frustrations and as a result are faithless in consistently taking in Bible doctrine in learning and applying the problem solving devices and they do not develop the capacity to deal with the problems of life.

Remember adversity is inevitable but stress is optional. Adversity is what circumstances do to you; stress is what you do to yourself because of lack of confidence in the faithfulness of God from insufficient doctrinal viewpoint.

Faithfulness while waiting for God's promotion means not deviating, or trying to escape or becoming unstable. It means not allowing what you need in your situation to become the basis for making bad decisions from a position of weakness that result in sewing to the wind and reaping the whirlwind because you have chosen to insist on your timing rather than God's timing.

You have a choice: God has a perfect plan for your life. You have an imperfect plan for your life. You should wait, like Abraham did, when he set aside his prerogative to choose first and let Lot choose the land he wanted first and Abraham would go in the other direction. Gen 13:8-9;

Lot chose poorly and ended up with nothing but Abraham went on to incredible blessing because Abraham understood that by letting Lot choose first he couldn't lose because God would work it out for him.

Waiting for God's promotion means the daily perception of doctrine, hard work, the avoidance of arrogance, an organized life, right priorities, and never permitting personal ambition, personal lusts, or personal desires to outstrip the protocol plan of God for your life.

In Eph 1:10; The Church Age with the protocol plan of God is described as the "administration or dispensation or economy of the fullness of times" The Church Age runs coterminously with the times of the Gentiles, where Israel has been set aside and only Gentile nations can function as client nations to God.

It is a dispensation or administration or economy of fullness because Christ having completed his mission as savior is now seated at the right hand of God. Because of this it is a time when God's plan for the individual believer is far greater and has far more rewards and blessings than has ever existed before.

Under God's timing, Israel failed to utilize the spiritual resources provided for them. Five Jewish client nations failed, and there will not be another Israelite client nation until Jesus Christ himself establishes it after His Second Advent.

Israel was destroyed by their negative volition to Bible Doctrine that resulted in their consistently bad timing because of their lack of trust in God. Heb 3:7-19;

Eccles 7:17; states that it's even possible to die before your time under conditions other than suicide. "Do not be excessively wicked, and do not be a fool otherwise you might die before your time."

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