Class Notes: 7/22/2012

Satan's arrogance, sin and evil are the prototype of all arrogance, sin and evil

In our study of Satan's evil arrogance we saw that he used his beauty and brilliance to sell a public lie and foment a rebellion against God. He created an irrational mob that he controlled so he could to advance his evil agenda.

God had placed Satan into a position of perfection with everything that he needed. Ezek 28:12; He was delegated authority over the entire angelic creation. He was the director of all their worship, he communicated to them the will of God, and he possessed supreme rank, power, and authority over the angels.

Lucifer used these graciously granted assets as a means of coercing, intimidating and subverting the very individuals he was authorized to lead, shepherd, and instruct.

Ezek 28:16; The merchandise of Lucifer was duplicity and deceit. He used his authority, his position of power, his office of priest, and his platform for communication of divine policy to propagandize his fellow angels with his message of revolt.

In the book "The Invisible War" by Donald Grey Barnhouse. Zondervan Publishing House Grand Rapids, MI, 1965 page 31:

"Satan decided, that, since he was wise and beautiful to such a degree, he could retain some of the worship for himself, and that he could originate some of the authority in himself. Thus he filled his heart with the violence of rebellion. He had been entrusted with God's government, priesthood and spokesmanship, but he wanted to act independently of God.

He who was prophet-could he not give orders under his own authority instead of being utterly dependent upon the invisible God? He who found himself, as he was in truth, so magnificent, so beautiful, so filled with power, sealing up the sum-could he not take some of the worship of the multitudes for himself? Was there not some worthiness in himself that should be acknowledged? Here is the origin of sin."

Therefore, we find that Lucifer, driven by narcissism, egocentricity, and pseudo-intellectual arrogance, taking his God-given abilities and distorting them into rationales for rebellion.

As we saw last time, the phrase, "abundance of your trade" refers to the large quantity or number of ideas that he wanted to sell to the other angels through duplicity and deceit.

Ezekiel 28:16a; By the proliferation of your egotistic thoughts and ideas you were internally filled with violence.

The word for "internally" is an adjective that means "in the midst." It is the Hebrew verb "male / mah-LAY" that is translated "filled," and refers to Lucifer's stream of consciousness that is now functioning with a large inventory of incendiary ideas.

The word for "violence" emphasizes the content of Lucifer's machinations. It is the Hebrew noun" chamas / kah-MAHS" that is defined by Jenni, Ernst and Claus Westermann in the Theological Lexicon of the Old Testament. Vol. 1. Trans. by Mark E. Biddle. Peabody: Hendrickson Publishers, 1997), pages 437-39:

"chamas" To act violently. To violate an order established or guaranteed by God. Chamas may have originally meant the misdeed that objectively burdens the land and disturbs its inhabitant's relationship with God.

This element is also active where chamas is combined with the Hebrew word m/ale "to be filled." If the land is "full of chamas," the consequence for its inhabitants is punishment and destruction.

As we see from current events this describes the U.S.A. at this time and it is for the same reason.... the progressives' deceitful propaganda that has brainwashed many of the citizens of the nation.

The word "chamas" is combined with "bagad / ba-GAD" that means "to act deceitfully" in: Proverbs 13:2b; The desire of the treacherous is violence and with " pata / pah-THA" "to delude" in Proverbs 16:29; A man of violence entices his neighbor and leads him in a way that is not good. Net note 101

Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament, " page 678 "chamas" Wrong (doing); to do violence to; to treat violently. The word is used in the Old Testament almost always in connection with sinful violence. The aspect of sinfulness is illustrated by the verb referring to transgression of God's law.

Ezekiel 22:26; Her priests have done violence to My law and have profaned My holy things. They have made no distinction between the holy and the profane and they have not taught the difference between the holy and the profane. They disregard My Sabbaths and I am profaned among them.

Lucifer entertained a proliferation of ideas in his soul that centered not only on his egocentricity but also the logical application of those thoughts that led him to believe that he should be the one who is worshipped, he should have absolute authority, and he should be the one to establish angelic policy.

The decision to rebel was brought about by the three arrogance skills: self-justification, "I am smart enough, attractive enough, and slick-tongued enough to go it alone," self-deception, "I can use these assets to rule the angelic population by myself," and self-absorption: "I will be like the Most High God."

These mental attitudes were involved in the first sin that was foreknown by divine omniscience but God did not immediately apprehend him so he was free to foment his revolution. He was filled with violence and this violence is defined as his decision to violate the divine mandates.

Utilizing delusion, division and deceit, as his major product of propaganda Lucifer went about among the angels selling a revolt against their Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Lucifer had made a decision to independently seek to displace God as supreme authority over the angelic population and the universe at large and in order to convince a maximum number of fellow angels to join with him in his rebellion he issued five statements that asserted his position.

He made these assertions in his rebellion in Isaiah 14:13-14. They established the premise for his scheme to overthrow God as supreme ruler and he stayed on message as he used his propaganda to sew discord for the purpose of recruiting converts to form up the mob that would engage in the insurrection.

He became the first individual to propagandize with antiestablishment concepts with the objective of inciting violence and rebellion. Ezekiel 28:16;

In order to do this he sewed discord or a lack of agreement or harmony that involves active conflict among persons or factions. Discord implies an intrinsic or essential lack of harmony that produces antagonism.

The discord created conflict that stresses the action of forces in opposition but in static applications implies irreconcilability. He created contention that is competition that shows itself in disputations or controversy. He created dissension that refers to discord and stresses a division into factions and he created variance or a clash between persons because of differences in nature, opinion, or interest.

This created individuals who were incendiary.

An incendiary is a person who incites factions, quarrels, or sedition that resulted in the incitement of insurrection against the established authority to cause rebellion or opposition to one in authority that results in an open, armed, and usually unsuccessful defiance of an established government.

Rebellion implies an open formidable resistance that is generally unsuccessful; Revolution implies a successful rebellion resulting in a major change in government; Revolt and insurrection implies an armed uprising that quickly fails or succeeds.

Lucifer began a campaign to lure others into supporting his rebellion against God's established government. In order to convince others to join him Lucifer used duplicity and deceit in the presentation the five assertions.

His efforts led to one third of the entire angelic community brainwashing themselves with his propaganda and joining the mob that engaged in the rebellion. Rev 12:4;

We see from this that even with all the advantages he had he failed and under the principle of cursing by association took 1/3 of the angels down with him.

This is a dramatic example of the principle that there is no advantage from one's advantageous position and resources without the advantage of Divine viewpoint thinking in three categories, Divine Establishment, the Gospel and Bible Doctrine.

This brings us to a brief discussion of the doctrine of the postulates of our relationship to Divine Integrity.

Personal Postulates: There are no advantages to the advantages without the advantage (God's perfect righteousness).

As a believer your advantage is that you are directly related to the integrity of God for logistical support. The advantages are blessings from the justice of God. The advantage is the integrity of God and your relationship to divine integrity through spiritual maturity.

Justice can only bless that which is perfect. Imputed perfect righteousness is the basis for all divine blessing. You must first have capacity from Bible doctrine resident in the soul before there is direct blessing from God.

If you have the advantage, you have the advantages. The advantage is positive volition to residence and function inside the divine dynasphere. Potential plus capacity equals reality.

Without the advantage, there are no advantages. The advantage is the use of free will to stay in the divine dynasphere and recover from cosmic involvement, using rebound when necessary that results in making good decisions from a position of strength that improve future options.

National Postulates: No nation can have the advantages without the advantage. The advantage is a pivot of mature believers. A nation without the advantage loses the advantages. No pivot means loss of national blessings.

No nation can recover its advantages without the advantage (a pivot). Only spiritual revival brings national recovery. Loss of both the advantage and the advantages results in the destruction the nation.

As Goes the Pivot, so Goes the Nation: Advantages are God's blessings to believers that result from residence and function in the divine dynasphere.

An advantage is your positive volition to reside and function in the divine dynasphere. Advantages include your blessings, capacity, virtue, historical impact, and glorification of Christ.

An advantage is the use of free will to recover from the cosmic system in order to make good decisions that open up more options to make more good decisions.

A maximum number of believers who are functioning in the cosmic system destroys the advantage of the nation therefore, the believer must make daily decisions to persist in the divine dynasphere for any historical up trend to occur in the nation.

Both national prosperity and client nation function depend on the formation of a pivot of believers who have advanced to spiritual maturity and have capacity for blessing from the happiness of God as a problem-solving device.

When a maximum number of believers live in the cosmic system, that nation loses its prosperity, resulting in natural and historical disaster. The nation can only recover its advantages of prosperity from God through the formation of a new pivot.

We see from this that the only solution for the U.S.A. at this time is the restoration of a piviot of mature believers.

Lucifer rejected these principles and in his arrogance he deceived himself and those who followed him chose to deceive themselves. They disregarded the attributes of God and thought they could overthrow God even though they were in a position to know better.

Satan became arrogant because of his beauty but arrogance can be offset by the ability to think truth and to properly relate life. The soul is designed by God to offset arrogance by rational thought from metabolized Bible doctrine. Rom 12:3;

Self-consciousness is not arrogance. Arrogance is the product of irrational subjective thinking related to self-consciousness of the soul. Satan's subjective irrationality corrupted his thinking and led to his making bad decisions because he thought he was more powerful than he really was.

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