Class Notes: 7/29/2012

The propaganda Satan used to deceive the woman is the same propaganda he is using today

In our study of Satan's evil propaganda in Gen 3:1-5; last time we saw that according to the rules of engagement in the garden, there was no sin except for the act of eating from the tree of the knowledge and good and evil. This means that her evil mental attitude and desire for power were not a sin but was the motivation for her choice to eat the fruit of the tree that was a sin.

Remember all evil is not sin, but all sin is evil and in the garden evil preceded sin.

We saw that she should have kept her thoughts under control. 2Cor 10:4-5; Net note 17

What we see here is Satan's attack on the mentality of her soul through conversation. Satan's greatest weapon is conversation, because Satan is the greatest genius that God has created.

In his initial approach he just wants to introduce some doubt with his evil policy, His policy of evil is to get people to begin to doubt: doubt the messenger, doubt the message, and then, ultimately get them to doubt the Lord God.

Satan is trying to make the woman conscious of what was forbidden by getting her to focus on the divine prohibition rather than the divine provision. Satan's first weapon was not terror, intimidation, or threats; instead it was, and still is, conversation.

Violence and intimidation would have scared her and driven her into the protective custody of Adam so Satan uses conversation to lure the woman away from the human authority of her husband, and the divine authority of The Lord God with kind sympathetic words.

She becomes so occupied with the sin of disobedience, and not eating the fruit, that evil crept in. Satan's plan is to get the believers so occupied with sin that he can sneak in evil. In the garden sin was not the issue; evil was the issue because the sin was the ultimate result of evil thinking. In the garden Evil came first, and then sin.

Gen 3:4; And the serpent said to the woman, "You surely shall not die!" We see some of Satan's evil tactics here.

1) Satan contradicts the word of God when he says, "Has God said?" and then, "you surely shall not die."

2) As a part of his policy of evil he distorts and misquotes the word of God.

3) Satan adds to, and subtracts from, the word of God.

4) Satan ridicules and attacks those who communicate the truth.

Satan does not personally attack every member of the human race, but his policy of evil does and his specific targets are those who have a relationship with God and Adam and the woman were rightly related to God before they ate of the tree so both of them objects of Satan's attack.

Gen 3:5; "For God knows that in the day you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil."

The insinuation here is that God is jealous and afraid that you're going to be like Him when you know good and evil. This is Satan actually accusing God of having Satan's mental attitude. This is a very common ploy of those who spread propaganda.

They accuse those they are trying to discredit of the very failures that they themselves have and those they are accusing are actually innocent but the false allegation creates doubt and the damage is done.

Following her sin, her newly acquired sin nature and its lust patterns led her to entice her husband to also eat the forbidden fruit. True love is respect for authority. She had not developed reciprocal love from her attendance at the Lord's classes and as a result resented God's authority over her.

Her arrogant disorientation to legitimate authority enabled Satan deceived her into believing that there was a way out of this arrangement but there wasn't.

Nevertheless she bought his lie and she brainwashed herself by believing Satan's propaganda and thinking that the fruit of the tree would give her the power that she wanted and that she, along with Satan, would take authority away from God.

Gen 3:6; (NASV) When the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was a delight to the eyes, and that the tree was desirable to make {one} wise, she took from its fruit and ate; and she gave also to her husband with her, and he ate.

We see that the serpent did not mess with Adam because he did not have to. He got to Adam through the woman. She was faced with the temptation to be like God.

Because of Satan's propaganda and her allowing herself to be deceived, the tree now looks inviting, because she now has evil thinking as her frame of reference. She is now occupied with the natural and not the spiritual. She thought it could make her intelligent, prosperous, and successful.

Her desires are now negative toward God's plan and positive toward Satan's evil. What she wanted was something that God had already provided. All the wisdom that she needed. However, now, because of the brainwashing she now wants the knowledge of good and evil instead of knowledge of doctrine because she thinks it will help her.

But Adam was faced with an entirely different temptation. When he met her after she had eaten the fruit, he immediately saw that she was not the same woman because she was now a fallen creature. He knew instantly that he now had to make a choice between her and God.

1Tim 2:14; (NASV) And (it was) not Adam (who) was deceived, but the woman being quite deceived, fell into transgression.

This makes it clear that though the woman was completely deceived, Adam was not. She believed that if she ate from the tree, she would become like God. Adam did not believe that for a second.

He did not believe that God had held something back from him that was good and he did not believe that the fruit of the tree was going to enhance him one bit.

He simply made a decision: "The woman has fallen and I can choose her or I can choose God." and He chose the woman. This is why the Fall is called "the sin of Adam." because his sin was a sin of cognizance and hers was a sin of ignorance.

Gen 3:7; (NASV) Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves loin coverings.

Did Satan tell her this would happen, that their eyes would be opened? He did. Was it the way he led her to believe it would be? No. Sin never delivers what it promises to deliver. Sin never provides the hoped for results. It may appear to for a while but in the end it always fails to deliver because there is no integrity in sin.

A lesson from this that those in this country could learn but probably won't is that change is not for the better unless there is truth and integrity in the change. Change that violates Divine Establishment will never work.

Adam and the woman had been naked before their sin but now because of the sin they had lost their innocence. The acquisition of the old sin nature, human viewpoint from satanic deception and the knowledge of good and evil results in the potential for perversion entering their minds.

Their evil thinking that was not a sin had resulted in the original sin and the acquisition of the old sin nature and now that they think evil and knowing evil leads to performing human good as they try to improve and correct their situation.

It was the woman who began to think that God prohibited eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil because He was afraid that she would be as smart as Him. Satan used that evil to lead her into deception and her and arrogance motivated her to rebel against God.

The one thing that makes people function in the cosmic system is arrogance, and that's where much of "Christianity" is. While arrogance is a temporary stabilizer, it cannot keep the person from coming to a maximum function of evil and degeneracy.

Degeneration is when something falls from it's former state. Remember the truth always comes before the lie just as it did in the garden. Rom 1:20-32;

Because of this degeneracy is most often associated with the amoral behavior, but it is also sponsored in the evil of human good in churches, college campuses, media, and by the progressives and socialists in government.

Satan, being the genius that he is, is now as the ruler of the world and he has an all-encompassing plan to establish a counterfeit Millennium. Satan would love to bring in a perfect environment that would precede the true Millennium and the rule of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Satan's system will not work so the more the genius of Satan is used for producing a perfect world, the more the world goes into moral and amoral degeneracy because it is following his deceitful plan. This proves that the greatest plan that a creature can devise cannot solve the problems of the world.

Wherever there is freedom, and human volition, there will be both success and failure. God is not surprised or threatened by failure and neither should we be. Attempts to limit failure by restricting freedom through socialism, communism, and the welfare state destroy true success.

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