Class Notes: 8/19/2012

Believers with integrity from Bible Doctrine cannot be brainwashed

In our study of Gen 3; where we see Satan's propaganda that leads to the deception of the woman last time we saw that in Gen 3:11; that after Satan used his propaganda to deceive mankind he then denounces their fall and the results of the sin by demanding they clothe themselves. Fallen mankind has adopted this same inconsistent irrationality that the fallen angels created.

Satan the creator of the world's system demands that if you violate his laws that are not necessarily God's laws, you should feel guilty and you should be afraid. Satan started out with human good rather than freedom. As a result man came under guilt and fear, that are both sins.

Satan used evil propaganda to seize power from the man and then demonstrated his arrogant self-righteousness by denouncing their nakedness that was the result of the original sin that was committed as the result of his propaganda.

Satan is trying to make a perfect world without God. This is the same thing that the progressives with their socialist Marxist agenda and those involved with Christian activism are trying do weather or not they are aware if it. Anyone involved with these things is simply functioning as a useful idiot by advancing Satan's hidden agenda.

The con-job Lucifer perpetrated against the woman in Gen 3:1-6; was the original use of propaganda which resulted in the woman choosing to be brainwashed.

The "sensitivity training" that is currently being employed without question or protest by the self-anointed intelligentsia of our country uses nothing more than classic Communist propaganda and brainwashing techniques.

This is being orchestrated behind the scenes invisibly by demons with the purpose of destroying the divine institutions in our society. It is an example of the age-old technique invented by Satan in the garden to influence those who are negative to truth into accepting human viewpoint thinking so they can then be manipulated and controlled by his cosmic system. 2Cor 10:3-5; Eph 6:12;

In order to defend your soul against the present instantiation of satanic propaganda that is being promoted in the guise of political correctness we must understand some principles of propaganda and brainwashing.

Propaganda is a system used to change your beliefs, attitudes, and standards. It is a process designed to change the way you think by using slogans, half-truths, music, drama, and of course words.

Propaganda may use shame, humiliation, guilt, embarrassment, threats, and character assassination to encourage you to accept these new standards.

Brainwashing is the result of propaganda and is only possible among those who have no integrity. If you have no integrity you have no honor and therefore your thinking can be changed under pressure. 2Pet 3:17; 2Pet 2:7;

The Word of God teaches the concept of absolutes that are immutable. These principles do not change or alter regardless of the time, place, or situation.

The progressives do not understand this. As Satan's useful idiots they say that some people have unfair advantages because of their race or gender, nationality or just because they have more than someone else and that to make things "fair" to those who do not have these so called advantages the government must steal from the so called advantaged to give to the so called disadvantaged.

The truth however is that the only reason the disadvantaged are in the situation that they are in is because they have used their free volition to choose not to obey God's immutable principles and as a result they are under God's judgment. Gal 6:7-8;

God is immutable. God's word is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Therefore, truth is absolute and immutable. This means that anything that varies one iota from the truth is a lie.

The origin of truth is the essence of God. He has shared His truth with us so that He can give us His best if we choose to believe and apply His truth in our lives.

Those who have truth in their souls weather they are the so called rich or the so called poor have integrity and understand that no matter how attractive the lie may be, truth is the only way to freedom and happiness because lies always eventually enslave those who believe them.

If you possess truth in your soul and remain loyal to it under pressure you will always reject the lie.

Those who possess truth, that is Bible doctrine circulating in their streams of consciousness, have integrity of soul and when they remain loyal to this truth under pressure their integrity is expressed outwardly as honor. This person cannot be brainwashed.

Nevertheless, in order to try to change the way you think, evil people use the following system: Their objective is to get you to believe the lie. Their means is to give you false information called propaganda. Their end is a change in the way you think. With the result that you choose to believe them and are brainwashed.

Propaganda is what they do to you. Brainwashing is what you do to yourself.

Gen 3:12; "Then Adam said, "The woman You have given to be with me, she gave me from the tree, and I ate."

In spite of the fact that they had clothed themselves in fig leaves in an attempt to relate to each other they were not right with each other because they were not right with the Lord.

This becomes very evident when Adam blames his wife for his sin. If he were really right with each other he would not have tried to shift the blame. In his response we see the inconsistency of spiritual death.

As the former ruler of the world, Adam was the responsible person. But even though he the one who was responsible, he blames the woman. He also blames God for giving him the woman. That is inconsistent and irrational and it is the same pattern that we see operational in the world today. Almost no one takes personal responsibility for their failures. People blame their failures on their circumstances or others.

1Tim 2:14; tells us that Adam was not deceived, but the woman was quite deceived. Irrational arrogance using the arrogance skills of self justification denial and projection try to blame something or someone else for one's bad decisions, especially in the area of sin, human good, and evil.

People who are in authority who have irrational arrogance and no capacity for leadership refuse to take the responsibility for their own bad decisions, in an attempt to avoid taking the blame just like Adam did.

Adam tries to dodge the issue of his sin by blaming the woman for tempting him. Spiritual death is inevitably inconsistent. Spiritual death refuses to take responsibility for its own bad decisions.

In blaming the woman, Adam made a disastrous mistake. As the ruler of the world and the husband in marriage, Adam was responsible for his own fall. He cannot be the ruler and blame anyone else for his own mistakes. Adam blames his wife for the function of his own free will and self-determination.

Weak leaders will inevitably accuse those they are leading. It is cowardly, arrogant, and totally immature. As long as those who are in leadership fail to take the responsibility for their own decisions and blame their followers the entire organization will inevitably fail.

In this case both Adam and the woman are equally guilty of sin, though the woman's sin was a sin of ignorance and Adam's sin was a sin of cognizance. This is why the old sin nature is passed down through the man genetically.

Spiritual growth teaches you what should be emphasized and this includes taking responsibility for your own wrong decisions. When you blame something else, you are emphasizing the wrong thing.

Without accepting responsibility you can never grow up spiritually. In taking the responsibility you move instantly to the rebound technique.

Adam not only blames the woman, but blames God at the same time: "whom You gave me." Adam recognizes God's grace (God gave her to him in grace), but also blames God for giving the woman to him.

Anyone in a place of authority must be quick to recognize their mistakes and correct them. This is leadership in authority but even a genius like Adam was is stupid in spiritual death.

The fact that Adam will not take responsibility for a bad decision tells us that his leadership was faulty. You cannot properly exercise authority without leadership or in arrogance.

Arrogance is destructive to everything in its periphery. Adam lost control of the woman when he obeyed her. In spiritual death, Adam became arrogant and accused everyone else and he no longer had capacity to be the ruler of the world.

Mankind in spiritual death cannot love God. Therefore, mankind in spiritual death blames God for his decisions. Blaming God is blasphemy. This is the same blasphemy that believers commit when in the arrogance of Christian degeneracy they blame God for their own failures that are the result of their own bad decisions and their failure to properly apply Bible Doctrine.

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