Class Notes: 8/12/2012

Jesus Christ is the only solution for mankind's fallen condition

In our study of Gen 3; where we see Satan's propaganda that leads to the deception of the woman last time we saw in Gen 3:7; that Adam and the woman react to their fall from innocence with the human good of legalism by making coverings for themselves.

Before the fall, Adam and his wife in the state of innocence had no concept of evil. They possessed a soul, that included self- consciousness, mentality, volition, emotion and the conscience with its norms and standards.

In innocence, the contents of the norms and standards of their conscience was only good but now that their eyes were opened and they are also conscious of evil. Since the fall, the conscience of man has become an inner witness, a judge and condemner that reflects mankind's sinful, depraved nature and fallen condition.

The conscience, however, does not and can not bring man to God; only the Word of God; and the convicting ministry of the Holy Spirit can accomplish that John 16:8-11; Rom 1:16; The conscience is merely the function of one's thinking as it relates to one’s norms and standards of good and evil.

Shakespeare said "to thine own self be true" but that is inaccurate because it relies on the norms and standards of the conscience. Evil people can be true to themselves because their conscience has been destroyed by negative volition.1Tim 4:1-2; Eph 4:17-19; The correct statement is "to accurate Bible Doctrine be true".

Their nakedness is the result of their spiritual death. Since man was not described as being "naked" in innocence, he was apparently shrouded in light. God is light 1John 1:5; and clothes Himself in light Psa. 104:2;, and His light is identified with spiritual life Psa. 36:9; Net note 14 1John 1:7;

The man and woman no longer had the spiritual life that was necessary for them to approach God and have fellowship with Him 1 Tim. 6:16; Their sin had terminated their spiritual life and in spiritual death they were naked.

It is important to recognize that the first death in human history was spiritual death, not physical death. Eph 2:1; Rom 6:23, "The wages of sin is death" spiritual death. Physical death is simply the result of spiritual death.

Their situation called for some change or adjustment. This is a principle that Satan has used as a system of propaganda from the beginning. The man and the woman must change and adjust to each other however in the process of adjusting Adam and the woman completely ignored God and simply adjusted to each other.

They did not turn to God and acknowledging their failure. They did not say, "God, we have sinned " They did not throw themselves on His mercy. Instead, they ran and hid and hoped that if they were right with each other, they would be right with God.

This is the same anthropocentric viewpoint that is in play today. People say, "I am going to heaven because I treat my neighbor right"; "I am going to heaven because I'm a good person; "I am going to heaven because I keep the commandments"; "I am going to heaven because I am properly adjusted to my fellow man."

This is the philosophy of religion and an attempt at salvation by works. People do the same thing today when they assume that If I they are right with my fellow man, then they are right with God." The reality is that we must be properly adjusted to God before we can be saved 2Cor 5:21; Acts 4:12; and we must be right with God before we can truly be right with others.

Spiritual death always thinks in terms of social adjustment, social action, social improvement, or crusader arrogance Instead of turning to God for help. The order must be reversed. If we are right with God we have the potential of being right with people. Personal love for God makes impersonal love for mankind possible.

Their nakedness was not the problem. The problem was their sin. But instead of seeking a solution to their sin they attempted to assuage their guilty conscience by becoming slaves to a system of penance that they designed in response to their feelings of guilt

Their guilty conscience motivated them to become "do-gooders." Spiritual death plus a guilty conscience motivated the production of human good that was evil because it did not solve the problem but it did briefly hide the consequences of the problem.

They tried to improve themselves by putting on clothes so the first act of fallen man was the human good of legalism and religion. Their thinking was that their problem would be resolved when they put on clothes so they made the clothes from fig leaves and they put them on.

This is the first instance of the application of human good to sin that resulted in evil, the man and woman's first attempt to solve their problem on their own, to hide their sinfulness from each other and hope to make themselves acceptable to God.

This was human self-righteousness and it was not sufficient to meet God's demand for perfect righteousness. They inherently know that their solution is insufficient so in the evening when God comes into the garden they are afraid and try to hide from him.

This is the same attitude that religious people have. They hope that their good works are sufficient to save them but they are afraid that it might not be sufficient. Accurate Bible Doctrine clearly tells us that we are completely and irrevocably saved by faith in Jesus Christ alone and at that point have God's righteousness that is the basis of our relationship with him. Eph 2:8-9; 2Cor 5:21; Heb 4:16; 1John 2:28;

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