Class Notes: 7/8/2012

Anti Semitism and principles of freedom in our study of Esther and God's providence

In our study of the providence of God in Esther we have seen that Haman became a useful idiot for satan's tyrannical Anti-Semitic objectives and issued a decree for the destruction of all of the Jews in the Persian Empire. Esther 3:10;

Because of this we took up a study of the doctrine of Anti-Semitism and our study has taken us to a brief discussion of the laws of divine establishment that are the basis of human freedom and the only way to keep tyranny from being established in the devil's world.

We saw that under the Constitution of the United States of America, religion, or the lack of it, is solely a matter of individual privacy. Apart from the Bible the U. S. Constitution is the greatest document for the protection of the Jews along with everyone else.

Freedom is based on the divine institution of human volition, and the sacredness of life, property and privacy. Government must be balanced in its protection of our basic freedoms because freedom without authority is anarchy and authority without freedom is tyranny.

The Constitution not only protects the Jew as a race, but also protects their religion. The U.S. Constitution protects the Jewish citizen against racial and religious persecution. Until recent trends of negative volition and reversionism in this country, race in the United States was not an issue.

Citizens have rights, but these are not related to race or religion. Rights are simply just or lawful claims. You have a right to life. You have a just claim to be free. The federal government doesn't give you life or freedom. God gave you life. The federal government has no right to interfere with your freedom, your life, your property, or your prosperity.

This means that the government has no right to steal from the rich and give to the poor. Government has no right to try to make you prosperous or give you property.

This means that your rights do not include a federal government providing them for you. Your right is not life, freedom or property, but is a just and lawful claim to these things. You simply have the opportunity and freedom acquire them without interference.

As a result of the negative volition and evil reversionism that has occurred in the Unites States the socialistic concepts of the welfare state have eliminated "just" and replaced it with "right." This has created an evil entitlement mentality.

We as citizens have inalienable rights, but that doesn't mean the government is to provide these rights. The government's job under the laws of divine establishment is to simply provide freedom; each individual is personally responsible to do the rest.

This means that any given individual may succeed or fail in attaining these rights. The government's job is simply to provide the freedom to attain them. We are born with natural rights that cannot be taken away, but the government cannot and should not try to guarantee these rights to anybody.

It is not the government's responsibility to provide food, shelter, clothing or heath care to anyone because to have these is a right instead, because it is their right to acquire them, the government must and should not provide them.

We acquire these things in the sphere of freedom. If government takes the responsibility of providing these things for everyone, then there is no longer any freedom instead we have the greatest form of tyranny.

In other words, we have the right to seek and acquire food, shelter, clothing and health care. But we do not have the right to compel the government or others to give us food, shelter, and clothing or health care.

Freedom actually forbids the government, rather than enjoining the government, to interfere. The rights specified in the first ten amendments to the Constitution are freedoms in the sense that they are opportunities, but they are not achievements.

For example, the first amendment gives people religious freedom but this doesn't make them religious. The government cannot take sides for or against any religion. This amendment forbids government from interfering with anyone's practicing of the religion of their choice; or if someone desires no religion at all, that is also their right.

In the second amendment, the government cannot interfere with the ownership of guns by the military or by individuals. You should be able to own any kind of weapon as long as you are not a criminal.

Rights are negative. They specify opportunities that the government must not deny to the citizens. They specify the things that government must not tamper or interfere with and are therefore left for each individual to pursue on their own without interference by the government.

Therefore, rights are freedoms from interference, especially from the federal government. They state how government shall not interfere or tamper with opportunities to live, to prosper, to own property, or to possess things.

The issue in our Constitution and Bill of Rights is never racial or religious. Everyone has the same inherent right as anyone else to pursue inherent rights that are called "just" claims on life.

The government is to protect our freedom to pursue these "just" claims, but is not to interfere with that freedom nor is it to provide these claims. When the government provides socialism or welfare it is interfering with freedom.

Many citizens of this country are Jews by race and religion. The government is not to interfere with or persecute them because of race, religion or property.

Individually our responsibility when dealing with anyone regardless of race, religion or socio-economic status is to apply the principle of the privacy of the priesthood and the norms and standards of establishment and patriotism. This is how everyone is to be treated equally.

This brings us back to our study of the book of Esther. Esther 3:10; The signet ring, when impressed on clay, made a special imprint that like a signature, represented the king's authority Esther 3:12; Esther 8:2, 8; Gen. 41:42; Dan 6:17; Hag 2:23;

The king stated that Haman could do with the people as he pleased but he did not know that Esther would be included in Haman's plan.

Esther 3:12-15; Haman's proclamation, sent out in March 474BC under the king's name to all the provinces and in all the languages called for the death of all Jewish people including women and children.

In doing this Haman was being a useful idiot for satan in his objective to rid the world of God's people. In addition to killing them the executioners were ordered to confiscate their property. Esther 3:15; The edict resulted in the capital city being in a state of confusion. Net note 36

Esther 4:1-3; Whatever Mordecai's reasons had been for not bowing to Haman, he was now in mourning. His disregard for Haman, had caused a great crisis for his whole race. He was now in fear that he and all of his people would be killed.

Wearing sackcloth and ashes and crying publicly signified mourning. Mordecai was identifying himself publically as being in great distress. Everywhere Jews heard of the edict, and they had the same response but as we have seen, God had already prepared everything in advance that would be needed to deliver His people from the evil.

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